Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Sister just turned 18, welcome to Adulthood sister. Me? Revelation time.

Yesterday night, I took a whole day preparing, other than the two mid-term exams and finishing touches out our Journalism thesis, but for the biggest night in my clan's life: My sister's 18th birthday!

While Americans celebrate the Sixteenth birthdays of their female youths in a celebration called "Sweet Sixteen", we in the Philippines (and probably some other country out there) celebrates the 18th Birthday of a girl in joy of reaching the first few years of womanhood.

We had a big night in a local hotel called CityState, wherein we pay for a ballroom just to accommodate for her birthday, and a good feast to go with it. A family member hosted it, and We shared dances, gift givings and best wishes to my dear sister.

I had my sayings, too, and seeing how time had flied so fast, I was surprisingly calm.

I wish I could share you some photos, but my folks hired some guys to do that. What we did got instead is a CD full of pics of the guest (provided by a hired photobooth), as well as that of my sister's and, begrudgingly, myself.

The munchkins are my younger nieces, the dork in the sad attempt to hide his face is me...
You know, if one could photoshop my ID and this pic together, you'll get a close encounter to the real face of Herman. But just in case you can't, and your curiosity is killing a tiger, then here's me...in a pirate hat.

Yeah, I'm resting my arm on her head...

...Yes. now that you know what I look like, I had no other choice but to kill you guys...

Silent yet deadly...

nah, just kidding! Eitherways, Thesis is over for the moment, my folks can finally take a breather, and I got a busload of slashers (and other worthy flicks) to review! (Now, where are those screenshots of Irreversible?) 
So, for now, i bid y'all adieu~! And have a pleasant Chinese New Year Tomorrow! 

Or for some, a plain, happy day!

(C) Pics were provided by Aldwin photobooth and Google Images


  1. Happy birthday to Sister Kaijinu! Looks like you guys had a blast! And it's nice to see you - a good looking family all around! Cheers to all!

    1. Thanks you!...
      but now I half to shoot you with my mime gun so nobody would remember my face!...

      naw just kidding, really, thanks!