Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And that's why they call it Psycho-lesbian: Windows (1980)

Windows (1980) (AKA Corky's/ Emily's Window)
Rating: **
starring:  Talia Shire, Joe Cortese and Elizabeth Ashley

I'm up for some psycho-thrillers on a moderate basis, with faved ranging from the slasher inspired ones like "Play Misty for Me" or "Fatal Attraction" or the boundary and genre breaking ones like American Psycho, Misery and even the Cape Fear remake with Robert DeNiro!

I popped Windows last Valentines Day in hope of reviewing it for Bloody Valentine Week, but I thought it would be bad taste due to its theme. Anywho, I guess it wouldn't matter, not with all of this being a stale and tame popcorn of a viewing. The movie start up quite nicely, with our lead Emily coming home from work and gets a terrifying home invasion scenario with an attacker forcing her to moan while a tape records the sensual sounds. She survived the attack, and later files the crime to the local police, but the attack was so overwhelming for her she decided to move to a new apartment. At her side is her neighbor, Andrea, who aids her in her time of grieving but she's not as nice as she makes it to be. You see, Andre's in loved with Emily. Obsessed to be more exact. She peers at Emily's window through a telescope and was actually the one responsible for the opening attack, hired a rapist to record the moans for her sensual use, drive Emily away from men and into her arms. But when Emily began to have a relationship with the detective working on her case, Andrea's psyche broke and so will Emily's life.

Made at the height of slashers, Windows is a much little known title compared to a similarly themed  psychothriller-slasher Cruising. Both movies took a jab at the homosexual community and gave much bad name to them as the character Jame Gumb did when Silence of the Lambs was released. This may eventually lead to the film's drawback from theaters back in 80, but even with a polished look and a tame nature, Windows failed to make the initial cut as anything but enjoyable.

The plot is estranged, but the execution is dull. The psycho-lesbian theme is here, but not enough action to make it reach its goal as a movie of its kind. Perhaps it was made like that to lessen controversy around feminist groups, but touching sensitive matters like that is bad enough to begin with, and seems rather pointless if one cannot do, at least, a digestible take on the subject.

A very dull thriller with a very weak molding, not exactly the entertainment I needed.

1 male found murdered
1 male stabbed with knife offscreen
1 cat found frozed to death inside a freezer
total: 3


  1. Wow! Where did you track this one down from? Kudos for finding it!

    1. In the deepest abyss of the video store. Sadly the copy they had was horrible, so I had to look it up in youtube, again.