Monday, April 30, 2012

One heck of a Spring Cleaning: Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009)

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009)
starring:  Michael Bowen, Noah Segan and Rider Strong

I'm a big fan of Roth's Cabin Fever and I remember being hyped to hear about Ti "House of the Devil" West directing the sequel to the backwoods survival horror back in 2009. Now, I remember feeling anomalous once seeing the sequel but I guess it's high time to feel anomalous again as we take a school bus ride down to a new leaf.

Previously, Paul, the last to be infected by a flesh-eating virus, was seen lying in a creek that leads to the town's water supply. As soon as he wakes up, he finds himself disfigured by the disease but clumsily walks away in hopes of warning everyone about the water. But by the time he reached the open road, he is hit and blown to bits by an incoming school bus. Called in to check the accident is the first film's Deputy Winston Olsen, the smooth-talking procrastinating cop who, like before, assures that everything's will be alright and passes the whole incident as a "Moose road kill". The shocked bus driver buys it, leaves to go on with his day and insert animated opening credits featuring the creek water being processed into bottled water, which leads to a nearby school.

We now move our attention to John, a high school senior who's deciding whether to go to prom with his long-time crush Cassie or stay home and geek out with the nerds. His best bud Alex initially prompts him to stay home but he soon changed his mind after getting his junk sucked, the girl assuring him that she'll be at the prom. Thus, Alex forces John to reluctantly attend just to accompany him, much to the nuisance of Cassie's bullying boyfriend, Marc.

All the while, Winston bear witness to a trucker's sudden "blood attack" and realizes the creek's contaminated by the same sickness that took the lives of those kids back at the cabin one movie ago. After an unsuccessful attempt to warn officials of the contagion, Winston tags his cousin along to runaway and hide as soldiers from the Contamination Control Division suddenly shows up, killing off anyone who has the disease as well as locking up the whole town.

As the sickness began to infect nearly everyone at the prom, can John confess his love to Cassie when everybody else is vomiting blood and dying from the flesh eating virus?

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever steps up the game with gore and humor so much of an ante that it's ridiculously mental; it's a standalone sequel in a sense, with only two- um sorry, one returning character which barely did anything but cover his own sorry ass. (but with style! ;D )

Interestingly in the first Cabin, the virus didn't kill anyone; yes, people were infected but what killed them were the dangers around them from loose dogs, angry rednecks and even themselves. Here, the virus handled the killings and nothing's clean ever again. The virus has turned into a "gag" where folks vomit projectile blood in mere hours after consuming so much of the water, which I find slightly odd since none of them actually show signs of sickness until they started throwing up, something Cabin Fever uno made terrifying in a psychological sense. Spring Fever's approach was more on the splatter-comedy, more on the outlandishly gross from liquefied miscarriages to "blood piss", that seeing it is equivalent to saying goodbye to your lunch as well as to force a chuckle or two since the whole scenario is just plain crazy. And that even includes this film's none-horror set-pieces. (Super glued nail anyone?? How about a strip show with sore-lined tits?)

Even the characters are over-the-top "colorful" albeit their one-dimension persona; while some are excusable since they're to be executed moments later, never to be remembered again, that doesn't mean they're no less as interesting as a live action cartoon background. The 70s vibes and cinematography gradually helps give the film it's wildly cartoonish aura with a sense of dread, something that will surely be for the fans of Splatter flicks or anything that's eye-candy bloody.

And that's what this film is all going to be; a fun, romp splatter comedy that strikes a nerve if you're a utterly serious person, or at least a die-hard fan of the first. It's certainly not a slice of pancake for everybody, nor will it be a fine glass of milk to go with the 2003 Cult classic; So far, it's still far from unwatchable for me, nor is it completely unbearable, not with all that imaginatively funny and messy gross-outs. Relatively not the finest way to follow-up Cabin, but since it's here so might as well.

