Monday, April 13, 2020

Oh, they're rebooting Final Destination? And There's Another SAW movie?

Yeah, been living under my rock for quite some time now so this is considered news to me. (With the recent virus outbreak, too. Can you blame me if my attention was divided?) This are just my thoughts on the upcoming and/or planned reboots getting announced here and there and, well, I am mostly excited. Mostly.

So first, Final Destination; eversince the first film got released at 2000, each sequel appears to have been coming out in every three years with the exception of Final Destination 5, which was released at 2011, two years after that The Final Destination mess. There was talk of doing a back-to-back filming for both the franchise's 6th and 7th installment should 5 was a success but as far as I can tell, this filming is dead.

Now, we have talks of soft rebooting the series as word of mouth says that the announced film is still supposed to take place within the same universe, only we will be following a group of first responders rather than teenagers. This is an intriguing concept, one that we definitely could have worked on some time during the franchise's height and I'm actually surprised it took us this long to handle this approach on the big screen seeing New Lines's Black Flame novels already did in paper through the book Death of the Senses, where it focuses on a homeless man and a policewoman he saved. This new perspective can definitely bring out some new spark to the franchise and I, for one, cannot wait to finally see what Death (and big shot Hollywood producers) has in store for us.

For the new SAW movie, it also appears this franchise is hopping into the soft reboot bandwagon as Spiral: From The Book of Saw looks like it'll be slightly returning to its thriller roots as the scene appears to follow detectives investigating a series of grisly murders that, I assume, resembles the work of Jigsaw. Details show that the previous eight movies is still canon in this Spiral, but it's not going to be a direct sequel to 2017's Jigsaw and this appears to be focusing more on policework. An interesting approach, made more intriguing with Chris Rock being its executive producer and starring in the lead role. Not really sure what to feel about this as, personally, the entire franchise really worked its best as a trilogy, but so long as this one got the workable brains, thrills and gore to make a worthwhile SAW movie, count me (wearily) in.

That's in it for now, boys and girls. I am aware there are other franchise entries being worked around this year and beyond such as that Scream reboot which have Ready or Not (2019) directors Matthew Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett attached, but I'm most interested in these two for the moment seeing how odd and intriguing their ideas are. Until then, stay safe, wash yer hands and keep your fucking hands away from you're face!

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