Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Too. Much. Good Stuff! Trailer reaction: All Through The House, Goosebumps, Cooties, and more!

I've been posting slasher reviews non-stop lately. Let me try something different.

So we just slipped through July, the "half-year mark" month, meaning we are nearing the end of 2015. Seriously, how fast time flies nowadays? So, seeing this year had generously offered us some entertaining genre movies, I decided to look into some upcoming attractions either later this year, or in the next, and these are some of the few that interested me the most.

Although some did more than interests me. It made me giddy. (I'm looking at you, Goosebumps!)

All Through the House (2015)- Oh God, we have another killer Santa! And he looks...dang creepy!

Promised to be an 80s style slasher about a maniac in a Santa Claus mask and suit, I will see it just for the sake of, well, a killer Santa, as well as see how it holds up to classics like Silent Night, Deadly Night, and the new age Santa slasher, Silent Night.

Goosebumps (2015)- Oh. My. God. This is Jumanji for pre-teen horror fans. AND I LOVE JUMANJI! And Horror! And Friggin Goosebumps!!!!

Before trying my hands and eyes on a Stephen King book (I remember it was Cujo), I read Goosebumps as a kid. It was my stepping stone for literary horror and, judging from the trailer, this film might have the chance to capture the scares, thrills, and fun that is writer R.L. Stine's modern classic horror books. For kids! I can't friggin wait!

Cooties (2015)- Hmm, a comical take on a zombie invasion set in an elementary school where kids are the zombies.

Well, I am not much for children and I hardly seen any zombie flicks lately...BRING IT ON!

The Green Inferno (2015)- About fucking time, Roth! It's been so long since we had seen a proper jungle cannibal horror film (the 70s, I believe?) and this might be the first one made...with a modest budget!

But in all seriousness, WHERE THE HELL IS THANKSGIVING?!

Tales of Halloween (2015)- Looks like Trick'r Treat 2 will have to wait, and let's us all hope this one won't get delayed for, I dunno, years before being released!

Ten directors for ten films, all centered around Halloween. I love it, but let's just hope each of these segments are going to be stro- oh who am I kidding, it's always a mixed bag...

Lost After Dark (2015)- Holy Oil Spills! That looks so...basic...and I FREAKIN' LOVE IT! Hopefully it'll have more energy than this year's 80s-style slasher Charlie's Farm! We need another good swing at an 80s-esque slasher!

Founders Day (2014)- Okay, I have to thank The Vegan Voorhees for this one; seriously, just how badass can a trailer be? That cool plague mask, that intriguing mystery, yeah, I'm definitely seeing this film once its out!

And there you have it! So much good stuff indeed and I can't larking wait! Hopefully this year ends with a bang full of awesome horror goodies!

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