1 male splattered to bits by a incoming bus
1 male choked on his own blood from to infection
1 female drowns in pool
1 male hits his head against the pool edge
1 male gunned down
1 male gets a sniper shot to the head
8 females and 5 males glimpsed dead/dying from infection
2 males crushed in stampede
1 male seen dying from infection
1 baby found in pieces due to miscarriage and infection
1 female bled to death from infection
1 mascot seen dead from infection
1 female shot on the head
1 female glimpsed impaled by the mouth with an ice sculpture
A large number of students seen dead from infection
1 male had his head beaten to bits with fire extinguisher
1 male succumbs to infection, dies
1 male gets a nailgun shot through the head
1 male seen infected (animation)
1 female seen infected (animation)
1 male killed, method not seen (film)
Total: 33+

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cuz it's High in Tension in the Philippines: Ligalig (2006)

Ligalig (Philippines, 2006) (AKA "Batang Maynila")
Rating: *1/2
Starring: Cesar Montano, Sunshine Cruz and Johnny Delgado

See, it’s movies like this that makes me wonder if Philippine cinema is the long lost black sheep brother of Bollywood.

Sitcom/Action Filipino actor Cesar Montano got his shot "writing", directing, and acting for this little slasher flick in the Philippines, which was released at the 2006 Metro Manila Film Festival. Now, I should be glad to see my country's taking at least a little interest in this fine sub-genre, but I didn't mean going as far as plagiarizing an early 2000s French Extreme classic.

Here's what went down; a cab driver named Junior drives to the country side with his girlfriend Trixie and a friend for the weekend, staying with Trixie's family which includes her mum, a war-traumatized brother and his wife, and an orphaned girl fostered by the family.

Unfortunately for Junior, the old matriarch isn't too fond of him, thus putting his relationship with his gal in jeopardy. Things turn for the horrible, however, when a machete-wielding serial killer followed Junior into the country side and starts murdering off each family member one by one. Then the maniac kidnaps Junior's girlfriend, stuffing her in the back of his car before driving away As our hero gives chase and fights the killer off, it appears that not all of it is what they appear to be...

Sounds familiar? It should be unless you haven't seen or heard of Alexandre Aja's Haute Tension/High Tension (2003)! (Shame on you, dear slasher fan!) Yes, it starts differently with a double murder of a couple in tryst and a police station investigating it, but right to the point where our leads are driving to the country side, it's all nothing but copy-pasted narrative of the French New Wave Extremity classic with some added "paraphrasing". (Montano replaced the Tension's Truck Driver with an equally overweight "Evil Dad" figure. What imagination! Not!) This may not be all that big of a deal for the rest of my (normal) Filipino brethren since I don't think anyone is as big of a slasher fan as I am to be fully aware of High Tension's existence (though, I read some were! Kudos to those guys!), it just strikes my nerve that Mr. Montano went as far as claiming the story was his own. Yes, 1/5th of the movie is his. The rest isn't. Shame on him.

Now, if we're gonna pretend Ligalig wasn't a plagiarized work, here's my look into the film; it is a slasher-thriller that relies a lot on the underlings of  romantic drama as like many other Filipino films. It somehow works, going along the story a tad better than the overcooked attempts of an earlier Filipino slasher, Kutob. The horror tropes are present and cheesily done to say the least. The kills, thankfully, are far from copied work, though they're tame around the gore factor as detailed blood and viscera aren't Philippine's strong points. (sadly) Ligalig instead pulled of some nasty beheadings, an old woman shot with a shotgun, and a pipe impaling to keep the red liquid flowing and probably some newbie slasher fans satisfied. The killer dad also has his intimidating moments but, once moment he opens his mouth, I find him overdoing the threatening persona to the point he's annoying.

Some other major drawbacks would be the cheesy computer graphics used to replace car stunts (watch any car sequence from this film and tell me that's not an animated background!) and the utterly annoying camera effects that includes striking discolored close-ups and synthesized tunes to go along with it. (I think Montano got that one from A L'Interieur/ Inside (2007), but it's a hunch.)

