Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Christmas Wish List 2011: Realistic and Unrealistic


Oh Santa, why won't you give me what I want for Christmas?

Santa: Cuz you've been a Naaaaughty boy!

O Santa, you only say that cuz you never gave Mrs. Clause a chance to have kids.

Santa:...Kid, this is why you don't get presents from me...

Haha, just kidding. But seriously, I never did get what I want for Christmas, as in the specific thing. I once asked for a Tin robot, they gave me a big shiny one. A year later, it broke. But I do appreciate it all, i guess in a warm and fuzzy way, I love my presents until the time I reached 13, then I finally stopped believing in Santa and the only Santa I know is either the department store one or the one that break into houses and steal yer cash.

But for this festive season, I'll try to add some magic to this blog and list down twelve things I would really like to get for Christmas no matter how impossible they are, both the realistic" you can get in this world if you truly worked hard for it kind " of things and the unrealistic "only in another world/reality if you believe in the String Theory like me" kind of things.

The Unrealistic List:
12. A late-night killing spree with the Neon Maniacs
Cuz nothing says massacre night like a bunch of grown men in costumes!
11. A day jamming with Alex and his droogs.

A nochy with like Alex and his droog filled with like voilence and moloko? How could I skazat no to that?
10. A date with Angela Baker (The one in Part 2.)

Tell me that's not date-material. I dare you!
9.  A seat for Swan Lake featuring Nina Sayers

The only ballet I'll ever watch
8. A three-day trip to Matool

A three day all-you-can-kill zombie fest!

7. The Necronomicon Ex Mortis

Cuz nothing says Christmas than an epidemic of the evil dead

6. A journey down to Midian or a Night on a murder spree with "Dr. Decker"

hmm...learn wisdom from a city of monsters? or home invasion with Decker...tough...
5. A rock concert with Sammi Curr

Lightning Rock at it's best! Literal lightning rock
4. A dinner with Patrick Bateman and company
And, if he'll let me, we could jam at his flat with Huey Lewis playing
 and talk about serial killers all night.

3. Vigilante justice seeking with Dexter Morgan

Cuz we'll make you a believer...
2. Mary Shaw's dummy, Billy
I dunno about you, but I'm hungry for some Chinese!
1. A Steak night with Hannibal Lecter

unless he prefer a night warm liver and some glass of Chianti 

And now
The Realistic List:

12. A signed Poster from the band Lordi

It would have been KIZZ, but let's try something simplier...

11. A pair of tickets for the next My Chemical Romance concert

I adore DANGER DAYS. Can't wait what they'll think of next!
10. A copy of Adventure Time's first DVD release "My two favorite People".

My most fave cartoon. EVER!
9. A seat in a dinner night for horror icons and well-knowns including Tim Burton, Wes Craven or Maurice Deveraux.

Got. to. make.him. sign. DVD. of. People Under The Stairs!
8. An invitation fort he advanced screening of "The Cabin in The Woods"
The Trailer was that good!
7. A copy of Justin Kershwell's Teenage wasteland.
A simple shout-out to the guy who inspired me to blog.

6. Robert Englund to sign my copy of Hollywood Monster!

5. A signed art piece from Natasha Allegri
Sure do hope Ms. Allegri wouldn't mind reblogging this...
4. An enrollment to Tom Savini's Special Make-up Effects Program
Don't care if I fail or not, just let me touch him!
3. A seat for the next SCREAM Awards
Add caption here...
2. A prop from any Friday the 13th film
especially Junior's head!

1. A prismacolor box set.
Not that much, though. Just a box. Daddy needs a new black.
And here you go Santa (or should i say "SATAN!"), my twelve most wanted things for the holidays, which I'll get only in my dreams...f**k...

So, what say you my readers? what are your realistic and unrealistic wishes?


  1. Hi! Following from Maynad's site. Love, love your blog.

    I have a thing for PrismaColor pencils so I wanted to dive into that picture. And I would love, love to meet Robert Englund myself. Junior's head would totally rock as a prop.

  2. I think it would be wild to hang with Alex and his droogs - as long as you can exit before they break out the milk bottles...

  3. @ Melissa

    Thank you! This is my first blog, evuh, and I'm really really working hard to make this fun. And I guess that include drawing a few things. haha.

    Hollywood monster was the best book I bought! next to that bargain David Lettermen book of top ten list! haha.

    @Craig Edwards

    That or the rapes. I disapprove of rapes..."Rapists are the scum of the earth"...quoting Mike Mignola.