Thursday, February 7, 2013

He'll Take Everyone: The Collection (2012)

The Collection (2012)
rating: **1/2
starring: Josh Stewart, Emma Fitzpatrick, Christopher McDonald

Ugh, do they really have to do it this way? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love a good sequel to a great movie as much as the next guy does (unless said guy is also skeptical like me. He's probably the brother I never had...) but, oh God, this isn't The Collector I learned to love.
The man behind the leather mask
is back for more!
Some time after the first movie, Arkins, the lead thief with a heart of gold last seen captured by the Collector, finally escapes after a trap set inside a hidden warehouse rave began to murder and mutilate every partying teens inside.

Every. Partying. Teen.

Except one, a girl with a hearing disability named Elena.

After this strangely unsatisfying and meaningless bloodbath, Arkins is later hired (blackmailed to be more exact) by Elena's wealthy father to get his daughter back, seeing the thief already know a thing or two about the masked freak. Guiding a group of mercenaries into raiding the Collector's lair, obviously rigged with enough traps to slice, squish and shred anyone who dares to, it wasn't long before one by one, they dwindle down in number.

All the while Elena tries her best to find a way to survive and escape her captor. After having some close calls herself, she soon meet up with Arkins and company, altogether trying to live through the night without losing a limb or two.

After all that anticipation, I was left disappointed at how much this franchise stepped down just to entertain us; while The Collector was an intense home invasion slasher relying on stylish visuals, atmosphere and some moderate gore to make up with its lack of strong plotting, The Collection dwells into horror-action category featuring first person shooter-inspired narratives that dropped the overly dark and moody tone of the first and replaced it with shallow gore and action set-pieces. In fact, does this even count as a slasher? I think I'm beginning to see why some people didn't consider the sequel to Alexandre Aja's The Hill have Eyes remake as a slasher as it's more of an Aliens inspired survival/siege film, a plot similar here where people are put up against a menace with as much shoot-em-up action sequence as possible, incidentally meaning that there will be other baddies for the group to fight such as zombie-like drugged maniacs and attack dogs.
Four mercenaries against a man
who single-handedly murdered hundred.
Not a good equation. 
Sadly, even the Collector himself fell victim to this; if he was a methodical and sadistic masked slasher with an ambiguous motive on why he's "collecting" people in the first film, here he's just another bad guy with big guns, big traps and obsessed with killing with a reason. So are we supposed to share his interest now? No, this change just made him a very cliched bad guy.

Worst of it all though, and I'll keep this simple, not one of the cast (not even Arkins, who we all learned to root for in the first) is likable or that developed. For reals. They're paper thin meat scheduled to be killed off in after every five to ten minutes. Nuff' said.

Now, it ain't all that bad, I admit; if we're gonna talk about gore, and only gore, The Collection might fare you well. If you like shooter games or fast-paced action/horror like that over-burned Resident Evil franchise, then this might fare you well, too. Hoping to see a well directed, semi-original take on a familiar horror sub-genre structure? Um, you could try this one and see if maybe I'm just being bias. Personally, though? No. I'm sure there's some other horror title out there with a brain but this definitely isn't one of them. Been anticipating for this sequel? Go ahead and treat yourself, you kinda earned it and I could at least give the movie that much of a support. Me? I'll just say I'm glad I was able to see it, but not gonna be all to keep this for keeps.

2 females, 1 male and a number of victims shredded through rotating spikes
1 male sliced by rigged sword
1 female sliced by rigged sword
1 female and a number of victims crushed to death by lowering ceiling
A number of victims found murdered
1 female found with throat cut
1 male found dead
1 female seen disemboweled
1 male stabbed to death with dagger
1 female shot on the head
1 female shot
5 individuals shot dead
1 female gets a pen knife stabbed into her mouth
3 individuals shot dead
1 male had his head decimated by bomb
1 male impaled on spikes
1 female had her throat cut with dagger
1 male gets a hook to the jaw
1 female crushed inside a spiked iron maiden
1 dog stabbed on the throat with a pen knife, shot dead
1 female stabbed on the back with daggers
1 dog decapitated
1 male repeatedly stabbed with dagger
A number of captives burned alive in fire
total: 27+
(Note: A number of bodies were seen either littered or displayed in the Collector's lair.)


  1. Hated it as much as I hated The Collector. I hate this glossy-music-video type of shooting style.

    1. least The collector made it a worthwhile run to things. This is just sad...

  2. That club opening was just depressing. Not what I want out of horror at all.

    1. I didn't find that depressing, just overly random. Was it really necessary to kill all those guys? And what if his lil' target was in the line of fire during those time eh? Is he gonna be like "oops...uh...gotta go!?" No, I'm afraid not, and that's just stupid...

    2. Not to be disturbing but could you actually say which character killed who?

    3. uh, let see: kills 1 to 10, 19 to 25 were all commited by the COllector. Kills 11 to 18 were shot/killed by Arkin's cohorts.

      The flashlight kill was Arkin's against a drugged-up zombie-victim. Hope this is helpful.