Should Montano's aim was to create a horror flick that is Philippine's answer to the ever popular slasher films, I would have respected that so long as he came up with his own idea. Sure, American titles such as He Knows You're Alone (1980) has its similarities with Halloween (1978), and so does Sleepaway Camp (1983) with Friday the 13th (1980), but that's just it. "Similarities". Not Plagiarism! Somebody should remind our dear producers not to release this flick internationally cuz it's gonna be a hell of a lawsuit.

I'm sure his garbage will find an audience. Films of this kind always do. For me? I say 'got to hell', Ligalig. Your bullshit is not welcome here!

1 male decapitated wit machete
1 female killed with machete
1 female impaled on a pipe
1 male had his throat cut with machete
1 female shot with shotgun
1 female slashed and hacked to death with machete
1 female shot (flashback)
1 male shot (flashback)
1 male shot (flashback)
1 male stabbed with knife
Total: 10

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cannibal Kids and Bad Parenting: Beware! Children At Play (1989)

Beware! Children at Play! (1989)
Rating: **
Starring: Michael Robertson, Rich Hamilton and Robin Lilly

If you're a frequent reader of this little corner of mine, you'll know my certain confused state towards Troma movies. I'm a mixed bag of nuts when it comes to these flicks; if it comes to fart jokes, fat people, baggy tits, grammas in peril, done in nothing but uber-cheesy and goofy non-sense, I'm gonna put my foot down and just walk away; it's their people's entertainment, and sadly, I'm not one of them. (My taste. So deal with it!)

Luckily for you Troma fans, I do have my share of favorite titles coming from this little studio...company...place. Mother's Day (1980) is a no-brainer classic for me, while titles such as Blood Hook (1986) and Dead Dudes in the House (1991) came in as a decent surprise for me. Now, I gander upon on this controversial little movie, and I'm gonna be frank, I find it horrible but I am starting to lean on it thanks to it's cheesiness, unpredictably bizarre nature, and that three minute infanticide-fest!

In a day in the woods, a father and his son are on a hunting trip when disaster struck; the father (carefully) stepped on a bear trap and got himself stuck there with his son on his aid. Why they didn't bother pull the trap apart is beyond me, but I guess it was too dangerous to let the little boy to go on and look for help on his own as well so they just decided to stay there until they rot like a papaya.

As days go by, daddy goes bonkers, telling his son to stay in the woods and feed off the land, just as he did. (or so he believes) His son easily digested that fact so by the time his father dies from starvation, little boy went cannibal on him in glorious heart-eating action.

Fast forward to ten years later, John Defolwes moves to the town next to the woods with his family to help his Sheriff friend look for their missing daughter. Unknown to them, a group of brain-washed children is stalking, killing and eating adults who, unwillingly or not, wander off into their woods, much to the dismay of the town. Soon enough, these adults had enough being munched on and made it clear that they'll do anything to end it all. And yes, I'm talking about a child massacre.

Beware! Children at Play isn't what I'll call a fun movie unless you're into taboo breaking and completely horrible movie making. While cannibalism isn't a new forbidden fruit for the film, nor are killer children thanks to earlier flicks like Devil Times Five (1974)Bloody Birthday (1980), and the Children of the Corn (1984), Beware! Children at Play took a step forward by including the much revolted onscreen killings of the children, ranging from ages 6  to 12 (and one to two teenagers), from shootings to rake impalement, even when they begged for their lives. Now, I dislike snobby children, but never to the point of total annihilation, but it appears this is where the movie's boat rocks and I'm just in it for the ride, wide-eyed and lost in disbelief. It seems this is the only horror this film managed to pull off nastily.

