Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Porkhead Mules: Madison County (2011)

Madison County (2011)
rating: *1/2
starring: Ace Marrero, Katie Stegeman and Joanna Sotomura

Sigh, well, there goes my hype.


ugh, again? when will these kids learn?
What can I say? It's technically the same backwoods slasher you'd seen over the past two decades; college kids going into the woods to do a project only to be hunted down by a masked loon.

Should have been easy enough on its own but somehow director and writer Eric England thought it would be a better idea to do a conspiracy tale based on the grisly murders that nearly ate the whole running time talking about it. In fact, it's not hard to imagine that everybody living in the nearby cornpolk town are hiding something grim if these folks are so weird as heck that only the dimmest group would not suspect them of trouble. Nobody from this sub-genre ever did though. So, I point my question: is it really a bad idea to rid the world one dumb person at a time?

Well, it depends on your democratic position but we might get off the topic here. Let's get back on the review.

As I said, there's nothing special about this flick. Nothing. It has blood. It has a decent bodycount. Some slow pacing in attempt to do good tension but all this lacked anything big to keep it worthwhile. There's a few scene that stood out for me, one was where our porkheaded killer toys with his catch by wailing along a victim, hacking them to death with an axe soon after. Other than that, it's a plotless generic horror flick that's criminally even full of plot holes and crappy editing.

The only saving factor about this film is its killer, Damien, a horribly scarred psychopath who's forced to wear a pig's head carcass to cover it up. I like his look. I like his build. He's something simple with a mask, But what "killed" him to be anything more terrifying was that the entire flick was shot in daylight and I really think he would had looked cooler in the dark. Still, that rating you see there was pulled off from the wailing killer alone so, yeah, this film owes that much to its freak.

At least the film's tag line totally understands its audience: "Pretend you're somewhere else" sounds like a pretty good idea! I'm gonna pretend I'm not watching this and I'm seeing Death Stop Holocaust instead!

1 male stabbed on the gut with kitchen knife
1 male gets a broken baseball bat through the mouth
1 female hacked to death with axe
1 male stabbed to death with kitchen knife
1 female knifed to death
total: 5

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