Friday, February 10, 2012

Top 11 fave SAW Traps

After reviewing all seven SAW flicks, it's high time for me to settle account of what I believed to be the best of the best traps Jigsaw and his apprentices had made all throughout the franchise. Seven films, 85 traps, here's my fave choices.

11. Shotgun Step (AKA Shotgun Hallway)- A simple trip-wire type security trap in SAW. While the impact is heard and the aftermath of the body isn't shown, we can tell from all the blood splatter that it's not pretty.

10. "Feel What I Feel" (AKA The Bedroom Trap)- I always say to myself that rapists are the scums of the Earth. So when this big tub of lard from SAW IV got his just desserts, i got myself waiting for his failure. Let's see this fat fucker wank off now!

9. Pound of Flesh (AKA Weight room/ Game Room)- SAW VI packs a ton of great traps, and it sure knows how to grab attention. The opening trap, Pound of Flesh, had two loan sharks pay up their evil deeds the SAW way: Through flesh! Now that's one way to get slim, if he had lived!

8. Oxygen Crusher (AKA The Breathing Room)- I never smoke and nicotine gives me weird allergies. So watching a tainted lung put to the test is a sight I'll gather around to see. Though I do feel for the poor fella, I digged the bonecrushing wait! ("wait", "weight"? get it?...shut up, Paul...)

7. Steam Room (AKA Steam Maze)- Another trap from SAW VI, the Steam Room is a creative bunch of mind strain and physical torment. If the burning hot stoves and the scorching steam isn't combersome enough a problem to solve, try getting a key-dney removed!

6. Pig Vat- While unsuccessful, The Pig Vat got an interesting set piece revolving around shredded pig's carcasses. Bacon Bits never looked less appetizing as pounds and pounds of foul-smelling, shredded rotting pig's meat nearly drowned an unfortunate feller. Luckily he survived it, though his next bite isn't prettier.

5. Magnum Eyehole- When it comes to guns, I always prefer them to be revolvers. So when a magnum is put to good use, I would do it something like this unsuspected yet quick-clever twist! Also, it's a nice nod to Dario Argento's Opera!~ (Dario Fans, you know the scene!)

4. Reverse Beartrap- I would had rated this trap higher if it wasn't for the choice for its only successful victim. Nonetheless, the infamous, and staple, trap got us all hyped to see it work. And when we did, it's as brutal and messy as we expected it be!

3. Public Execution (AKA Love Triangle Trap)- SAW 3D maybe a mediocre entry, but it did got one of the best opening traps ever! A love triangle is put to the test with a nice namesake trap involving buzzsaws. The outcome? Something I never thought would take turn to!

2. Carousel- The best trap in SAW VI, The Carousel had my love for shotguns to a higher step as it put the "Dog Pit" in an un-merry-go-round when their boss is forced chooses only two of them that will live and the rest with a blown-of chest. A straining trap to watch, yet all the verbal stress and abuse all but fascinating.

 1. Horsepower (AKA "Racist", The Car Trap, The Garage Trap)- What I hated more in the world, other than rapists, are racists. The best trap in SAW 3D, and the best trap in all of the franchise, this previously scrapped trap was deemed too disturbing at its time, until the finale came, and all the care got flushed down for the sake of bringing this bad boy to life. The result? Four effin Racists, getting their just desserts in a "chain of events"~ proving once and for all, we're all red in the inside!

Honorable Mentions:
Acid Needle Room- A nasty little number, Puts a lot of good acid to a good cause~!

Needle Pit- Brought back some of my cringing fear of needles.

Venus Flytrap/Death Mask- I never thought of seeing something this tense and equally painful. Now I wanna know what he looked like from the inside!

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  1. My favorite one would probably have to be one of your honorable mentions - the sulfuric acid needle thing. OMG, it eats away at his body, melting his whole middle part until the gooey, bloody bottom half just falls away. I was dangerously close to puking on the person in front of me in the theater. EW. Ew, ew, ew, ew.

    1. I like it, actually. the design's awesome and I never expected it to be anything like that. It's just it's not the most thrilling trap in the movie and I've felt they've used it too quick.