Friday, February 2, 2018

So, how about those monsters?

While I love myself a good masked maniac, the inner kid in me still love monsters, so much so that I have to drag myself to finish that overhyped anime Godzilla movie in hopes of finding something to enjoy from it, only to be disappointed and figuratively punish my inner kid with a good spanking for wasting my time.

(In case you didn't get any of that, I wasn't impressed with Godzilla: Monster Planet (2018).)

Well, browsing a bit over Youtube, I came across this trailer for a video game adaptation I wasn't made aware of until this day.

So, we got Dwayne Johnson playing another overly muscular scientist in another movie where cities are about to get leveled down by an unusual disaster, this time being giant monsters. Now I did "kinda" enjoyed San Andreas so I guess I will be looking into this? Most likely I might enjoy it if I keep my hopes low enough, not unlike my feelings for the upcoming Jurassic World sequel which I am TOO excited for!

It's friggin' Chris Pratt rescuing Blue from a dying island! What's not to be excited about?!

On the other hand, the new Pacific Rim movie will be out hopefully this year, but I can't help but feel a bit nervous: too many flashy colors and the bots look and move awfully cartoonish. (I mean, yeah, the Jaegers at the first film sometimes look silly, but they move like how aging war-battered machines do. I guess the sequel's bots are newer so they move more fluidly? I dunno...)

It looks like 2018 will be packing some good-looking monster flicks and I guess this should keep my inner kid happy after all the spanking I gave him. Thought I should share my thoughts on these non-slasher trailers as it's been a long time I've done something like this. Here's hopin' and prayin' for a good monstrous year!

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