Sunday, June 28, 2020

Brutal Bigfoot Bachelor Bloodbath: Cherokee Creek (2018)

Cherokee Creek (2018)
Rating: ***
Starring: Billy Blair, Todd Jenkins, Justin Armstrong

When a young groom-to-be named Patrick gets kidnapped at gunpoint by a pair of masked thugs, he expects torture, humiliation and eventual death. Little does he know, he'll be getting all of that but through a rather different circumstance.

As it turn out, the thugs in the balaclava are two of his closest friends, actor Vinny Blades and Patrick's Best Man Jinx, and the kidnapping was to get him to a secret bachelor party deep into the very woods where the first American Bigfoot sightings were made as Patrick is a big cryptid nerd. The naive groom, though, isn't particularly happy on how all of this debauchery's proceeding so far since apart from the fact that he's taken there against his will, the gang also invited a toxic atheist former friend and they ordered strippers despite promising Patrick's very shrew fiance' Caroline, who planned the secret party with them, that there won't be any.

Then again, as it is his last night to be a free man, Patrick goes along with the beer-guzzling raunchy fun as much as he can, not knowing that all of the loud noises, pissing in the woods and free-for-all sex have disturbed a very angry ancient creature and its going to rid this forest of these trespassers, one dismembered body part at a time.

Cherokee Creek (2018)
can be best described as a sex comedy in the woods slowly devolving into a backwoods monster/slasher hybrid, evident from the point that the movie really takes it time to get the gory goodness going. It starts strong with an opening Bigfoot attack that foreshadows the kind of messy jig we're gonna be subjected to, as well as a hilarious kidnapping-gone-wrong involving vulgar old ladies and a kid getting his hand sticky from porn, but the film drags itself down once the backwoods bachelor night is revealed, much to establish the type of people we're dealing with through lengthy buddy dialogue and get down to the naughty bits which is mostly alright on my book.

For a while, Creek has the politically incorrect shameness of poop, piss and ammonia-smelling bodily fluids reeking up as its source of humor and gags and seeing this is an independent low/mid-budget production, they really went on out dishing the most uninhibited and crudest shtick to entertain our inner crassness as socks get used as emergency butt wipes and we get full frontals from both dudes and girls among plenty other cheap shot comedy and jests. These scenes have their moments, but we can only get along with so much toilet humor and softcore sex until it gets too low brow to be consistently hilarious, tipping near annoying as they do occasionally pad out way too long than needed.

Fortunately by the time Bigfoot starts making his bodycount rounds (around an hour and a quarter into a nearly two hour movie!), it picks itself back up greatly with worthwhile practical effects, brutal demises for our characters and some workable dark humor. Some of the highlights here include a decent stalk-and-chase scene of a prick which ends with a chunky gutting and, perhaps the film's most memorable piece, a character getting his member chomped off after Bigfoot clawed his partner dead and decapitates her mid-fellatio.

Should the film have cut down its character dialogues and get to the killer cryptid action sooner, I would certainly love Cherokee Creek (2018) more as a fair throwback to old school cheesy monster flicks. Still, I cannot deny the product's crazy B-grade fun albeit its unnecessarily long run, so if you're the mood for a Bigfoot slasher high on grue and no holds barred explicitness, trail on this for your next movie night!

1 male clawed on the neck
1 male clawed on the chest, mauled offcamera
1 male killed offcamera, later found with a ripped throat
1 male clawed through the back, disemboweled
1 male bearhugged to death
1 male had his groin ripped off, eyes clawed
1 female had her head clawed off
1 female clawed to death
1 male bled to death from a castrated groin and a missing hand
1 male had his head stomped flat
1 male shot dead
Total: 11


  1. Ol' Bigfoot certainly has the market cornered when it comes to cryptid slashers like this, Night of the Demon, Abominable, etc.

    1. Helps a lot that he's a biped. Any other cryptid and it's quickly labeled as a monster movie instead.

    2. The Goat Man Murders, The Beast of Bay Bray Road (which for some reason reimagined the creature as just a run of the mill werewolf) and Satan's Playground (which had backwoods crazies to go with the Jersey Devil) are about all that currently comes to mind.

      I guess there is also the Bunnyman series. 2010's Mothman also had the basic plot of an I Know What You Did Last Summer-style slasher... except the killer is a flying, light-adverse demon that manifests from reflective surfaces and can only harm people when they make eye contact with it.

    3. ...Now, see, this is why I like having YOU around!

      I have a Twitter now, by the way! Come and drop by!

    4. I might start using social media... some day (echo).

    5. "some day...some day...some day..."