Monday, October 28, 2013


Dear Three Little Birds Production;

Get your shit right and advertise this film properly.

For those who have heard of Danielle Harris' directorial debut "Among Friends", I just would like to tell you guys that it's a total lie: it's NOT a slasher film.

In this little number, it had six friends invited to a dinner party where they'll be playing one of those mystery games where they try to figure out which one of them is the killer by looking around in a house full of planted clues. Sounds like a slasher plot so far, yes? Especially if the game turns out to be for real? Well, it would have been that case if it did, but no.

Right after they found some gooey red clues (a finger, an ear with earrings, etc.), all six partygoers find themselves paralyzed from the neck down after their hosts drugged them, with plans of punishing and torturing them for a crime they did unknowingly on another friend of theirs.
Just because you're in 80s get-up
doesn't make your movie a slasher
If I'm going to compare this to anything, I would say it's just another version of that dull UK release Truth or Die, only this one seems to know its gore a bit better, yet still fails, at least for me, to entertain. Perhaps I expected too much, but the damn advertising of this film was really promising an "80s style slasher flick", but no, what we have here is torture porn in vein of SAW, and even though I'm a fan of the entire SAW and Hostel series, I don't dig torture porn. I was kinda expecting it to be something like the underrated Australian slasher/torture porn hybrid Redd Inc. where it feels like a torture show at the first half before finally going all stalky-and-killy at the second half, but here is no slasher feel to this, not one bit, so no, whoever keeps giving false advertising for this, cut it out. We slash fans knows what makes a real slasher, or at least one that's heavily influenced enough by it.
A real Torture Porn/Slasher knows how to handle
a situation in blood.
The film is interesting, I'll give you that, and I'm very sure this flick is going to have fans, but if these morons think they could trick us into buying this film by selling it out as a sub-genre that it isn't, well luck to you bastards, it worked on a sap like me. So for those who're loyal to your bodycount movies, or at least those who're soul-searching for a good slasher to rent, take heed of this before spending good money on buying this movie for your collection. I already wasted mine so I don't want you guys to be wasting yours. (There isn't much of a kill count either. One dead Kane Hodder and the rest was "implied" not in a good way...)

And yes, Ms. Harris. I love you, but this story has been done before. Are you sure you hadn't seen Truth or Die? Well, if you hadn't, I have to admit this is an odd coincidence and kudos to you for not seeing that trash, but yeah. Better luck next time.
I see a lot of similarities with this situation...