Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Week of Halloween: 31 Titles

Halloween's just around the corner and for me, it's gonna be a big deal. Since no one in my country takes Halloween seriously, 'cept the little kiddies, I guess all I could do is watch horror flicks, but I kinda do that everyday so I might as just know a thing or two that's "Halloween" Appropriate. And not to mention that I do have this blog now means I can share some random useless stuff that you guys probably knows now.

So to start "A Week Of Halloween", I like to share one thing I usually do:  a list!

Yeah, I like to list shit from grocery shoppings, to the people I plan to murder, to my favorite episode of Adventure Time and, of course, the miserable deaths of many in all the slasher films I watch. But now, let's stray away (a little) from slashers and go mainstream horror, here are 31 Titles that are guaranteed Halloween Appropriate whether to watch alone, with yer friends, with yer friends and a keg of beer...you know where I'm going here.

(note: These are just suggestions. Don't let THE MAN tell you what you could and could not do.)

31. House of 1000 Corpse (beware for haters)

30. Satan's Little Helper (for "experimental purposes", if it bores your friends, eject it as soon as possible.)

29. The Sixth Sense (for those who love a good mystery)

28. Phantasm (avoid part 4. Part 3's a gamble so I'll resort it to you...)

27. Zombi 2 (remember to bring barf bags... Avoid "sequels")

26. A Nightmare on Elm Street (unless you're planning a marathon, avoid all sequels except part 3 and the remake)

25. 1408 (for Tedious viewers only...there's that word again...)

24. The Ring (marathon is optional)

23. The House By The Cemetery (For those who like to laugh and for gore hounds)

22. Fright Night (avoid sequel)

21. Killer Klowns from Outer Space

20. Return of the Living Dead (avoid part 2, and 4)

19. Amityville Horror (avoid sequels and remake)

18. Paranormal Activity (better let go of the sequel first, unless asked...)

17. Night of the Living Dead (rid the remakes, except the 90s directed by Tom Savini)

16. IT (if your friends are into Stephen King, then add this to your list)

15. Haute Tension (watch out for the squeamish)

14. The Exorcist (For those who liked to be creeped. avoid all sequels and remakes...spoofs i dunno...)

13. An America werewolf in London (unless asked, avoid sequel)

12. Silence of the Lambs (For FBI enthusiasts)

11. REC. (for quick thrills)

10. The Thing (a must)

9. Suspiria (Argento's masterpiece is certified Halloween material)

8. The Blob (1989 remake. unless you're throwing a party for pure horror fanatics, then sure go throw in the original, too.)

7. Creepshow (avoid third movie)

6. In The Mouth of Madness (for John Carpenter fans and to try something different)

5. The Shining (recommended for hardcore fans only)

4. Evil Dead Trilogy (for a room-full of guests)

3. Hellraiser (avoid part 5,6 and 7 to prevent boredom)

2. Trick'R Treat (Second Halloween masterpiece)

1. Halloween (The God of Halloween films. please avoid part 5 at all cost)

Happy Viewing!

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