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Death to Palisade!!!: Severance (2006)

Severance (United Kingdom, 2006)
Rating: ****
Starring: Danny Dyer, Laura Harris, Tim McInnerny

The early 2000s were pretty good years for European horror: Dog Soldiers (2002) brought some spark back to the werewolf sub-genre, Shaun of the Dead (2004) pays decent tribute to classic zombie clichés and The Descent (2005) got creative by bringing us a new reason to be afraid of the dark. As for slashers, those years were a Godsend: Creep (2004) had us crawling through the underground subways to meet a deformed abortionist, The Last Horror Movie (2003) twists and turned our fave sub-genre against us and Ripper (2001), despite being one of the more underwhelming whodunit attempt I've seen in a long while, somehow gathered its own set of fans.

Coming from the same guy behind Creep, Christopher Smith forges another slasher in 2006, dashing in some witty British humor and a sweet action film backdrop that may not completely reinvent the sub-genre but entertains either way.

Opening in media res of two Russian women and a fat bloke being chased by someone in the woods, the gals fall into a pit trap and try escaping the hole by making ropes out of their stripped clothes, all the while the porkier fella finds himself getting snared and disemboweled by a husky-looking hand clutching a hunting knife. Fun times.

After that cold opening, we then follow seven co-workers from the European sales division of Palisade, a defense military arms corporation, on a bus trip headed to their team-building weekend deep into the Matra mountains of Hungary. Early on this scene, we can tell who are the ones biting on the other's leg and the ones just trying to make the weekend work. A real gaggle of personalities clashing against one another, but tolerating enough of each other's bullshit to keep themselves sane. Mostly. 

Over the course of a single evening, the colleagues find out that the company's promised luxury lodge is more of an isolated dusty old cabin (With free pie!) and, once settled in, they pass the time sharing conspiracy stories about the lodge after finding Palisade papers indicating their involvement on a few Hungarian war atrocities some years ago. Of course, most of them brush this all off as bollocks until, later that night, one of them spots a masked man spying on her room and signs of somebody's presence being nearby.

Rattled, a few of the co-workers plan to leave the following morning and find a way out of the mountain, while those who decided to stay behind continue with their weekend plans either way. But after a mutilated corpse is spotted left to rot in a nearby stream and one of their pal's leg gets caught and chopped off by a hidden bear trap, the office outing just got bloody as someone with a deep hatred for Palisade is out to snuff them off one by one.

When it comes to good horror comedies, the trick to avoid becoming an uneven mess is to keep and maintain a good track of what's funny and what's horrific. Severance (2006), fortunately, manages to keep the two genres stable and fairly distributed tone-wise throughout the plot; the comedy here relies a lot on dry wit and dark touches as people die in very brutal manners such as decapitations, incinerations and one nasty anal stabbing, yet it's all laced with some comical backlashes such as exchanges about whether it's okay to leave what could be a dying man to save themselves, or scenes where a freshly decapitated head smiles at the fact that their theory about beheadings gets proven true. 

Mind that this is all done without exaggerating the gore and lewdness, a practice that commonly loom over most slasher-comedies, thus breaking away from the usual clichés which is a refreshingly bold move. Instead of loud annoying teens, the soon-to-be victimized are all working adults played by choice-cut stars. The roles they play are fleshed out and (for most) likable, if not entertainingly disposable given their fates thanks to a really strong and realistic script (which reminds a lot of folks of the comedy show The Office) and relatable performances.

Slicing its way in a quick-cut pacing and harboring a decent twist for a slasher villain, or villains, Severance (2006) has a distinctive flow that gets better as the movie forges further. Some hints of action and survival elements are thrown in the last act, all still retaining the dry humor and even bring in some interesting final characters. In the end, Severance can be seen as an slight improvement over the director's earlier slasher efforts and when I mentioned slight, I meant Creep is a great movie, but this is better! (I'm a big fan of Creep. I dunno but that movie works for me almost as good as Severance does!) Though some may complain that the jokes are a little too dark or may have dwindle down the cathartic aftermath of each murder, fans of sarcastic chuckles and bloody good backwoods horror will sure to have something great to remember thereafter.

