Thursday, July 12, 2012

Now that's a cleaver!: 100 Tears (2007)

100 Tears (2007)
Rating: **
Starring:  Raine Brown, Joe Davison and Georgia Chris

A pair of tabloid reporters, Jennifer Stevenson and Mark Webb decide to personally investigate the infamous "Teardrop Killer", a serial killing clown who hacked up 20 years worth of victims and eluded capture since. As they try to fit the pieces together to find the elusive maniac, little do they know, they're barely prepared to face the unstoppable Teardrop Killer...

100 Tears seems to be a movie of uneven direction. A few minutes into the film and we are already treated with a gory and monumentally large massacre before suddenly halting and slowing down to add some plot and character depth; sadly, the efforts of the latter falters between sloppy lines and flat delivery, which doesn't help elevate the film's already unstable tone, pacing sluggish and barely likable characters, making it a tedious task to sit through despite its simple story.

Then comes the ending, which is the total downfall of the movie. After all those hard knock attempts to do some character or at least some sense of plotting, we get to a point that we just don't care what's gonna happen anymore. All the gore's gone and good, but the movie's ineptness and dodgy direction begins to show itself around these parts, ultimately leading to an end where everything seems to be randomly thrown in for the sake of shock. I guess what I'm trying to say is that we can see the ending from afar and true enough it ended that way. But with all honestly and a bit of consideration, that tiny shock ending in the last scene, otherwise still a mess, got me.

Though, I can't say that 100 Tears failed to be entertaining. For one, it was made for gore and gore alone. I can try forget all its flaws in favor of the red stuff, which frankly is impressive given it's only around a budget of estimated $75,000, thus making it the movie's only redeeming factor from being a trash heap of trampled mess. In fact, if one is shallow enough to love a movie of this kind for blood alone, then 100 Tears is a must see for your visceral delight. Otherwise, if true scares is what you want, then look elsewhere. Probably Clownhouse (1989)...

1 male had his face repeatedly slashed with cleaver
1 male had his head split with cleaver
1 male beheaded with cleaver
1 male hacked on the back with cleaver
1 female had her head stomped
1 paraplegic female decapitated with cleaver
1 female had her belly split open with cleaver
1 male gets a cleaver between his legs
1 male had his neck crushed
1 female smothered
1 male hacked with cleaver
1 male eviscerated with buzzsaw
1 male found dead with his chest split open
1 male hacked on the head with cleaver
1 male hacked armless with cleaver, bled to death
1 male hacked in half with cleaver
1 female strangled to death (flashback)
1 male gets an ice pick to the head (flashback)
1 female seen murdered
1 male found murdered
1 male had his face hacked with cleaver
1 male sliced in half with cleaver
1 male stabbed with lead pipe, disemboweled and strangled with his own guts
1 female hacked with cleaver
1 female hacked with cleaver
1 male dismembered with cleaver
1 female had her eye bitten off, killed
1 male seen dismembered
1 female mutilated with cleaver and sledgehammer
A number of teens killed off-camera
1 male had his neck slashed with razor
1 male shot in the mouth
1 male decapitated with cleaver
1 male shot
1 female ran over by car
Total: 34+


  1. That's a high body count! Only 2 stars though, eh?

    1. It tries to be a lot of things, but it should had sticked with gore alone.