Thursday, September 1, 2011

When "I Spit on your grave" is raped itself: The Whore (2009)

The whore (AKA Hora) (Norway, 2009)
Starring: Rudy Claes, Kenneth Falkenberg and Cassandra Jacobsen

I can forgive "He Knows you're Alone (1980)" for being a rip-off of "Halloween (1978)" because at least it was fun. I can forgive Grizzly (1976) for being a Rip-off of "Jaws (1975)" because at least that was fun. But I cannot, and will not, forgive "The Whore" for ripping off "I Spit on your Grave". Because tis not fucking fun!

I wouldn't even bother telling you what this movie was about but in case you hadn't seen "I Spit" (if you hadn't, then you're missing a lot of good trash for a horror junkie...you are a horror junkie, right?) it goes something like this: a lady from the suburbs goes to the country to find peace and tranquility among woods so she can have a clear head and write her book. Lady got the attention of some rapists, they barge in, raped her, and left her for dead. Lady got up, plot vengeance, kill the rapists, end of story.

While "I spit" is a controversial yet feminist exploitation that is celebrated by slasher fans alike for its depiction of gory, cringing yet justified murders, liberating a wronged woman, "The Whore" plagiarized it and tried to pass it on as their own idea by adding a very sexist and hard to watch double murder/rape of two girls reminiscent of the same crime featured in "Last House On The Left" (1972), a few tricks and ideas from films like "Grindhouse (2007)" such as the "Missing Reel"  joke, and some original murders that aren't even anything special.

Gore isn't enough to save this trash from a total waste bucket. I don't care if one guy gets disemboweled by a garden shear (with obviously fake innards). I don't care of one guy gets shot multiple times with a shot gun and got dragged behind the wheel of a car to suffer road rash that makes him look like an oatmeal zombie and then got doused in gasoline to be burned alive. I DON'T CARE if one guy gets his dick cut in half and dangling on a piece of skin. It's not good enough if the rest of the story is dull, amateurish, and copied. "I spit" got its charms for being a mean-spirited yet feminist approach to the genre, something this movie fail to deliver and instead tried to win us with these cheap kills.

To add insult, the "main rape" isn't even that graphic. Our antiheroine just sank there like a dead fish while these guys got their way. Heck, how can we root for her if she doesn't even fight back to begin with!

God, this is perhaps one junk that'll never get sold in my garage sale, unless some avid horror fan or some unsuspecting buyers sees it and mistook it for a "good" horror film. For those who're smart enough to know this is a bad picture, I'll praise you as my new God or at least as my new brother/sister. For those who managed to "enjoy" this, then I'll have mixed feelings for your accomplishment but its leaning towards "pity".

There's tribute, there's ripping-off, and there's total plagiarism. I'm sorry for all of you who did enjoy this movie but if  The Whore sucks! (no pun intended)

1 female had her throat cut
1 female repeatedly stabbed at the groin with a knife
1 male disemboweled with garden shears
1 male shot to death with shotgun
1 male repeatedly shot with shotgun, then dragged behind the wheel of a car only to be burned alive
1 male had his groin cut in half with shears
total: 6

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