Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hot Bod Therapy: Blood Frenzy (1987)

Blood Frenzy (1987)
rating: ***
starring: Wendy MacDonald, Tony Montero and Lisa Loring

Not that I'm being picky, but can this movie be anymore average?

Opening with yet again, another Halloween-inspired childhood prologue, featuring a child playing with a jack-in-a-box, only to get caught with it by a drunk father who points to the child that they can't afford any junk like that and he needs to teach the kid a lesson ala belt buckle. Course, tipsy as he is, he lumbers down his feet and kiddie gets the upperhand and cut open daddy's throat with a garden hoe. Gorily.

Moving on something-something years later, we now join cartoonish characters with some "issues"; the jumpy Vietnam-doomsayer Rick, "don't-touch-me" girl Jean, nymphomaniac Cassie, alcoholic doofus Crawford, alpha-male jerk Dave, and Dory, the girl with an unstable outbursts; all taken to the hot desert by their trusted psychiatrist, Dr. Barbara Shelley, cuz we all know, it's better to die starving in the desert working together, than resolve their issues in a collective session in the loud but safe city. That or we're just running out of excuses to put these people in jeopardy just for our entertainment.

We can easily tell this is gonna be a big loss of a gamble for doc Shelley when our patients couldn't even fit themselves to work together and be open about their shortcomings, nearly killing one another in more than one occasion. So is it safe to say one of them is loco enough to kill one of them for real later that night? Damn straight, skippy!

Blood Frenzy is an okay flick in terms of delivery; as a slasher flick, it brought out the blood, and it's pretty damn good blood; a little uncreative, but the throat cuts were gory enough to had my approval as they looked kinda painful. (stretched latex, but who's complaining?) And despite the paint-by-number cliched plotting and obvious low budget, Blood Frenzy never was boring for an unoriginal run.

The desert settings is always a workable premise to begin with; the barrenness of the sands and the limited hiding spot calls for some good atmosphere, which is a strong point for the film, but somehow lost its effectiveness as it stretches messily at the near end. The later half of the movie had the remaining characters face off the killer inside a large mine, but for some reason, it ain't working much for me. Probably cuz I can tell the budget all too easy just by looking at the cave itself, but I do like the twist; nothing big, but they made it work somehow.

Can't say anything else, but Blood Frenzy, as cheap as it'll be, more often than not, qualifies as a worthy addition to slasher completists since it's budget limitations didn't hinder much on bringing out the goods. It's bad late 80s cheese, that I'm sure of, but I wouldn't mind adding a slice of it in my average viewings.

1 male throat slashed with garden hoe
1 male throat cut with kitchen knife
1 female throat cut with knife
1 male stabbed to death with knife
1 female repeatedly slashed with knife
1 male impaled on sign post
1 female through neck, pickaxe thrown to the back
total: 7


  1. weird but isomewhat nteresting slasher. some fantastic atmosphere and a few really cool kills.

  2. This has been on my to-find list for almost 20 years.