Monday, February 20, 2012

(Sledge)Hammer Time!!: Sweatshop (2009)

Sweatshop (2009)
Rating: **1/2
Starring:  Ashley Kay, Peyton Wetzel and Brent Himes

What can you do with a hulking mountain of a man, an anvil, three rabid women and an abandoned sweatshop? An hour of waiting and thirty minutes of satisfaction.

Here we got a fun-hungry group of punk goths opening an abandoned factory for an impromptu party with disco balls, life time supplies of glow sticks and the whole barrage of ravers coming in later that night. Easier said than done, however, as while they prepare for their big gig, soured friendships, forgotten break-ups and everything in between rear their ugly heads to spark some drama, all the while a hulk in a welder's mask simply known as "The Beast" starts to pick them off one by one with his "sledge-anvil" and a trio of zombie-esque demon girls do his biddings, making sure no one escapes his domain.

In terms of production, Sweatshop (2009) is surprisingly decent looking thanks to some good lighting, awesome camera works and tons of bloody-good practical effects, the latter being the film's strongest point which sadly clashes against some of the movie's flaws including a bare bone pacing that felt like forever. With dialogue upon dialogue flooding the running time with barely any characters to root for, we simply have a rave promoter and his buds talk, fix, make-out, and repeat this cycle for almost an hour (or at least, it felt like an hour) before getting the bloody-red juicy bits happen and The Beast makes his presence finally known.

By that time, the film really got its kicks going and as a gore hound and a slasher fan, I am glad that all that wait was worth it; to put it simply, the film boasts the best gore shots as the casts get smashed away in the finest display of gore effects, merciless brutality and untamed grue from bodies splitting in half to heads being decapitated by the mouths. This all leads to a death porn-friendly finale that doubles the digits as Sweatshop (2009) takes a swing at a rave massacre, an entire crowd of partying guests getting killed off by The Beast, teen by teen, smashed with that sledge-anvil in one bloody mayhem!

Bava, here's your nod!
With its pacing problem, uninteresting characters and even zero logic, Sweatshop (2009) is not entirely a flawless gem and may not be for every horror fan out there, though the purest of the blood-soaked pure would definitely appreciate the finale after an hour ho-humming the film's weak excuse of a story and come in terms to what this movie is willing to provide, such as the time to do a few nods to films like The Burning (1981), a little bit of Demons (1985) and even the Friday the 13th films. In the end, Sweatshop (2009) is a fair shot at the genre; nothing new but a good curveball that has a grandeur moment of bloody redemption.

1 female accidentally shot to death
1 male missing, implied dead
1 female disemboweled, lower jaw ripped off
1 male decapitated by the mouth with sledge-anvil
1 female had her head purred with sledge-anvil
1 female crushed and bent in half with sledge-anvil
1 female had her legs crushed off with sledge-anvil, head crushed on the floor
1 male gets garden shears to the neck, decapitated
1 male skewered on the sides with pole
1 female gets a glowstick to the eye
1 male split down the middle with machete
1 female gets a machete to the mouth
1 male crushed with sledge-anvil
1 female crushed with sledge-anvil
1 male crushed with sledge-anvil
1 male had his head crushed off with sledge-anvil
1 male crushed with sledge-anvil
1 male crushed with sledge-anvil
1 female hit on the face with sledge-anvil
1 female had her face crushed with sledge-anvil
1 female crushed with sledge-anvil
1 male had his head crushed with sledge-anvil
A number of partygoers killed offcamera during a rave massacre
1 male castrated with box-cutter, left for dead.
Total: 23+


  1. That high a body count, but mostly boring in the first hour, eh? That's about a body a minute for the last 30 minutes then!

    1. no it's more like...14 in the last two minutes...so that's...a kill in every four minutes. starting from the 40 minute hour and blabbity-blah-blah torture scene some where in the middle...

  2. crap movie. I enjoyed the kills and some of the settings, but the rest just sucked. Boring as hell, bad acting, annoying characters - not my cup of coffee.

    1. ahahaha! XD I never figured anybody would like it in the first place, so it's not so shocking you didn't like it!

  3. The first big kill is like 30 minutes in, and it stays pretty bloody after that. I think people are just spoiled by the new movies that are just killing all the way through. Weren't almost all the kills in Friday the 13th during the last 20 minutes of the movie?

    1. Maybe it's the talking that make it felt like an hour, but yes, it's gruesomely awesome when the kills get going.

      And yes, the F13th kills were in the last 20 minutes of the film.