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Wristcutters On The Prowl: Some Kind of Hate (2015)

Some Kind Of Hate (2015)
Rating: ***
Starring: Grace Phipps, Spencer Breslin, Maestro Harrell

Bullying in slasher movies is nothing new when you have films like Evilspeak, Slaughter High, Bad ReputationTormented, and Unfriended flocking around. Each film centers a bullied outcast who will eventually snap and turn their tormentors into mince meat, so what makes Some Kind of Hate any different? Nothing much, but it did feature some neat ideas.

The film centers around Lincoln, a greasy-haired outcast with a slight temper problem, constantly targeted by bullies from his own alcoholic to the gang of jerks at his school. When he decided to fight back and stab one of them in the face with a fork, he is later shipped to a remote desert retreat for troubled teenagers. There, he befriended a decent guy and a girl who is really warming up to him, but he also unfortunately caught the attention of another group of troubled teenagers, who I assume were sent there for being bullies.

Fed up by the constant torment, Lincoln unknowingly summons the ghost of Moira, a bullying victim who may have something to do with the retreat's dark past. Wanting to help the boy by ridding him of his tormentors, Moira began slaughtering everybody she deems a bully, may it be Lincoln's or her's. But when friends and innocent bystanders start getting caught in the mayhem, Lincoln has no choice but to stop his undead avenger.

Some Kind of Hate is an interesting take on a familiar premise of bullied outcasts fighting back as, unlike most slasher movies that tackled this subject, it is not the tormented that gets even with the bullies but somebody or something else that had taken interest on them. Much like how the Lord of the Rink from My Super Psycho Sweet 16 killed off his daughter's tormentors, Lincoln here have Moira, a girl that used to be in his predicament and apparently appears whenever an outcast wish their bullies dead. Her purpose is to make sure these people feel the same pain they inflicted upon their targets and she does this in a rather unique way by turning herself in some sort of humanoid voodoo doll that whatever damage was done to her (may it be by her own doing or her victims'), it happens to whoever she sets her eyes on.

I find this rather clever as it shows an inescapable cycle of violence that reflects bullying in real life; karma will get to those who deserves it and it will hurt those who are in the line of fire. The only way to escape it is to simply walk away and let everybody be, a philosophy that I believe the main character Lincoln knew all along as while he wanted the bullying to stop, he is willing to do anything to save everybody from a danger he unknowingly brought upon them, even the punks who deserved it.

Thankfully, Some Kind of Hate didn't try to shove this idea but rather implicated it in a sort of discreet way. While the first half build around on Lincoln and his troubles, the rest of the movie is this fun bloody ride that sometimes delves into slasher cliches every now and then; cops are useless, random victims are plenty to heighten the kill count, and an obvious twist was made somewhere in the midst of the massacre. The only problem with this is that it has its slow moments, especially around the first act where we focused on the retreat's bullying issues; Lincoln can be a tough character to feel for as his punk-seque personality may not appeal for everyone and the teenage melodrama he engages in can be a drag. There's also the matter of self-harm being glorified, which is a really messed-up thing to imply in a more exploited manner.

Nevertheless, the film looks beautiful with its desert scenery, the scores work, and while the CG effects look cheap, the simple make-up and blood effects fits the film's theme and tone quite nicely. At that, Some Kind of Hate is a decent entry to the bully-themes slashers, one that has a lot to say and offer while not afraid to play around with a bloody piece of razor.

1 female burned alive
1 male slaughtered offcamera, bloodsplash seen
1 male repeatedly cut, throat slashed
1 male had his throat cut
1 male had his mouth crushed
1 male had his throat cut
1 male had his head beaten
1 female found dead with wrist cuts
1 female found dying from cuts
1 female had her head blown open
1 male gets a throat cut
7 victims seen murdered
1 male burned to death
Total: 19

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