1 male slaughtered with a hunting knife
1 body seen buried underneath a mound
1 male found slaughtered
1 male beheaded with a machete
1 female set on fire with a flamethrower
1 male flayed alive with a carving knife
1 male shot on the chest with a shotgun
1 male ran through the back with a machete, shot on the head with shotgun
1 male shot with shotgun
3 males blown apart by a land mine
A number of passengers in a (passing by) commercial jet gets blown up with a rocket
1 male had his head crushed with a dropped rock
1 male shot dead with a submachine gun
1 male forced to sit unto a stabbed hunting knife to the arse
1 male shot death with a submachine gun
Total: 16+

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101 Maniacs: Admin's Top Slashers 80-71

*As of 2014*

Inspired and tempted by this delicious countdown,  Here be my personal Top 101 Slasher movies that really stood out the most!

Note: These are in no particular order (save the last ten) and they're all personal picks, so, nope. Your faves or your order does not matter here! Muahahaha!...ha!

80. Bride of Chucky (1998)
After his death through a giant turbine (my fave Chucky death in the whole series), the killer doll returns, patched up into a new Goth-Punk look and even snags a bride in this side-tracked franchise entry that puts Chucky into a realm of satirical black comedy thanks to the 90s Self-reference shtick. Not that it's a bad thing of course!

Bloody Best Bits: Apart from the Doll Sex? This exchange:

Jesse (Our lead. Referring to Chucky and Tiffany being sentient dolls): How'd you end up like this?
Tiffany: It's a long story.
Chucky: Let me put it this way. If this were a movie, it would take three or four sequels to do it justice.

Cracked me up every time!

79. See No Evil (2006)
A hulking psycho with a thing for plucking out eyes somehow returns after being shot on the head, hunting down delinquents tasked to clean up and renovate a murky old hotel. Simple and savage. Just the way I like it!

Bloody Best Bits: Bitchy shoplifters are always a pest and our killer couldn't agree more. His solution? Death by cellphone!

78. Maniac Cop (1988)
A classic Action-slasher hybrid that brings out B-flick stars Tom Atkins and Bruce Campbell against a wrongfully accused and superhuman ex-cop out for blood through the city.

Bloody Best Bits: Who needs a bridge if you could just kill a guy with wet cement the way our titular killer did?

77. Silent Night (2012)
My advice on how to love this film? Forget that it's a loose remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)! Seriously, this holiday slasher boasts a pretty neat stand-alone comeuppance for everybody naughty in a small sleepy town as an effectively intimidating Santa slasher shreds, burns and mutilates his way through them.

Bloody Best Bits: Hohoho, where will I start? A spoiled brat electrocuted with a cattle prod, a thieving (and perverted) pastor gets some chopped fingers, a cool head split. My list goes on!

76. Wolf Creek (2005)
Three backpackers find themselves under the mercy of a deranged local with torture in his mind. Incredibly intense and grim despite it's low kill count, this true event-based Ozploitation introduces a new memorable face to the ever growing rouge gallery of slasher villains, with an equally haunting story to boot!

Bloody Best Bits: That classic "THAT'S a Knife" quote from Crocodile Dundee suddenly sounded painful now after said knife made a "Head on a Stick"

75. Slaughter High (1986)
After being disfigured by an April Fools prank gone too far, those responsible finds themselves invited to a ruse party years later only to be bumped off by a really pissed off nerd. An underrated gem with a fairly confusing ending, but boasts great kills for deserving vitims.

Bloody Best Bits: Nothing seems to faze these bastards: after seeing two or three of their friends got killed off, a couple had the audacity to have sex later that night. Well, let's see if three thousand bolts will do the trick!

74. The Funhouse (1981)
The Tobe Hooper 80s cult classic that dished out awesome visuals and a workably chaotic backdrop, two couples suddenly got themselves in a deadly situation when they became witnesses to a murder and the horrendously deformed murderer sets out to kill them off.

Bloody Best Bits: The grand unmasking. Which happens halfway into the movie but for a good reason...

73. Stagefright/ Deliria (1987)
A very basic slasher about an escaped loon sneaking his way into a soundstage to kill off all the performers there, what made this quite memorable among others of its kind would be the artsy flair, giallo-esque camera work and lighting, flavorfully mixed in with juicy, bloody red killings.

