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TV Terror: I'm The Girl He Wants to Kill (1974)

I'm The Girl He wants to Kill (UK, 1974) (Thriller Episode 2/ Season 3)
starring: Julie Sommars, Robert Lang and Anthony Steel

I wasn't aware that this "movie" was from a TV series. Judging from what I'm seeing here, however, I just got to say it's some strong stuff for a small-tube thriller.

A simple plot revolves around a loose loonie killing women, a misogynistic psycho with a knife and a pair of white sneakers. Detective Sergeant Tanner had his hands empty when a partying girl was found murdered at her doorstep and no one seems to notice the killer. However, he is confident that the killer will strike again.

True enough he did, only this time his crime didn't go unnoticed; An American woman by the name of Anne came home one night from work and saw a man coming out of the flat she lives in. Ignoring him from the fact that he might just be a neighbor's guest or something, she quickly catches up with a murder as she finds a murdered woman on her doorstep. Now questioned for the identity of the man, Anne gave Tanner a vivid description of the man and was assured that he will be caught.

Months go by, the killer remains at large and Anne started dating the good detective. Taking a break from her work one day, she was window-shopping for an engagement ring when she spots the killer working in the jewelers. To make it complicated, so did he!

Fleeing, Anne and the killer gave chase and fortunately outruns him before phoning in her fiance in minutes. When she finally got through, she tells her lover everything from the encounter, but she was surprised back when Tanner tells her that they'd caught the man.

Or did they?

In a running time of an hour and five minutes, I'm The Girl He Wants to Kill practically staples a proto-slasher build as the stalk and kill elements were put to the test with much style and thrill.

While it lacked length in running time and even the high bodycount, it's yet to disappoint when it molds feminine helplessness and final girl antics to make up for the last half hour; with much chase sequences and pulse-pounding action, Anne was soon repeatedly stalked by the silent killer and evading him after being locked alone inside a building. Her only defense against a madman was to outsmart him in every angle,which is proven challenging seeing the killer was also learning her tricks. It's realistically thrilling, as the action brought resource upon resource of every possible way to test one's total control over the situation.

I haven’t seen any other episodes of the series yet, but, if this movie do justice to it, then I guess I could try the others. Although, I'm hearing that some of its anthologies aren't as slasher material as this, guess I'll be picking my episodes for a review slot. For now, enjoy this little "thriller" for a while. A slick, tense and tight proto-slasher, I'm The Girl he wants to Kill is a tele-play worth seeing for you horror junkies out there! Catch it if you can!

1 female stabbed with knife
1 female found murdered
1 male gutted with knife
1 male killed/dies (cause unknown)
total: 4

(note, turns out the Americans love their bodycounting as much as I do; The US release of this episode had an extra opening murder, ALA Psycho.)

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