Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Can't Stop Luvin You~!: The Slumber Party Massacre II (1987)

The Slumber Party Massacre II (1987) (AKA "Don't Let Go")
rating: ***
starring: Crystal Bernard, Jennifer Rhodes and Kimberly McArthur

Well, this was anomalous. While it did had the two gals from the original, nearly everything about Slumber Party Massacre II is different. Very diferent.

We starts with smooth lingering shots of a sleeping Courtney, the brash and rebellious sister of the original's Valerie, who both survived the attack of a crazed driller killer one fateful slumber party from hell. Now older, Courtney's having some serious nightmares involving that night and from someplace else that's padded with white walls and a single bed. I'm calling it guilt since her sister broke down into dementia and instituted, while she spends her free time rocking with her girl pals in a band.

Amidst of this is a vision of a driller killer in tight black leather, the persona of Elvis, and a mean drill guitar. (A Drill-tar!) The visions, dreams and other assorted whatnot continues and worsens as she and her pals board up their instruments and went to a secluded cabin for some R&R and T&A. Of course, some boys crashed in, including the heart throb Courtney's crushing on, pushing the party on full swing with some 80s rock songs and, for Courtney, horrific images and premonitions including a blood-filled bubblebath, a giant pimple, a finger-dog and a frozen chicken attack. You read all of that right!

If this ain't enough to crack our lead gal insane, when one of her friends starts to go missing, she called in the cops (nodly named Krueger and Voorhees) to look for her, only to discover her friend ain't missing. Nor was she in any danger. So this deters the cops from ever showing up, meaning for the rest of the night, the weird can happen and no one will believe them. And right on cue, for no reason at all, Mr. Driller Killer Elvis arrives in the plane of reality and starts drilling holes into her friends, all while doing a musical solo and some of the slickest moves in rock n roll history~!

Out of all the things I said, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've fallen for this film's cheesy charms! It's far from a horror flick and more of a teen-comedy went wrong. Horribly, trippy wrong!

Taking notes from the Nighmare on Elm Street films, the killer's wise-cracking, reality-bending persona crosses with teen rock and roll that's slowly, and effectively, influencing some of the late 80s slasher entries, this film included. It's cheesy and wild enough to keep one watching, while at the same time makes you wonder if this film was meant to be taken seriously or not.

Acting was good, surprisingly, while displaying some stereotyped traits. Just like the original SPM, the male casts was in it for the humor. The gore effects are also awesome, the nasty drilling scenes had them blood flowing like there's no tomorrow, albeit this film's relatively smaller bodycount compared to the first. This might be coming from the fact that, despite the drilling-killing and musical last act, the majority of the film plays around with the supernatural much like a ghost film with a gross-out humor. It might deter some slasher fans who are looking for a straight bodycounter but I am sure this craziness has an audience.

The one flaw I see here, at least for me, was it's confusing ending. They seem to had gone overboard on the randomness, but, I'm gonna say, at least it fits in quite well to the movie's drug-infused nature. Could it be some sort of hidden context? I dunno, it's her nightmare, not mine.

What I see here is an underrated crazy flick that I can watch again some other day. I just wished they'd made more flicks based on Greaser Driller here. If they did, then we would had one bonafide slasher musical that I can truly kill for! But until that time, I am proud to say that Slumber party Massacre sits in similar pride among my other guilty pleasures, such as Last Caress, Nailgun Massacre and, would you believe it, Redeemer: Son of Satan! Deal with it!

1 female seen with throat cut
1 male thrill-tar through chest
1 female drill-tar through chest
1 male drill-tar through chest
1 male chest slashed open with drill-tar
1 female drill-tar to the stomach
1 female falls to her death
total: 7

(note* I can't count whether Courtney died or not. A lot of shit doesn't make sense here)
"Did I die?"
me: for me, a little...inside.


  1. It is an out-of-control cheesefest that doesn't make sense, and I LOVE this movie. The tone, the killer, the characters, the goofiness... It's one of my favorites to watch.

    - Cody

    1. Then we all have been doomed by the cheese~!

  2. OMG...this film angered me sooooooo bad! It was just ridiculous.

    1. I can't help you with that then~ XDDD