The rest of Beware! is utterly terrible below any point. Lots of illogical and unnecessary points tainted in cheese and obvious low-budget as like any Troma Film ever made, and it will surely turn off some viewers who're not into this kind of approach. For some, however, this could be a laughable run through 80 minutes of utterly low production and questionable quality and theme. It's distasteful, I know, but through the annoying (and preachy) characters, unemotional acting, horrible scripting, unrealistic (yet graphic) kills and the feisty fromage, I like to see this flick as that kind of movie you can have guilty pleasure with, and just laugh at the randomness, which is this company's strongest point, and supposed horror that I'm a hundred percent sure is not this company's strongest point.

Either you love it or hate it, or fall in between like me, Beware! lives up to it's title and to the Troma name of taboo breaking. See it if you dare.

1 male snared on a bear trap, starved to death
1 male sliced in half with scythe
1 female throat cut with knife
1 female found mutilated
1 female impaled on spikes
1 female found with her back mutilated
1 male stabbed to death with stake
1 female stabbed with dagger
1 male shot on the head with rifle
1 male shot with rifle
1 female shot
2 girls shot with rifles
1 boy knifed on the back
1 boy shot on the head with rifle
1 boy shot
1 girl shot
1 boy impaled on the neck with pitchfork
1 girl gets an axe to the back
1 boy shot
1 girl beaten with baseball bat
1 boy had his throat crushed with wooden board
1 boy gets an arrow shot to the chest
1 boy had his head shot clear off
1 boy shot
1 boy shot by the mouth
1 boy disemboweled with machete
Total: 27

The Night Andy Came Home: Dead of Night (1974)

Dead of Night (AKA "Deathdream", "Whispers") (Canada, 1974)
Rating: ***1/2
Starring: John Marley, Lynn Carlin and Richard Backus

When US soldier Andy Brooks got shot dead during the Vietnam war, the sad news soon befall on his family as they prepare for his awaited return, much to their disbelief. But when Andy comes back one night, apparently okay and alive, the Brooks welcome him openly, dismissing his reported death as an error from the part of the military.

Over the next few days, most of the family starts to notice Andy's unusual and promptly homicidal behavior, spending his days sitting around the house barely moving a finger, while appearing to be hiding something from them.

All the while, a murdered trucker caught the attention of the local authorities who begins to wonder if Andy is somehow connected to the crime since the body was found so near his home. The suspicions and Andy's erratic behavior soon starts to take toll on the family, revealing that some boys should never come back home...

Dead of Night is one of Bob Clark's earlier proto-slashers (right before tackling the genre again in the same year with his genre classic Black Christmas) and it is a notable variation of the "Monkey's Paw" tale where one single wish brought something far sinister than imagined.

Made around the time of the Vietnam War, the film's anti-war sub-tones is more on the parallelism of realities between post-war trauma and Andy's never-explained reanimation. The horrors of the film relied less on the brutal murders and the supernatural, and more on the psychological effects that it brings as the Brooks clan fall into either torment or denial of their love one's altered state, as well as Andy's desperate attempt to stay alive for his family, showing the pains of the aftermaths of war on both its soldiers and their loved ones.

The film is simple in its approach of story-telling; it's sadly predictable and low-budget quality may have contributed with the movie's dive into obscurity, but highlights include some decent looking kills, quick pacing, Tom Savini's earliest make-up effects and the overall feel of an EC horror comic book. It succeeds in giving us the chills and uneasiness with it's sub-tones, which is a shame that this film's so overlooked as it actually worked well as both a horror flick and family drama with a message.

Dead of Night, Bob Clark's rare slasher flick that's a must see for not only fans of this subgenre, but of horror in general! Highly recommended if you can find it.

1 male shot
1 male found with throat cut
1 dog strangled to death
1 male stabbed to death with syringe
1 female found murdered
1 male strangled with cord
1 male ran over with car
1 male shot to the head
1 male strangled
1 male previously shot, later decomposes
Total: 10

Heads Will Bowl: Gutterballs (2008)

Gutterballs (Canada, 2008)
Rating: ****
Starring: Alastair Gamble, Mihola Terzic and Nathan Witte

Bearing the 80s vibe of film grain and cheese, Ryan Nicholson's Gutterballs is one title that got real close to my nasty side with its unrestrained vulgarity, profanity and violence, all in the spirit of the old grindhouse exploitation.

