Thursday, April 5, 2012

I No What You Did Last Summer: Scary Movie (2000)

Scary Movie (2000)
Rating: **1/2
Starring: Anna Faris, Jon Abrahams and Marlon Wayans

Why can't we have killers who lighten up like him?
The Wayan Brother's infamous spoof of all things horrifying and scary, Scary Movie (2000) can be viewed as both a potential comedy that stepped up its game on the art of spoofing, or a raunchy mockery that plainly falls flat on its face...which happens a lot in this film.

One night, eighteen year-old Drew receives a threatening phone call while home alone and finds a homicidal "Ghostface" on the prowl with singer Prince tied up next to her pool. After running around the house, Drew meets her demise (and lost a boob implant) at the end of the killer's knife no soon after being ran over by her parent's car. I'm guessing she would had survived this if she chose the gun instead of that banana...

I'm thinking grenade, but that's a little too easy...

The next day, Cindy Campbell meets up with her boyfriend Bobby Prinze and her friends, Brenda Meeks, Ray Wilkins, Greg Phillipe, and Buffy Gilmore. We also have reporter Gail Hailstorm covering Drew's death to get that sweet limelight and she plans on flirting with Buffy's mentally disabled deputy brother Doofy to milk out any more facts. Doesn't really add up, but then again, so does the rest of the movie.

I can't decide if she's too smart for the killer or just...ugh

Not too long though, the killer begins stalking Cindy's friends, leaving death threats concerning something they've done last Summer when they accidentally killed a man during a wild car ride. Now in danger, they must find a way to defend themselves from Ghostface or (dumbly) die trying. Over and over and over and over and over and over again...

Taking the comedic styles from classic like the Airplane! and Hot Shots! movies, Scary Movie (2000) is, in its insulting way, a refreshing return to spoof movies. It stands out from the usual parody comedies by going beyond the tame and the sane (for its time), tackling not only the bodycounting sub-genre or horror in general but also low-brows gays, the disabled, fart jokes, transsexuals, commercials, and just about anything that would make politically correct mothers vein-pops-out angry.

She's so stupid, she doesn't even know she's dead...
That being said however, this film does overdo some of its jokes to the point it's just tiresome and borderline insulting; while I practically laughed at the Scream 2's opening spoof (the one involving an entire theater murdering an annoying shmuck), as well as Ghostface hanging out with the stoners as he kills and rap at the same time, some other assorted funnies including the running gag gay joke and the ridiculously brutal dispatch of a victims who's too dumb to die were more eye-brow rising than funny. Some of you may agree, some may not, but I'm guessing it's not for everyone and the impact of this satirical attack on slasher films is a little mixed for me but I am willing to sit through it again if I feel like it.

The first three Scary Movies are actually the best for me before it went down with the awful fourth, so might as well savor this piece of bad pie. Recommended for those who like their jokes as if its served in a tavern, or just looking for a dumb flick to point and laugh at. Not sure if you should watch this with yer friends but I suggest drowning yourselves with the lager first before you do. That might soften the punches! (Those looking for a watchable slasher spoof, you have better luck finding it in either Student Bodies (1981) or Pandemonium (1982). One or both will definitely do it!)

1 female hit by an incoming car, knife to the silicone boob
1 male shot (unrelated death)
1 male thrown into the ocean, drowned (flashback)
1 male repeatedly stabbed with hunting knife, throat cut
1 gramma from nowhere crushed by a falling piano
1 female beheaded with cleaver...I think
1 unrelated suicidal (and pissed off) male jumps off a building
1 female stabbed to death with hunting knife
1 male killed with hunting knife
1 female stabbed, slashed and beaten by a crowd of annoyed movie goers
1 female crushed by a falling garage door...and the entire garage
6 males hacked and slashed with hook and knife by a rapping killer
1 male shot
1 male accidentally knifed to death
1 male impaled with hook
1 female ran over by car (unrelated death)
Total: 21


  1. I liked this movie! It was fun to watch but beyond 2...it just went down hill.

    1. well, part 3 was still okay. for me it was the best in the series. Part 4 is when the poop hit it...