Friday, April 29, 2016

Non-Horror Post: Last Wednesday, I chose a side...

And decided to see Captain America: Civil War.

And loved every minute of it!

I'll be honest, after that underwhelming DC mash-up that is Batman V Superman, I was a bit skeptical on seeing another hero-vs-hero movie (and more skeptical now on seeing Suicide Squad when it comes) but Disney/Marvel knows how to make a good superhero movie work!

Where do I begin? I love the thought-provoking realism of this entry and I love the fact that it didn't devolve into mere superhero theatrics at the end with the inclusion of this movie's villain, Zemo. I love the two teams created out of the Avengers. I love the cameos. I love how they'll be slugging each other was perfectly paced for the wait. I love Ant-Man's little distraction. I love that they're hinting a new solo movie for Spiderman. I love that they're hinting a solo Black Panther movie. I love the bromance between Steve, Sam and Bucky. And I love how this movie effectively placed me at the edge of my seat from beginning to end, especially that final battle between Cap, Bucky, and Tony.

I hadn't felt this kind of rush since I saw Jurassic World, Godzilla (2016) and Guardians of the Galaxy, and I am happy to say, waking up 7:00 AM to get my tetanus shot first before walking through an entire town just to see this was well worth it! (I need to get my shots cuz my dog bit my finger for the umpteenth time. Long story for another time...) If you are yet to see this, I will punch a llama for it. I will eat a live rat for it. I will do this and that for it. And I highly recommend it.

See it!



  1. And the weird trend of Mark Millar's mostly awful comics making decent to great films continues.

    1. Not sure if I can say the same for the film adaptation of Ultimate Fantastic Four. I wouldn't call it bad but...really? They have to reboot fantastic four and the story they have to choose to base it from is the nearly joyless Ultimate?

    2. Oh yeah, I forgot about that one (everyone seemed to after it finally dropped) and how it leaned more toward UFF than FF.

      All of the weird new shit and changes that they added and did completely wholesale for it kind of overshadowed its origins, at least to me.

      The production was apparently a comedy of errors spectacle that's far more interesting than the film itself.