Two rivaling bowling teams made up of teens get into a brawl inside a disco-themed bowling alley Xcalibur Bowling Centre one night when a bitter hothead, Steve, wants to get even with his ex-girlfriend Lisa and his former bestbud Jamie, who swept his girl away. The brief fight ends with the janitor threatening them with a shotgun and Steve getting beaten badly and his foot broken. As her gang calls it a night too, Lisa returns inside the alley to retrieve a purse only to find Steve and his friends waiting for her in there, still wanting revenge. Attacked and violently raped in turns before sodomizing her with a bowling pin, Lisa is left on a pool table naked, berated and barely conscious.

As the next night comes, both teams return for a bowling tournament to settle everything, with Lisa surviving the previous night and noticeably acting strange. Not too soon, a bowling bag-masked killer named BBK, armed with sharpened pins and bludgeoning bowling balls, starts to pick off members from both teams one by one, apparently under Lisa's name.

A low-budget cult classic of sorts, Nicholson's Gutterballs is one absurd entry to the rape-revenge/slasher genre that goes through every trope of both horror sub-genres under the originality that is about bowling, a sport imaginatively turned into a literal bloodbath.

The film's approach is clear; as the slasher sub-genre normally relies on killing off unsuspecting teenagers, Gutterballs decide to make this approach more "fun" by taking the lengths to create unlikable characters, both rape-guilty and not, giving them an obscure need for sex or plainly making them jerk-holes who swears a lot and are completely insensitive. This said, sleaze is considerably on a helpful serving from both sides of gender (and one in between), often made clear with sleazy sex scenes and close-ups of both male and female genitalia. With this, the sex-and-death cliche here is "balls-out" as no one is clearly all that innocent and the kills make sure these victims are done away in an ultra violent fashion, often in theme to the sport and/or the sleaze such as death by "69" position, a sharpened pin anal rape, an impromptu 'man-gina', head bashed with bowling balls, and even a head eaten clear off in a nailed ball waxing machine. (The latter being my favorite) No murder is tame and the shock and splatter is really high on its value thanks to killer special effects. (Though some does look absurd, but who's complaining?)

The rape scene is certainly a hardest punch in the gut; not only was the victim assaulted repeatedly by three merciless men but she's also repeatedly beaten, kicked and, as it's finale, got raped with a bowling pin. This scene got a bit of a controversy due to it's lengthy 8 minute run and graphic take, not unlike the "hunt and rape" scenario of the original I Spit on Your Grave. Small mercies was that at least they didn't go as far as using the "other end" of the pin (Those who saw this flick would probably know what I'm talking about) and for those rooting to see these fucks get their just desserts would be glad to know two of them got quite the bad ends.

Some stylish lighting and camera work ala Italian giallo also have Gutterballs pay tribute to other horror styles, though it's not as whacky as the marketing done for this film which had posters of movies like Maniac and Halloween rendered with bowling themes, a witty wink to the influence these two flicks had on this title. Some of these cheeky market work even found its way into the movie: remember Michael Myers dressing up as a ghost with glasses to prey on an unsuspecting teen? BBK did it with his costume and, what appears to be, a freshly peeled scalp.

Clearly a genre film, Gutterballs' hardcore approach is undoubtedly not a taste anyone will welcome. There will be some peeps who will mind the obnoxious cast or the homophobic and misogynistic undertones, not to mention the weak script and lagged pacing in some parts of the film. Neverthless, I'll assure you that if you're the kind of guy or gal who likes their horror flicks fun, simple, and relatively bloody beyond recognition without minding much of the small stuff (or big stuff, wherever you boat floats), Gutterballs may satisfy.

