Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm.Coming.To Get You~: The Mutilator (1985)

The Mutilator (1985)
Starring: Matt Mitler, Frances Raines, Bill Hitchcock, Pamela Weddle Cooper

"All cleaned by Me"? talk about insult to injury...
A long time ago, a young lad accidentally shot his own mum while cleaning one of his father's rifles, a supposed kind gesture as that day was the man's birthday. Needless to say, when his father came home and saw the mess, he lost it and vows to murder off his own son a few decades later...

Now as a teenager, the boy, named Ed, and his friends decided to help out his dad close up their summer house, seeing this also as an opportunity to simply party hard. Unknown to them, however, Dad's fallen asleep underneath a secret compartment of the holiday home and is still pissed off by the accidental death of his spouse; so when Ed and his friends arrived at the house to have a good time, the killer in him has finally awakened and began to pick them all off. By Sword. By Pick. By Axe.
Wow. Just wow...wonder what he'll be dreaming of after smoking a joint spiked with speed?
Zero Budget. Zero production value. Zero-grade casts, surely enough the late 80s was the downfall of the slasher genre. It was a real struggle to keep this genre fresh but The Mutilator just proved itself as a tired piece of work that barely packed any scares, suspense and the credibility on its actor's ability to pretend dying. (or convince us with their acting for that matter...)

one of these murders took 20 seconds for the victim to die.
However, for the right people, one saving factor that gave this film worth was the gore; the film is made to be loved by gorehounds as it notoriously tirade each victims with the splashiest kills like hooks forced into groins, some beheadings, some implement, limbs here, limbs there and, my personal pick, a hand held boat propeller ala chainsaw, a death in slasher history to that almost knocked this film into horror-comedy territory. (Intentional or not is beyond my knowledge.) there's also an air of cheesiness from this movie that can be another winning factor among the few, but for those who prefers to have a brain cell or two from their slasher movie, this is definitely a long one to sit through.

...yeah, I have to admit, these are kinda good.
Seeing all of this, The Mutilator had its shines and it's horrible flaws, but depending on who will be seeing this, it's hard not to see why it's deemed a cult classic. Bad Cheese and good gore is this film's forte, if you're up for anything that splashes the red stuff and that's all you care about in a slasher film like this then this is your go! If you're an open-armed feller that welcome the funny out of the cheese like me, then this is your go, too.

1 female accidentally shot on the back with rifle
1 male seen ran over by speedboat
1 boy elevated strangling (dream)
1 boy shot with shotgun (dream)
1 boy had his neck slashed with battle axe (dream)
1 female drowned in pool, later had her head shoved to a spike
1 male eviscerated with hand held boat propeller
1 male gets a machete to the face, beheaded with battle axe
1 male pitchforked on the neck
1 female hooked on the groin, beheaded with battle axe
1 male split in half against a wall by a reversing
total: 11


  1. Way back in the day, I remember Uncle Bob Martin from Fangoria lightly praising this movie because the opening credit said "A Buddy Cooper Movie." Not "A Buddy Cooper Film." That alone led him to say mostly nice things - well that and the movie's total no-sequels ending. I saw it on video a couple of years later and I had your reaction: not well made, but a few zesty gore scenes. I now live pretty close to where they shot it, and it is fondly remembered around here. I'd like to see the DVD to see it in better form one time.

    1. So, up until now, there's no better releases of this film, huh? Sad, I actually grew up with this film. Well, grew up with it's infamy, actually. Saw the pics of mutilated pieces of the film's victims and it scarred me as a kid. Got to see it when I'm this old now, and, well, yeah, you know; half-disappointed, half-satisfied!