Bloody Best Bits: After axing one of their own in mistake of him being the killer, a group dwindle down by two when the owl-masked loonie tears one in half and eviscerates another with a chainsaw. All in one scene!

72. My Super Psycho Sweet 16 (2009)
Perhap's MTV's only worthy baby for me (wow, dare myself to say that five times?) a satirical take on our desires to see nasty spoiled bitches get what's coming to them, one bloody slaying to the next. Shockingly bloody for a TV film!

Bloody Best Bits: The opening murder, where The Lord of the Rink gets even on some jerkass and then his bystander girlfriend. Hence, luvs, why you should never hang out with jerkasses.

71. Idle Hands (1999)
A stoner comedy laced with supernatural shenanigans, zombified bestbuds who're too lazy to go to heaven (no really!) and one angry murderous hand. Yep, perfect Halloween slasher for the kicks!

Bloody Best Bits: Aside from seeing a band lead get scalped in public, there's something about evilly possessed puppets that gets me chuckling.

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About F*cking Time...

Did I ever mentioned, among all of the horror icons I grew up with, none of them disturbed me the most like the Tall Man?
I have my reasons but now, guess he'll be coming back...
For all of us fans.

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Not Another Teen Massacre: The Cheerleader Massacre (2003)

The Cheerleader Massacre (2003)
Rating: **
Starring: Tamie Sheffield, Charity Rahmer, Erin Byron

This review is the result of me satisfying my influxes as a completist; I've seen the first three of the Slumber Party Massacres prior to this one and as far as I can tell I enjoyed all of them. (Yes, that includes the much dreaded Slumber Party Massacre II. The one with the musical throw-down that literally came out of nowhere. In fact, I think I enjoyed that one the most!) So, to finish off what I started, I eventually watched this supposedly last entry to the series but apart from a cameo of a Slumber Party Massacre star and a flashback using stock footage from one of those films, I'm starting to doubt that fact.

News of an escaped killer sends local police out searching for him, hoping to prevent history from repeating itself as said escapee, Jeremiah McPherson, terrorized their town many moons ago. Unfortunately, that may become the case again when a group of girls end up stranded in the middle of the road and found shelter from an incoming snowstorm at an abandoned cabin up in the woods. Soon, the girls are offed by an obscured assailant, which hardly used any drills at all. (Hmm, no drills. That's strike two.)

Barely an original production, The Cheerleader Massacre is a sad attempt to do a retro looking massacre film, fueling itself with a high run of gratuitous nudity and sleaze while letting go of more important factors like story and, for a slasher, creative killings. As much as I love big tits and soft arses, this is hardly a sell for a film that should have been focusing on horrible thrills and brooding tension, especially for a movie that kept marketing itself as the third sequel to the original Slumber Party Massacre.

The plot hardly reinvented the tired old story, goofed up by a lot of holes and for being criminally bloodless with most of the murders either implied or very uninspired.  The only thing that shines bright in this (and this is a very small flicker of light) is that the acting's a little decent for a D-grade flick and there's some neat attempt to change around who lives and who dies. The reveal in the end's humorously twisty though, with the least possible suspects popping up in the least expected places.

Would have, could have, should have; The Cheerleader Massacre tries its best to live up to its promise as a worthy entry to one popular slasher franchise but its lack of popcorn goodness and well worth slashing exchanged for nudity made for titillating twelve-year olds stripped this film of any good reason for a viewing, unless you're open for a bad D-Grade slasher film.

That, or you are a twelve-year old.

