Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dazed, Confused and Cheap: Nigel The Psychopath (1994)

Nigel The Psychopath (1994)
Rating: 0
Starring: Rob Hayward, James Kirk, Jim Larsen

What do you call some bored teens and pre-teens with too much time on their hands, with a camera and have no idea what they're doing? Nigel The Psychopath.

Okay, maybe they're at least aware of what they are doing seeing they were able to make this is film happen but either ways, it's still awful. (If , that is. you would even call this a "film") As far as I can tell, the "story" exploits the murders of a rather "elusive" killer who changes costumes in every moment or so he could, which is very plentiful for the count. Not that it matters, however, as the zero budget really shows.

With no solid plot, acting, direction, technical skills or even acceptable bloodletting (at least), Nigel The Psychopath is no more than a backyard home video that really deserved to be hidden behind some dusty old shelves. I don't even know what these guys were thinking, but I'm imagining something to just pass the time since nothing's good on TV anyway. What seems like an hour or so felt like an eternity of looped audio, people pretending to be murderers, cops and dying victims, with no more than a dime-store worth of props and one of the lamest masked killers to be concocted out of a weekend afternoon.

Screw this! Anyone who will find one utter enjoyment out of this (which I highly doubt) are probably the cast themselves and whoever was high enough that time to help them even distribute this trash. Dump it!

1 girl hit on the back with rake
1 boy hacked to death with a rake
1 boy hacked with a rake
1 boy had an arm lopped off with rake, killed
1 male beaten to death
1 victim beaten to death
1 male hacked to death with rake
1 male had his foot hacked off with rake, killed
1 boy shot
1 male gets a rake handle through his chest
1 male hacked to death with rake
1 boy shot to death with a staple gun
1 male impaled on a broom handle
1 male shot to death
1 boy shot
1 male shot to death
1 male shot
1 male had his face stomped flat
Total: 18


  1. Believe it or not, I just had to watch this for the upcoming round of "Project Terrible" and for whatever reason, I enjoyed the hell out of it =)

    1. ...you were swimming in beer, weren't you? T-T))

    2. Nope. Actually, I watched it while drinking a cup of tea. I'm a softie when it comes to Horror :-)

  2. :-D

    Say, Herman, are you on FB/Twitter, or is it possible to communicate via Email? Craig and me would like to do a collabo-post with you, but it's obviously not that easy to talk to you about it in blog comments... ;)

    1. I could communicate via email. my most active would be hkertez@gmail.com~

      This better be a good one, mate! lol