Saturday, June 15, 2013

Random Non-Horror Post: Toycon 2013

So it's that time of the year again! My second year attending the Annual Philippine ToyCon, where collectors gather for collectibles, cosplayers do cosplays and everyone who's a geek is always welcome!

The convention took place at SM Megamall nearby a branch of the company I work in, and it was supposed to had started last Friday, June 14, running on for three days, so I had my day-offs from work changed for the week so I can have the weekends off and have some nerdy fun! I may have a headache or two for this coming Monday, but it was worth it~
Ten minutes after the mall just opened (I came there as early as I could. The mall opens at 10:00 am and I got there around 9:58), and this line had already formed. I got in around five to ten minutes later and even by then the line's still piling up!

 First thing I got to do around once I got in the convention was take all the pictures I want. There's a bunch load of figures and stuff that I can't just miss. Here's one featuring some cool Avengers toys, including what I believe to be a 12-inch Loki, and a 9 inch for Agent Phil Coulson. (The one minor character I really came to like)

Here's another one featuring ole' Cap'n himself! All four versions including his pre-Twinkle Toe costumed version!
 In a Non-Marvel note, here's some cool Legendary licensed Batman figures featuring the Dark Knight himself, and the four villains from all three movies: Ra's al Ghul, Scarecrow, Joker and Bane
Now some PVC figures of a (classic) Predator and a Xenomorph...
And some Real Steel Midas taking the spotlight, while a T-model (from Terminator) looms in the shades...
...and these guys.

 I got around seeing some pretty neat busts as well. Check the details out of these babies! I would love me a Predalien one but I think these guys are gonna cost more than my spending money that time! haha...

 There was a booth there selling these groovy retro masterpieces including some rare Vinyl records and 3D posters; I was thinking of buying my folks one of these (plus one for myself. Love Uma Thurman in that movie!) but these mean meat cost about ten thousands or something. Maybe I was unprepared for this...
Everybody seems to be in the DC spirit lately, as I stumble upon these life-size wax statues and busts of Adam West as Batman and Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel himself.
And sharing with the convention's focus is the new upcoming Del Toro movie, Pacific Rim. Mmmmm...kaiju movies....*gurgle*

So...after cruising through the convention for some memorable memories-
-and this guy. He was awesome-
I finally did what I was saving for two months for; shopping spree! Two months worth of paycheck, and I'm free to spend half of it in this con! God, if you can read this right now, you've done good!
 But why the heck did you make it hard for me to choose what to get?!
Too! Many! Good! Shit!

 After two hours of walking, stalking, eyeing, eyeballing, talking to a cute brony girl that I met randomly (If you're reading this right now, Hi! 'm Paul!), I snagged what I can afford, and what I believe will look good in my room, and after another hour or two eating Shawarma, Apple Turners, Beef Turners, a Rootbeer Float and an ice cream sandwich, and actually traveling back home cuz it's getting dark with rain (which didn't even came through. Stupid heavy rain signals worrying me in paranoia), I got stuff:
They were giving away free Man of Steel bookmarks to promote the film that's currently playing on our theatres. I've yet to see it but it looks pretty promising. Plus: Freebie! Why not?

 There's some cool discounts on some Magic The Gathering cards there, so I tried my luck with the new expansion and see if I can find some useful red burners or black leechers for my Burn-Drain deck. Sadly, nothing of useful...

 But holy shit I have my first Planeswalker...

I got me some slasher stuffs there too; this cute lil' mini-plush of Chucky, based on the promo art for Child's Play 2...
and a Movie Maniac figure of Uber-Jason!
(I find this strange, but everytime I try to get a figure of Jason Voorhees in his classic hockey masked form, I always end up with something close instead...)

This here's a little lucky pick of mine. A booth was selling baseball cards and this lady was just sticking out of the pile. Mine to collect? Don't mind if I do~ (and it's just P20.00, which is like 8 cents in US dollars) Don't know if this card's a throw-away or not, but if it's the last in the pile, I'll consider it lucky!
 I also snagged a mini-plush of Finn the Human from Adventure Time. There's actually a larger version of him, but I was on a very tight budget and savings, so I went for the cheaper one, which is surprisingly more adorable.

And speaking of cartoon fandoms, I found some hard to get comics in the convention. (except the Adventure Time comics you see here in the pic. Those were given to me by my loving sister) My geeky side had gone the best of me when I saw these, but again, thinking in a budget (which is reasonable to me around the time I got these since I was getting dangerously low in disposable income after my spree), I gotten only two issues of each comic series AND my first DVD copy of MLP:FIM.

But none of these had something to compare my greatest find in that convention: thanks to that brony girl who pointed it out for me, I finally have her...
Derpy f*^)(ng Hooves!

I didn't even know we import these figures in this island!
Nor should I even post something so sugary sweet as this in a SLASHER Blog~!
...then again, I did put this as a Non-Horror post so...

Now, not entirely something I got from ToyCon, I found and helped myself with a copy of Imagine Dragons's album. Looks like I'm On Top of The World today!...yeah, title pun... EH!

 Plus, I got this weird book they're selling on that record store where I got my CD. So far I'm laughing my head off! (It's like  printed version of my favorite TV show 1000 Ways o Die!)

 It was the longest and most fangasmic four hours of my life so far, So, if it's okay with you, I'm gonna lie on my bed now and watch some Saturday Night Live, cuz my leg's are this close on breaking off from my knees and walk away after all that. If they did, I would probably hunt them down in a wheelchair and force them back cuz I'M GONNA DO THIS AGAIN NEXT YEAR!



  1. Awesome Awesome Awesome! Looks like you had one helluva time!

    1. I know! Pacific Rim finally has a release date on my country! YAY!