1 male knifed to death
1 female impaled on a staff
1 female killed offscreen
1 female fell to her death off a broken rope bridge
1 male missing, killed
1 female had her neck broken
1 male hacked with hatchet
1 male beheaded
1 male strangled with a scarf
1 female electrocuted
1 female killed
1 female drove off a bridge, immolated in an explosion
1 female decimated inside a blown house
Total: 13

A Die Roll to your Death: Deadly Games (1982)

You guys can see it, right? Right?
Deadly Games (1982) (AKA "The Eliminator", Who Fell Asleep")
Rating: **1/2
Starring: Alexandra Morgan, Jo Ann Harris, Sam Groom

Going back to her home town after hearing the news that her sister has passed away from an accident, journalist Keegan (Jo Ann Harris) choose to stay a while and catch up with her old friends who hadn't seen her in years. She also sparks a relationship with the local sheriff, Roger, who suspects the death is far from accidental. True enough, somebody in a balaclava begins to stalk and murder women around town, each killings apparently inspired by a certain game that involved old school movie monsters.

It's a pretty cheap and simple movie, Deadly Games mashed together elements of a thriller, melodrama and slasher horror, shifting tones from scene to scene that ends up with mixed results. At times you'll be laughing at the cheesy romantic approach as montages of lovey-dovey moments between Keegan and Roger play along a hammy-lined ballad, but next thing you know you could be on the edge of your seat watching a killer stalk and murder a victim. It's a good way to keep us from expecting the usual fare of slasher trappings of methodical murders but it admittedly killed off a consistent sense of dread up until the last third of the film, which by then took a generally grim turn as the cheeky dramatics are suddenly dropped off and in its place comes something unsettling.

Since the film basically have no idea what to focus on, the entire run felt disjointed; the killer isn't striking and the murders are quite tame, as a slasher this is no sign of being a big winner and at times I thought I was watching a made-for-TV production. But at least some of the performances around Deadly Games were good, just going off a tad questionable at times (her sister's dead and yet our lead just waltz in town catching up with some old friends as if nothing big happened), and there's some good camera work that goes quite well with the darkened scenes.

Hate it or love it, Deadly Games is a fondue pot of mismatched proportions. Some parts worked but the sum of it all is hardly memorable.

1 female crashes through a window, falls to her death
1 female drowned
1 female strangled
1 female buried alive
1 male shot
1 female murdered offcamera
Total: 6

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Pop goes the Weasel. And Pop's head: Sloppy The Psychotic (2012)

Sloppy The Psychotic (2012)
Rating: ***
Starring:  Mike O'Mahony, James Costa, Lauren Ojeda

From Mike O' Mahoney, the sonovabitch that brought us that wildly entertaining Deadly Detour (2011), comes another slasher that doubles as a big middle finger to restricted and tamed massacres.

When Mike, a luckless man working as a cheerful clown gets a slight disagreement with one of his clients, the incident was reported and blown out of proportion to the point this poor sap loses his job. Going down a downward spiral, Mike goes on a drinking spree and ended up murdering a girl later that night. This somehow awakened his bloodlust and he soon rampages through everybody that wronged him, eventually working his way into killing innocent bystanders the further his sanity crumbles.

While Mahoney's debut is more of a straight-up backwoods slasher that follows the rules and cliches religiously, Sloppy The Psychotic is faster in pacing, better in acting, and hails a sizable number of random murders enough to have it considered as death porn. You would usually think a colossal body count is a shallow reason to praise a horror movie this bad but the direction in this had so much energy you can't help but respect it somehow, especially seeing that Mahoney himself multi-tasked this labor of bloody love as he wrote the story and took the role of Sloppy himself. (kinda explains why he and his star character share the same name)

The further the movie goes, the more erratic it becomes; some gross-out gags and black humor is tossed around fairly to even up what could been a mean-spirited shlock, especially if it pokes around in murdering mentally handicapped adults in wheelchairs and massacring an entire party full of kids with a lawnmower and a barbecue grill. The effects around these parts still looks a little cheap but it's juicy enough to keep a gorehound watching and goes by to the next quite quickly in its short running time.

The gripe around this is that, underneath the blood red goodness and charred-up kids, there's really no story. Like how The Final Destination is simply "just about " about survivors dying after cheating death or how Nikos The Impaler is "just about" about a rampaging barbarian loose in modern New York killing people, this one is "just about" about a clown killing people after he lost his mind being fired (and a little too quickly if I may add) and that's pretty much it. But if I had to choose one of the two, I would say Sloppy's more inclined to Nikos, for being sickly fun in an illogical, suspiciously convenient and raunchy term.
Yes. Raunchy.
It's not something that will appeal to everybody (and by everybody I meant normies and horror fans who prefer a milder approach to their movies) but if you're the kind of person looking for an easy fix for bloody bodycounting, then Sloppy The Psychotic is messed-up, stupid, offensive, inappropriate and really, really fucked-up DIY horror cheapo. Stick around for these reasons alone and in the near end, you'll love every minute of it!

