Sunday, July 29, 2012

One Long Crazy Night: Psycho Sleepover (2008)

Psycho Sleepover
starring: Emilia Richeson, Ariel Teal Toombs and Frankie Frain

Oops, I did it again.

For the record, I've been experimenting on whether Troma releases are all bad and so far, I did find some awesome releases from them, like their classic Mothers Day, The Last Horror Film, Dead Dudes in the House and Blood Hook. Then there's some weird ones like Beware! Children at Play!, Klown Kamp Massacre and Fathers Day, while the rest I've seen, like Graduation Day, and Zombie Island Massacre, are utter shit. No offense.

And now this little wanker came along.

The idea of the film got me; a sleepover party gone wrong when an army of slashers starts to make mince meat out of the guests? Now I got a thing for movies that features more than one colorful killer, like $LA$HER$, The Hills Have Eyes remake and the Wrong Turn series, but seeing this is a Troma film, my realization that it might not be as cool as I figured it will be came to me all too late.

Opening in a night in 1985, sexually repressing Ginny finds herself harassed by her boyfriend who kept yearning for a blowjob and no sooner, a mad clown who's axing with bad puns came in. She managed to persecute her attacker, which turns out to be her boyfriend, with an axe to the chest.

A year later, Ginny is now undergoing therapy since her ex-boyfriend wasn't the only psycho in her life; her dad was a known serial killer and the pressure of having two loved ones as deranged murderers isn't helping her social life. As if it ever was.

By luck (I think), she's invited for a sleepover by three of her socialite classmates to help her get over her traumas. But what they didn't know is that their night of partying will be invaded by around 30 or more slasher villains in their own themes and get-up. Who will live and die is basically the question here, but same goes to who can be trusted?

Well, if you want my answer, this whole effin' movie. That's who not to trust. In a sense, it did deliver what it promised; thirty to forty psychos in weird disguises, themes and get-ups killing everybody, including themselves. But in usual Troma fashion, it's all camp, too much camp.

Again, my singing tumor had made a deadly comeback as I watch this movie from beginning to end, enduring one awfully unfunny "funny" scene to another, save two: the entire slasher army tries to even out their share of the kill, seeing there's two victims left and there's 30 them, and the scene involving a mime slasher getting finger banged, literally. The humor was more on sex jokes and breaking continuities (a girl gets stabbed in the head and lived, and then another gets pounded with a sledgehammer and survives) something that will appeal to those with who are either very shallow or ultimately open-minded.

Sadly, even though I can enjoy awful movies like Thankskilling, Dear God No! and even Last Caress, Psycho Sleepover overdid and ruins itself with all these attempts to be "fun". If you barrage an entire film with annoying characters, with acting intentionally bad, no sense of plot direction whatsoever, then you might as well just dwell in your own puke cuz the feeling's all the same.

Now, I apologize to all Troma fans out there who loved this movie; I know there's gonna be plenty seeing how strong the fan base of this studio is, and I'm prety sure a good number of them are sharpening their pitchforks to shove it right up my arse, but really? You guys can love a film this crazy? It's around an hour and 17 minutes but for me it felt like a whole day of beating with a wet fish. And I do NOT like being slapped around with a wet fish!

Over the top crazy, sleazy and cheesy, Psycho Sleepover isn't for me. At all. Surprisingly. Troma fans will rejoice for this movie and will probably have a good time disemboweling me at the same circumstances. Eitherways, I made my point, and Troma had yet again made a bad one...

1 male hacked with axe
1 male hit with axe (dream)
1 female gutted with knife (dream)
1 male killed offscreen
1 male knifed
1 male beaten to death with long drillbit
1 female throat cut with knife
1 male axe to the head, heart pulled out
1 male killed, found deboned
1 female face ripped off
1 male dildo through the arse, exits to groin
1 male neck crushed
1 male shot himself in the head
1 female machete through the chest
1 male neck crushed with stick
1 male (mime) shot on the chest with a (literal) "hand gun"
1 male neck broken
1 male decapitated with machete
1 male shot
1 male knifed to death
1 female brained with wrench
1 female shot
1 female knifed to death
1 male neck sliced with machete
1 male hacked with axe
1 male knife to the groin
1 female shot on the head
1 male throat cut with knife
1 female pounded to death
1 sock puppet knife through the "mouth"
1 male head stomped
1 male shot
1 male shot
1 female throat cut with knife
1 female head blown off with shotgun
total: 35


  1. Mayne one day you'll attend the notorious Project Terrible - then, I'd really like you to give me this little crapfest :)

    1. sweet! now if I could just get some plane tickets...

  2. Ha Maynard! This sounds goofy to me - but possibly goofy good - might be checking this one out without Project Terrible authorization...