1 male and 1 female smothered to death in each other's genitalia while in tryst
1 male gets a bowling pin shoved down his throat
1 male gets a sharpened bowling pin stabbed to the eyes
1 female garroted with shoelaces
1 female had her head bashed open with bowling balls
1 male had his head shredded inside a nailed ball waxing machine
1 male found beheaded
1 male anally raped with sharpened bowling pin, head beaten repeatedly
1 male gets his neck slashed with switchblade
1 male had head blown off with shotgun
1 female shot on the gut with shotgun
1 male shot with shotgun offscreen
Total: 13

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Short Shear Terror: Maniac Cop (2008)

 Maniac Cop (2008 Short)
ratings: ***
starring: Damien Colletti, Scott Dadika and Roberto Lombardi

There's been talks about a prequel for this classic action-slasher hybrid which got me all hyped like a moron. So far, all we got is talk but up until that point, I'm just going to enjoy each Maniac Cop flicks and this short yet retrospective fan flick about none other than the titular psycho.

The short is pretty much an updated version of the original's first murder; a girl is walking home at night when two muggers attacks her. Chased into an alley, the girl was robbed and almost assaulted when, you've guessed it, a hulking cop arrives and kills off the muggers with his trusted Bladed Police Baton. The girl thanks her savior, until he grabbed her and raised his weapon.

With only a three minute running time and a quartet of personalities, the cast nail their parts perfectly, bringing back that sense of nostalgia for this late 80s slasher, from the murders to the use of Chattaway's eerie theme music (which, up to this day, still gets under my skin). There's also some well-handled cinematography, done by hand-held cameras, including impressive shots of the maniac cop around the streets of New York. If only they'd done that in any of the real flicks...

Worth checking for Cordell fans!

1 male bladed police baton to the gut
1 male stabbed with bladed police baton
1 female killed with bladed police baton
total: 3

Changing to a Darker Light: Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence (1993)

Maniac Cop 3 (1993)
rating: ***1/2
starring:  Robert Davi, Robert Z'Dar and Caitlin Dulany

I'm gonna be frank: I never thought I'll enjoy this entry.

So, to start off, Matt Cordell, AKA Maniac Cop, is dead.

With his name cleared and those responsible for disfiguring him and ruining his life dead, the vengeance fueled psycho cop can finally rest after pummeling down into a fiery explosion of a death from the last film. Unknown to him, during his own funeral, a voodoo priest named Houngan is doing a rite to call him back from the grave for reasons I can't really point out clearly (Something something something afterlife and other unfinished business crap) and at that, the Maniac Cop lives once again, with a whole new chapter of mayhem waiting.

Lieutenant Sean McKinney (Robert Davi) returns as the older brother figure to one officer Kate Sullivan (Gretchen Becker), a policewoman who, later one night, gets shot into a coma by a drug-happy robber Frank Jessup. To make matters worse, two television journalist edited their footage of the robbery, making it as if Katie shot an innocent bystander ala police brutality.

As McKinney tries to clear Katie's name from the accusations, the Maniac Cop goes to work, killing off anyone who bad-mouths or shows no concern to the girl as, sappy as it sounds, he has taken an interest on Katie and that this liking kept him from ever resting into the afterlife. The bodycount rises once more, leading to, once again, a confrontation between McKinney and the now undead Cordell, in a race against time to stop a fate more horrible than death.

While tackling themes that are far from the first, Maniac Cop 3: Bad of Silence is an entry most overlooked and underrated, all for the fair reasons. The voodoo element thrown in is definitely an odd one; not only does it stray far from the action-horror hybriding of the first two movies, but it felt as if it's pulled from nowhere. By now, Officer Matthew Cordell succeeds into becoming a Jason Voorhees clone in his post-A New Beginning entries, coming out as an undead hulk with a strength to match ten men, pretty much like how our hockey masked juggernaut ended up in his late 80s films. Another stick in the mud is this film's weirder element of giving Cordell a love interest, which is sweet but too cheesy to make it all workable. It's probably these cliches that made William Lustig walk-out from the entry understandable; "Goodbye nameless boogeyman in blue uniform, hello distraught lover from the grave" probably wasn't a path he saw the Maniac Cop movie series would go to.