1 female bashed on the head with a beer bottle, killed
1 male drowned in a puddle
1 male stabbed to death with a bread knife, disemboweled
1 female found beheaded
1 male skewered through the arse with a cane
1 female skewered through the mouth with a cane
1 female got her throat mutilated with a shoved and pulled razor-lined handkerchief
1 male castrated with a bowie knife
1 male ran over with a car
1 male hit with a car
1 male got his head ran over with a car
1 male got his head blown apart with an exploding cigar
1 female got her throat cut with a toy-hidden switchblade
2 females and 1 male poisoned
1 boy stuffed inside a barbecue grill, burned alive
1 female shot
1 girl had her head stomped to a pulp
1 girl stabbed to death with a sharpened plank
1 boy ran through with a lawnmower
6 boys and 4 girls poisoned
1 male and 1 female skeleton seen
2 males shot
Total: 35

Granny Ruth's Freak-A-Porium: Basket Case 2 (1990) and 3: The Progeny (1991) Double Bill Review

Not sure if it was smart to franchise a movie seven to eight years later since its release but you'll never know if some people will still remember a screaming, mauling torso that is Belial. Frank Henenlotter, the mad mind behind the original Basket Case (1982) (and Frankenhooker (1990). And Brain Damage (1988)), weaves up a weirder follow-up to his gritty little early 80s creature/slasher hybrid, upscaling it to the point of sheer strangeness and comical proportions.

Basket Case 2 (1990)
Rating: **1/2
Starring: Kevin Van Hentenryck, Judy Grafe, Annie Ross

Continuing straight from where Basket Case (1982) ended, Duane and his surgically removed, homicidal Siamese twin Belial somehow survived their fatal fall and is taken to a hospital to recover. Belial no soon after wakes up, fully healed, and quickly controls his unconscious brother telepathically into sneaking them out only to be rescued by a strange matriarch named Granny Ruth and her granddaughter, Susan.

Turns out Mrs. Ruth runs a home for freaks like Belial and she's more than interested in taking care of the twins, giving them a place where they will feel welcome and even loved.

For Belial's case, love seems to wormed its way to him somehow when he finds a "beautiful" freak just like him. When Duane finally comes around, he's a little uneasy with this new development to his already strange life but nonetheless decided to stick around for a while when he falls in love with Susan, as well as finding out along with Ruth and the rest of the freaks that someone is snooping around to uncover them.

Granny plots to take revenge on those who tries to exploit the freaks' existence and she will sic Belial at them with a mauling fury.

While the original exploited the concrete jungle of New York's slums with blood and violence that certainly fared well, Basket Case 2 took the franchise to an entirely different direction; though the first film has its fair amount of cheese, it still has that dark and serious exploitation feel that's gritty and downright disturbing at times. This sequel, however, decided to throw it out and replace it with a more cartoonish and comical tone as deranged characters, exaggerated deformities and silly development turn a promising and fairly original slasher into a black comedy with gore and bodycount.

Majority of the movie focuses on the brother's plight after their exposure to the outside world. They became a celebrity of sorts over the media for their notorious killing spree and this begins to take effect on them differently; Duane wishes to leave and start his life anew away as somebody "normal" while Belial wishes to stay and be with his new family. The story tries to move further into the matter but the eccentric tone really kept it from going anywhere. More or less, "colorful" deformities these freaks have is a clear indication that we're no longer watching a real horror film until the last half hour where people started to get killed.

I may sound disappointed, probably am, but I will give Basket Case 2 this: it's still crazy fun. As a follow-up to a bloody and offbeat horror movie, it fails, but as a deranged abnormality that tries to be fun as it is silly, it kinda works. The acting is a lot better (save for Kevin Van Hentenryck. Might just be his character, though. For a guy who's getting tired of living with a bunch of freaks he sure acts like one) and the effects are eye candy especially if it meant a better looking Belial, a house full of rubbery individuals and one strange scene that involves two torsos humping each other's sides. (not sure myself how that works, too) The murder scenes are kinda tame but a few of them are quite memorable.

