Monday, November 4, 2013

Short Shear Terror: Forest Falls (2011)

Forest Falls (2011)
rating: ****
starring: Olivia Schlueter-Corey, Deborah Jensen, Brian Monahan

A horror title release by Finite Films, a series of short films made under the constraints suggested by audiences, Forest Falls runs a twenty some minute story of a group of teenagers renting out a cabin for a fun week, only for them to discover someone they knew isn't who they appear to be and they're being picked off one by one by a masked intruder later that night.

Impressively creepy with a good build-up, the short had everything a good slasher/horror film is supposed to be, including some fairly acceptable casts with modest acting, a grindhouse atmosphere, tension filled scares, and a menacing looking killer.

The film showcased a rare variation of a typical slasher film trope, mainly the fact that the killer here prefers to use a gun with a silencer rather than a bladed weapon or a blunt object. An atypical choice, but works none the less considering how well the direction was. The twists works in a way that it's creepy since we never expected whoever was behind that mask, and with no clear indication to why he's doing all this, his complete silence during his killing spree is no short of unnerving.

Despite some cues from dead teenager flicks, it's not overly exploitive with its tameness, but as long as the story is worthily creepy, I can overlook lack of T&A and gore anytime. Plus considering to what the crew had to work with, I find Forest Fall a passable project made just to entertain.

Open horror or slasher fans alike who can appreciate a good flow, be sure to check out this when you have the time. It's worth a good viewing.

1 male shot on the head
1 male found shot on the neck
1 female shot on the back
1 male stabbed with a broken chair leg
1 female shot on the head with a shotgun
Total: 5

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