Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My thoughts on the new Maniac Trailer

My curiosity on the new Maniac remake got me into looking into this trailer and so far, here are my thoughts:

It seems that the movie's gonna be the gimmicky kind; using POV shots for the murders and perhaps some of the other scenes is enough to actually get my attention. So is this gonna be another one of those "look through the killer's head kind of flicks? Well the original Maniac seems to be handling this approach pretty well even without the need of gimmicks. The whole movie revolves around Frank Zito, the scalping, overweight serial killer star of the flick, and pretty much a linear direction, so is Maniac 2012 gonna be different? 

It's has POV shots, guess we just had to find out.

Now, I'm not gonna be those kinds of peeps who bad mouths remakes before they got released. It's better for me to see it first before i judge, but from what I've seen, it looks decent and pretty much tries to hold the torch (though if they screw up that head shot and sword kill, I'll be pretty judgmental for that.)

Elijah Woods actually looks fair to be our new Zito. He has that "normal" look, which kinda makes him fitting in some way as the original's Spinell also did this approach. Both guys look like random people you'll meet in a train, so stature is no big deal for me.

Aja seems to be involved, which come to ask myself if this genius is gonna be stuck doing remakes forever. Hope that wouldn't happen...

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