Stranger than before, horror is almost lost in this unnecessary follow-up and it makes you wonder why exactly this exists. And yet here it is, Basket Case 2, slightly more unhinged and still being messy and messed-up.

1 male strangled
1 male mauled offscreen
1 male mauled to death
1 male found with his mouth ripped apart
1 male had a portion of his face ripped off
1 female falls to her death
1 baby killed in fall
Total: 7

Basket Case 3: The Progeny (1991)
Rating: ***1/2
Starring: Kevin Van Hentenryck, Annie Ross, Gil Roper

And the messed-up story continues. Only this appears to be a even weirder than the last. How do you even do that?!

Last time we saw Duane, he went crazy after finding out that Susan, the new girl of his dreams, has a snapping reptilian of a baby fetus living in and out of her womb, accidentally kills her and then sews Belial back unto his side claiming that they're together again. (Answering your questions, yes, that counted as a spoiler, and no, I didn't made anything)

A few months went by since that fateful night, it turns out Duane was subdued somehow and had Belial safely removed from him, after which their new caretaker Granny Ruth placed the now crazy Duane to a quite room built into the house. She explains to him soon enough that he's going to be an uncle as Belial's deformed love Eve is now pregnant.

Obviously after his stunt with Susan, Duane's not too well accepted by Belial's new family of freaks by the time they allowed him to be brought out and see his brother. Thankfully, that didn't stop them from tagging him along as they visit a family friend one road trip away from them, a doctor who specializes on treating freaks. One silly sing-a-long later, they reach their destination and Duane's silly antics unfortunately attracts the attention of a local girl whose father is the sheriff. When the local police force soon finds out that the freaks responsible for the Time Square murders are around, they make haste on capturing Belial (or at least the next best thing, his babies!) for reward money.

Paths are soon crossed and this time Belial might not be the only one standing up against those threatening his family.

A little better in terms of eccentricity than the previous entry, The Progeny gave a healthier share of body weirdness and raunchy comedy that further staples this franchise's decent into black comedy territory. New freaks are introduced and funnier scenes showcased them singing a lovely song about personality, partying to celebrate the birth of Belial's babies and them finally making their presence known in public by ransacking (and placing a series of orders) at a local fast food joint. If that ain't enough, we also have a weird dream sequence Belial had showing his sophisticated side and a love for big tits, and climatic fight that kinda reminds me of that between Ripley and the Alien Queen in Aliens (1986).

Then there are the kills; probably the best in the franchise, The Progeny brought up some really bizzare murders as their cartoonish style bought up one hellish massacre that is both juicy and laughable.

My only complain here is that there isn't much characters here to relate to; Granny Ruth will be an exception to this claim as this character shined brighter in this sequel than she did in her debut movie, but Duane's been reduced to a bumbling fool who's trying his best to make up for what he did to his twin brother, and much of the "normal" characters are all jerks. Although seeing the message given at the end of the film, guess this was intentional and well fitting to the non-serious tone of the sequels.

While I'm still wondering the necessity of these sequels to the original, I'm willing to overlook this fact as long as I'm having fun watching them. Might be a bit of a rocky path to start with but it's closes the franchise quite well with this wild and imaginative finale.

Thank you for reading and have a Nice Day!
1 female shot with a shotgun
1 male had his neck crushed until his skull nearly pops out
1 male bitten on the face and yanked until beheaded
1 female shot with s shotgun
1 baby crushed
1 male had his head twisted to the back
1 male killed with a metal claw
1 male killed with a metal claw
1 male mauled to death
1 male mauled on the face
Total: 10
Lucky Little Torso

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101 Maniacs: Admin's Top Slashers 90-81

*As of 2014*

Inspired and tempted by this delicious countdown,  Here be my personal Top 101 Slasher movies that really stood out the most!

Note: These are in no particular order (save the last ten) and they're all personal picks, so, nope. Your faves or your order does not matter here! Muahahaha!...ha!

