Saturday, September 29, 2012

Best payday evah!

Last Thursday, I received a fatter paycheck since it included my final pay from a division I used to work in the same company as I do right now. (I'm a call center agent, so my company has multiple departments where I can apply to)
Thanks to this, I have a bigger spending money to burn, and I managed to squeeze myself into seeing the opening screening of Hotel Transylvania!
Guess, that ain't no surprise for most of you, as you already know my talent to draw the occasional anime and cartoons.

I was really expecting a mistake, since lately, Adam Sandler's films are very questionable (Jack and Jill. Remember that guys? No? I wouldn't blame you...), and I'm not usually the kind of guy who watches animated movies unless it's free on TV. But I took a jab and I ended up liking it as much as the last time I did this. (Last time was Despicable Me. so how long was ago?...two years? three?) Sure it lacks all the usual big time family substance as those Pixar flicks, but I came for the laughs and it works. That or the other half of my brain is simple enough to be entertained by watching the Invisible Man do charades or watch Dracula criticize Twilight movies...wait, DRAC CRITICIZES TWILIGHT! Oh God! I AIN'T CRAZY!

Alright, so cartoons aside, I also managed to swipe some titles to review while I'm at it. Here's some titles that you'll be seeing reviewed here in Sticky Red sooner or later, and a bit of my own insights about them:

Ripper: Letter from Hell- good, but disappointing
Crowsnest (2012)- finally, some good found footage slasher! It's about damn time
Lake Mungo- Not what I expected, but good enough to be reviewed here
Evil Remains (2002)- good mask, slow story
Shark Night 3D- CG sharks. Generic Plot. Fun? Well...
Home Movie (2008)- If The Children (2008) scared you, this might too
Sick Nurses (2007)- "sexy nurse"? Not quite. Shocks? You bet
Chained (2012)- Debatable. Yet to watch
Playback- Ghoulish fun. but slows down in the near end.
ROT: Reunion of Terror-what the fuck did I just-NIPPLE SLIP!
Alive or Dead (2008)-Debatable. Yet to watch
Dark Angel (1990)-serial killer cop thriller. Meh, guess I can include this

So, Guess it's off for now. I got myself, too, another TPB of Marvel's The Incredible Hercules, plus a Necronomicon Primer! And too, I got to go to work. So, til then, Go see the rest of my blog!
oh, and Hotel Transylvania with yer kids.


  1. Lake Mungo is weird. Wasn't my cup of tea, though something in me wants to rewatch this for whatever reason.

    Shark Night is so lame, it actually hurts. Hope the upcoming BAIT will be a bit better.

    CHAINED review coming soon - I adored it!

    ROT is crap, but the lesbo-stuff is nice :)

    I've seen Dark Angel ages ago. Remember that I highly enjoyed it.

    1. the creepy semi-realistic take of Lake Mungo? Yeah, i wanna watch it again for some reason.

      BAIT 3D? Um...

      So far I only seen the first thirty minutes of CHAINED. So far, It looks like a Bereavement copy. Guess I have to finish it to find out...

      ROT is Rotting in my arse. Can't wait to bash it by the time Halloween is over.

      ...That's it, I'm gonna watch Dark Angel at my day off!