Monday, January 9, 2012

Javelin throws of Missed Opportunities: Fatal Games (1984)

Fatal games (AKA The Killing Touch/ Olympic Nightmare) (1984)
starring: Sally Kirkland, Lynn Banashek and Sean Masterson

As my curiosity killed my 99th cat, I find myself in a sense of numbness and distraught on how cheesy this sports-themed 80s slasher is.

The athletes of Falcon Academy of Athletics are training to compete in the Regionals but soon realizes that the competition is the least of their worries when someone in a black track suit and hoodie is making their way through them, literally, with a javelin.

Dare you to focus on the couple.
I double dare you.
It has the making of a cheesy classic but the lack of an actual plot from Fatal Games meant that the entire movie is really no more than a routine workout itself as repeated patterns of these kids training, procrastinating and/or sexing, and being slayed, almost in that order, filled up the entire running time. This couldn't be all bad if these scenes were anything interesting but I wouldn't count on that. Worse even are that the murders are technically routine as well since all of them were javelin kills with zero effects and lighting, making most of them hard to make out.

In case you can't tell
that's a naked girl impaled...
But thankfully, despite Fatal Games having missed a lot of opportunities, it still is a cheesefest of fun-tastic proportions; it did featured a fair amount of nudity, with one particular scene had a bare-naked girl run around the empty hallways while a javelin wielding killer pursues. There's actually a lot of chase scenes in this movie, all of it inside the campus and no victim, not even a disabled, is excused from running for their lives.

in case you can't tell
that's a guy impaled...he dying
A silly twist came in the end, a revelation that was more weird than shocking, nearly to the extent that it's too silly and comical for my taste, but at least it's entertaining halfway in the end.

So concludes another run-in-the-mill sports horror. Fatal Games may hold no surprises or creativity but it still made a name for itself for some reason. Recommendable? Only to cheese fans.

1 female impaled with a javelin
1 female impaled with a javelin
1 male impaled with a javelin
1 female impaled on the groin with a javelin
1 male impaled with a javelin
1 female falls unto a sports trophy, impaled
total: 6


  1. haha, I love sports-slashers (Aerobicide, Graduation Day...) but never heard of this one. Might check that out in the future!

    1. it's almost good, just a few pacing problems and too much cheese, but yes, it's watchable

  2. This seems like a TV movie - except for all the nudity - I think I may have seen it back in the mists of my memory - but dang if I can completely remember it. Good detective work tracking this one down!

  3. actually, I just downloaded it by random! I never heard of this one either until I watched it!

  4. Nooooo I love Fatal Games! Corridor-tracking javelins, that mental nude chase around the halls. Should've had a few more victims but overall I love it!

    1. ...I gave it two star, man! XD Ain't that enough?!