Sunday, February 26, 2012

There's a clown in the woods: Clown (2007)

Clown (2007)
starring:  Breeun Johnson, Brant Leslie and Alison Monda

The opening had our lead, Rachel bound to a table and "interrogated" by a fat bastard of a cop, the basic human structure of their kind. So it seems Rachel is the survivor of a massacre, as she's found all blood-caked in the middle of the road. If then so, why is this guy hitting her, both figuratively and literally? In one punch, Rachel's knocked out ad we go back a few days earlier.

On a warm weekend in June, a group of friends venture to the mountains for a weekend getaway. Little do they know, they're not alone. Rachel knows this, but her fears fell in deaf ears as the rest of the group laughs off her comments about the rustling in the bushes, the sounds of crazy laughter, and the shadows that keep moving around. Guess you know where this is going?

You might have, but there's a catch here: somewhere in the middle, we have her seeing the titular clown drown one of her friends, while she's having a picnic with him. So, is Rachel imagining the said attack? Yes. Is the imagined clown the same clown that kills her friends later? Yes. What does this mean? It's a hunch, but it could mean that the clown is the figment of her imagination, and she's killing everyone. The so called twist sure made this even clearer, but seriously? Did the guys who made the movie thought we can't figure this out?

Personally, this took a large toll on my viewing pleasure. Not only is the pacing of the movie sluggish, even for a one hour running time, but there's hardly anything worth seeing here other than the clown attacks and the unusual "side-burned dick" joke. I maybe had seen too many slasher films that I'm now too familiar with them, but the producers know they're limit and they're humble enough to tell us that they're trying something different with the genre, but it's nowhere a perfect work, honestly, so I'm giving it a few points for effort.

While some of lighting is crap, the camera work is just fine, same goes to the gore effects. The casts looked too amateurish, but they did deliver their lines with a fair style. I'm also gonna put some highlights on the killer clown this movie had; silent, creepy, yet deadly, the Clown's only annoying trait is that it constantly shakes his head every time he kills. What is that? a gesture? Or a case of Turret Syndrome?

I respect a good effort, but they could had tried to put more thought into this script. It's there, a fine entry to the growing number of indie slasher films, but a few missed shots had only made this film a standard work. if you love things all weird, independently made and, well, short, i guess you could try this. Those who truly enjoy their slashers can catch a glimpsed of this, too, but personally you could do better.

1 female garroted with rope
1 male sign post to the back, neck chopped with machete
1 male brained to death with rock
1 male knifed to death
1 male fork to the ear
1 male hacked to death with axe
total: 6

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