90. Toolbox Murders (2003)
A better effort from Tobe Hooper that manages to out-do the original crime-thriller shocker it is based on. Toolbox Murders took a gory stab as a "straighter" slasher with tenants living in a run-down hotel being hunted down by a messed-up looking psycho with a penchant for powertools and black magic.

Bloody Best Bits: Loads! Apart from the Sheri Moon Zombie cameo, we also have a dying chick somehow nailgunned unto the ceiling, death by powdered lye and a guy being tortured to with a hedge trimmer to the spine.

89. Slumber Party Massacre (1982)
A fairly basic slasher with scantly clad girls being murdered by a random psycho with a powertool, diverting itself from the rest for being one of the few misogynistic looking slasher films to be directed by a woman! She clearly knew the rules and how to make it fun!

Bloody Best Bits: After finding the pizza guy eyeless, one coed thinks with her stomach and wondered if the pizza's cold.

88. Some Guy Who Kills People (2011)
A sweet little revenge flick that had a slasher offing people who bullied him in highschool only to discover he's a dad to an estranged girl who ran away from her mum. Will he choose to be a killer or a parent seems to be interesting enough to keep you glued til' the ending.

Bloody Best Bits: A fatherly bonding between our titular guy who kills people and his daughter through a game of basketball. Plus that bit about two cops with a possible reading problems really left me in stitches.

87. Friday The 13th (1980)
You can't beat this classic backwoods slasher and the first of a very popular franchise in the subgenre. When the would-be counselors of a "jinxed" camp decided to re-open it, they meet foul bloody ends at a hand of a machete wielding sicko who may have a thing or two against the place.

Bloody Best Bits: Kevin bacon being throated...with an arrow head!

86. The Collector (2009)
Part torture porn, part home invasion slasher, The Collector runs through the entire plot with much gutso and mean-spirited tone that it's fairly scary and really cool. A would-be thief turns into a struggling hero as he tries to save as captured family from a masked man with a talent for setting booby traps in so little time.

Bloody Best Bits: After watching a couple fondle each other, the titular killer easily made his way through one of them by shoving him into a room filled with bear traps. Also, there's that cool "heated jar of roaches" scene.

85. President's Day (2010)
One indie slasher that's been on my list for a long time and the wait was well worth it as well-balanced comedy, mystery and gory kills awaits this B-Flick goodness following a student body election having its candidates killed off by a psycho in an Abraham Lincoln get-up.

Bloody Best Bits: I guess if  they're crazy enough to go off killing people just for a student body election, then chopping up a wheelchair bound candidate shouldn't be a shocker for our killer. For us however...

84. Redd Inc. (2012 )
You think your boss is hell? Then you hadn't met this guy. Kidnapping those responsible for putting him behind bars (which eventually leads to a mental asylum) a former company head kills off one captive at a time while going through them explaining his side of the story. Apparently, not all is what it seems.

Bloody Best Bits: The final fight. I won't say much so I wouldn't spoil the fun but our killer was really cool there! 

83. Dark Ride (2006)
An underrated creeper, teens breaking into an abandoned dark ride goes face to face against a recently escaped nut who traps them inside and proceeds to hunt them. Really decent scares and gory kills soon follows.

Bloody Best Bits: a rent-a-cop discovers a new meaning for "splitting headaches"

82. Terror Train (1980)
After a prank set up by some frat boys puts him in a straight jacket years ago, a killer somehow found his way back to their graduation party and kill them one by one. Sounds basic? Well, did I mentioned this'll took place in a train? And the killer switches costumes with his victims? And jamie Lee Curtis is in here? Paranoiac Claustrophobic star action FTW!

Bloody Best Bits: trapped inside a caged room, Jamie Lee has to defend herself yet again against another slasher with an axe to grind.

81. Stitches (2012)
Zombie clowns with supernatural powers was never been this fun thanks to Ross Noble's creepy performance as a clown gone bad beyond the grave, out to seek deadly revenge against the tykes-turned-teens responsible for his death. Sure wished there's a bigger kill count though...

Bloody Best Bits: something I'm glad to call "2 Men 1 Air Pumper"