Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Let's Write a Movie: Baghead (2008)

Baghead (2008)
Rating: ***
Starring:  Ross Partridge, Steve Zissis, Greta Gerwig

When I first saw Baghead, I was completely unaware of the so called Mumblecore Movement. They're the kind of films that's shot in a low budget and relies heavily on realism through improvised script and amateurish camera work. This film falls in to this category and, I must say, it took a while before I get into the story.

Baghead follows a trip four friends hastily decided to do after one of them decided to do a movie. And not just any movie, but a good one! But what they got there, instead, is a weekend of frustrations and total writer's block that soon devolves into an intense situation as they cabin is apparently stalked by a stalker in a bag mask.

Majority of Baghead is talk, and this isn't the kind you would usually get in a horror movie. With touches of comedy and real life subjects, the whole itself really felt more of a home video documenting one of those days where you and your friends' bond is tested by the hardships of life, from work, love life and trust itself, making the story almost relatable by subject. 

Not much of a horror movie for that matter, the slasher elements were near absent and only a couple of scenes tapped into a creepy and harrowing tone. That being said, those expecting a real fright flick is surely disappointed especially once the plot twist happens at the near end. Personally, I didn't complain much; I loved the characters and their sense of realism, so I got around the fact this isn't the purest of slashers and appreciated what it is.

I wouldn't recommend this to just anyone, you had to have an open mind and a mature one to enjoy Baghead. Otherwise, if you are out to look for a horror film, try Entrance instead, a possible companion piece for your Mumblegore needs.

1 male stabbed to death
Total: "1"


  1. "Mumblegore"

    Assume that would be stuff like Pig, August Underground, Mutilation Mile, etc.

    1. hmmm, never seen most of these so I can't tell. But I'm pretty sure the AUgust Underground movies are more of shock films than mumblegore

    2. Eh, just threw them out there since they're all no-budget and almost entirely improvised and guerilla films full of blood and filth.

    3. for all honesty: I never brave myself to see the August movies. They seem...too chaotic for my taste.