Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Short Shear Terror: Merry Bloody Christmas (2009)

Merry Bloody Christmas (Czech Republic, 2009 Animation)
rating: ***1/2

If you've known my little blog here, I've always mentioned that I'm the guy who wanted to see a decent animated slasher, and while more rarely than not, I do find my share of slasher-like animations that comes in different art form. Now, I welcome this little holiday horror featured in a Student Film Festival in Czech Republic, as a treat for those looking for a different taste of hacking mayhem.

Merry Bloody Christmas is a short stop-motion story about a family of three celebrating a festive Christmas Eve together in a snowy night. Dad's putting up the tree, mum's roasting the turkey, the littlest is preparing cookies for Santa and the family dog is squeaking.

But twas the night before Christmas, and somewhere lurking around the house, was a killer disguised as a Christmas Tree, ready for a game of Cat-and-mouse! One by one, the family fell victim to the maniacal slaughter, that is until one fought back, and a gory climax came after!

While it isn't the family friendly cartoons you'll normally see in your usual Christmas Specials, the short's demented cheese have will surely delight those with a taste for the weird, the wonderful and those looking for something different in tis' Festive Season. Running in a near twenty minutes, Merry Bloody Christmas is creepy, disturbing and usually gory set of holiday nightmares that's bound to get into your skin. While some of the puppets used may look rather dinky, and the killer's get-up may be too silly of a taste for some (he's dressed-up as a Christmas Tree to avoid being caught. Smart and original, yes, but a little silly), the story had it's traumatizing moments done with nasty kills, some bad taste funnies for the grimly inclined (who knew chainsaws would make a great Christmas present?) and a shocking ending that's really pretty good if not done a couple of times already.

It's a fun short and a twisted piece, if you like creepy animation, or just looking for something really different for your slasher kicks? Try find this bugger and have yourself a Merry Bloody Christmas.

1 dog decapitated
1 male hand lopped off, knife to the back
1 female axe to the head
1 male dismembered with chainsaw
total: 4


  1. Off topic dude, but are you safe from this typhoon over there?

    1. yeah, it never hit us, or at least the islands I'm living in. Awful stuff, it even made a u-turn and hit the nest few islands up North, still not the ones I lived in.