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Black Puppet C*ck: Black Devil Doll (2008)

Black Devil Doll (2008)
Ratings: ***1/2
Starring: Heather Murphy, Natasha Talonz and Christine Svendsen

I'll be frank. I never owned a single piece of ordinary porn. Nor do I even bother buying one. Download, yes, but why waste money over some piece of smut where couple-less dudes (and girls) fap to? Well, we all have our reasons, but for me, owning (ordinary) porn is a waste of time, but somehow luck played a trick on me when I bought this weird looking title. I wasn't expecting what was coming to me.

He hate white meat, so we fry 'em a dark one!
Mubia, an exiled black militant gets the fryer when he's sentenced to be executed for murdering and raping a number of white women. Luckily for him, a buxom bimbo dabbled with the Ouija board (again,...God, what is with these people and ouija boards?!) and had him reincarnated into the girl's ventriloquist dummy, thus turning into the Black Devil Doll. Frightened at first, the girl warms up to him (quickly) and they became a couple (in that second), with cheesy montages of them in the park, eating ice cream, riding a tricycle, having sex in the couch, while the girl's ex-boyfriend tries to win her heart back. And I wonder, had it occurred to this guy that his girl's doing a living dummy? Just one time, had that single misplaced idea occurred to him?...gah, moving on.

Tig ole Bitties!
Soon, the boob and doll relationship had gone stale, and Mubia demands more moist, buxom, TaTas for his pleasure...and surprisingly, she let him had his way and invite her friends over her house. After she leaves them alone with her puppet boyfriend, who she assumes is just gonna have sex with them (uh-huh, and how is that gonna work with a living dummy?), Mubia starts attacking , raping and killing them one by one, and worse, it doesn't even had to be in that order!

Sex, Racism, Rapes, Murders, Drugs, toilet humor, senseless sleaze, montages of busty gals in a car wash; is this flick a porno? Or just one hell of a tribute to the nearly forgotten 70s exploitation flicks/blaxploitation? Black Devil Doll showers a heavy cum-load of love to the sleaze and randomness of those films that it makes a perfect tribute to those bygone days of drug-infused, hippie-happy low-budget retro flicks.

cheap blood and cheap effects. We're not complaining
As you can tell, Black Devil Doll is not a film for everybody. It has every obscurity that will surely upset a clean-cut soccer mom into organizing a hate group with tommyguns, but for those with a good sense of humor, and a bit of a rock on to these things, the film is a cult classic in the making.

As a slasher, it actually got everything by the book; we got stalks and creative kills going in and out, ranging from brutal knife stabbings and throat cuts, to death by hair dryer electrocution and a random blow dart to the neck. Worse comes around the end with the longest, dramatic gun kill that I've seen in history.

Apart from the slasher influence, it's also a tribute to the early 70s/80s exploitation sub-genres, including blaxploitation (seeing majority of the cast, main "star" included is African American), sexploitation (must I elaborate? Maybe. We do have a full sex scene in one point, heads up to you guys.) and even a bit of Rape and Revenge. (the finale).

Working at the Car Wash, yeah~!
At first glance, it's a bad film. Acting is awful. Effects look dodgy, and the story has no sense whatsoever in it. One can easily mistook it for a porno (like I did when I first got it...at high school.), but it was a fun film all through out, at its most silliest, cheapest and political uncorrected way. I'm pretty sure the goal of these films was to entertain the morbidly minded. No  Hollywood Awards for this one, but at least we had fun watching it.

Black Devil Doll is already welcomed by fans of slasher flicks, blaxploitation, and exploitaion alike. It's a funny, smutty future cult film that's well made, fresh without trying too hard. Also, before you turn off yer DVD when the credits starts to roll, there's actually a special short played in between. I'm sure slasher fans will be happy about that one...

1 male executed via electric hair
1 female knife through chest
1 female electrocuted in bathtub with a plugged hair dryer
1 female head bashed with bat
1 male poison dart shot to his neck
1 female neck slashed with knife
1 male shot to death
1 female shot in the head
1 male hammered repeatedly on the head
Total: 9

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