Saturday, March 17, 2012

By the luck of the Irish!: Leprechaun (1993)

Leprechaun (1993)
starring:  Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston and Ken Olandt

One part slasher movie, one-part monster flick, Warwick Davis' most well-known horror film was a cult-fave best remembered as a childhood fave and Jennifer Aniston's post-FRIENDS entertainment number ala debut film. Now, I'm a big fan of FRIENDS; I actually watched it every night the moment I found out about it in High School, and seeing Aniston outside her Rachel Greene character in this low-budget, super-camp horror flick is a mixed bag for me, but, as they say, they could at least start small. And what can be smaller than the miniscule budget indie Leprechaun?! (insert rim-shot here)

Ten years ago, an evil leprechaun (playfully played by Warwick Davis) follows one Dan O'Grady, after taking home his gold and nearly killed him if it wasn't for a four-leafed clover that renders the creature weak. Now with the Leprechaun trapped shut in a box with the magical clover keeping in inside, ten years had passed since O'Grady suffered a massive stroke from that night and his son JD, along with JD's daughter, Tory Redding (Jennifer Aniston), decided to move in to the old house in hopes of restoring it. Although Tory isn't all too excited with all this and is more eager to move back to the city, she eventually decided to stay after she found out their hunky neighbor Nathan will be helping them renovate the house.With Nathan are his friends, the mentally handicapped Ozzie and his younger brother Alex, who will be helping out with the chores. But after an escapade to the basement, Ozzie accidentally released the trapped Leprechaun after it tricked him into setting him free and get back his gold.

Calling it the luck of the Irish, however, when Ozzie and Alex somehow found the Leprechaun's gold at the end of a random rainbow, and took it in hopes of selling it. Ole Irish Dwarf wasn't fond of the idea, and he soon began killing off anyone who steals his gold or got in the way, much to Tory and the gang's distress.

While not exactly the best in the series, Leprechaun is a horror-comedy with much intended bad cheese flushed into it, counting it off as a fun bad flick to watch and enjoy at a rainy day or as a late night popcorn munchie. The kills are low in count, but splatters with enough blood to cake them mauled flesh and torn ears, accompanied with B-movie scares here that are cheap but effective at some angle. The Leprechaun himself boasts some fairl looking make-up and a character that goes after Freddy's bad habit of one-liners (done in rhymes!), Warwick Davis had done his role as an evil dwarf with joy and maliciousness to make him a memorable monster.

Some bad notes includes, as a slasher film, the conventions are followed too religiously that some of the action hardly seems shocking or all that scary. The stalk and chase antics this film had is sugar-coated with camp and the indestructible nature of the Leprechaun does hint to be scary, but he's too silly and cartoonish to be anything but horrifying. Yes, he looks scary, but his playful nature had influence the tone of the film, and any attempts to be serious and tense, and there's a bit here, comes off awkward. And how could it not if we got the here Leprechaun riding tricycles, scooters, and a toy cars to give chase, run around like a toddler, and clean shoes even if means letting his victims escape? If you find these scenes as scary, then yer the kind of guy/gal who probably be freaked out by a dancing lunch box. (Then again, said Leprechaun had the face of a 600 year old grampa. I forgot to throw that into the equation...)

So as my final verdict on this favorably funny bad flick: watch if interested in tiny monsters, little people in costumes, see Jennifer run around being chased by said little person and don't give a crap about logic. It's camp and horror fused together, that those swimming in beer, or had a good (or fair) sense of humor would enjoy both alone or with friends. Silliness, gore and seeing Jennifer Aniston fight a demonic dwarf maybe all the best reason to watch this.

1 female falls down the stairs, broke her back
1 male chest crushed with a pogostick
1 male face mauled to ribbons, neck broken
1 male found mauled, bled to death from injuries
total: 4



  2. Interestingly I'm watching Marley and Me while reading this and realizing Jennifer Aniston has come a long way in her career.

  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day back at you K-Man! I saw this one in the theater - remember thinking it was just okay. I believe I have the biggest part of the series stashed away on DVD in the video vault - picked up here and there when I found them cheap. One day I must do a festival of the whole bunch!

    1. wait, did you just say it went to theaters?! HOLY CRAP! HOW DID THAT PASSED?!

    2. yes, this one went to theaters.
      Opening Weekend: 2 million dollars - not bad :)