Then again, I do find these shifts of tone to be interesting in a hammy sense. As a campy B-grade entry, the film was one shred more interesting compared to the follow-up that was Maniac Cop 2. Badge of Silence as, for one, it cut off all ties from the first two, save the character Sean McKinney, and attempts to approach a narrative that's completely stable on its own while still maintaining some of the action-horror elements, even if one or two tropes didn't quite catch the Maniac Cop flavor. If I'm gonna call it anything, it's a slasher horror laced with cop drama, as most of the film concentrates on Katie's case with Cordell only present to do the vengeful murder of the not-so-innocents.

In fact, even most of Cordell's murders are more slasher oriented than action. The hospital backdrop gave an opportunity for the script to do bloodshed the old-fashioned way, with ranging medical tools turned weapons of human annihilation. I actually find this flow fair and entertaining albeit its cliches and the negative reactions of many.

Oddly, though, despite the police procedures and the investigations, the film's horror feel is more present than the hardcore action thanks to it's voodoo and afterlife themes. The only action oriented scene I saw was that awesome fire and car stunt at the near end, when, while on fire, the shambling Maniac Cop tries to get back on McKinney and his own love interest, a physician Susan Fowler (Caitlin Dulany), driving a police cruiser on tail of their ambulance. Sadly, as strong as this piece might be, the overall ending of this film, and also the whole series, felt too anti-climatic. (And gag-worthy cheesy)

I'm sure very little will agree on this, but I find more "life" in the undead Cordell and his antics here. While nothing beats the original, and the first sequel hardly touched anything new, Maniac Cop 3's cult status, misplaced directions and notable hint of cheddar got hold of me by the cuffs. Not going as far as calling it the big bang of an ending, but at least they ended it before the series went astray.

1 male found dead, beheaded
1 male shot with shotgun
1 male shot with shotgun
1 female shot on the head
1 male thrown and shot in mid-air
1 male face fried with defibrillator
1 male head baked with x-ray machine
3 males found murdered
1 male impaled with bladed police baton
2 males shot
2 males and 1 female shot
1 female torn from life support
1 male repeatedly shot
1 male shot
1 male repeatedly shot
1 male shot through the chest with shotgun, burned.
total: 21

Non-Horror post: pics from the depths of the Ozine Fest

Last Sunday, I took a break from the usual routine of slacking off, watching Adult cartoons, drawing, eating, um...lazing around after Church, and went out to do something I share some shred of passion to: Anime and Manga.

Due to very minimum spending money, I'm reduced to be an eyewitness to everything that's going on. It ain't a bad thing, however, since my sister decided to do cosplay with a friend, Micheal, or as we call him Soya. They went out as L, from Death Note, only, Soya's gonna be "original flavor" L and my sister's "A complete clone of said L, only 3/4th his size"...or "Mini Me" LPhotobucketPhotobucket
P.S. The stupid schmuck doing the stoopid face...is me.

So I spent half a day walking around with two Ls, or troLLs, trolling random cosplayer into posing with them. I have to admit, it was fun, and we meet a lot of awesome cosplayers along the way.

PhotobucketOh, and we met this dude. I think he calls himself Mellow. I think he drank pepto laced with sugar sticks that day cuz he's hyper.

I also shot some cool merchandises. It had the look but no touch policy so I'm stuck with a digi-cam who needed me to do the zooming...


And there you have it. Some good time spent on a Sunday. While I may not able to get some booty goodies, I did have a swell time, some Egg Yogurt candy and a swollen feet from all the walking...oh and see a Fionna Cosplay! Adventure Time~ Come on Grab yer friends...