Sunday, July 17, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday, StickyRed! (plus bonus comics!)

July 17 2011. Sunday.

How can I forget that day?

It was a sunny and lazy afternoon. I finished watching Night of The Demon (1980), visited sites like the now defunct slasherpool.com and Retroslashers, as well as the ever popular Hysteria Lives, and I wondered what'll be like to start writing reviews of my own.

Next thing you know, I was looking for a blogger site, found one conveniently via my google account, and I was writing a review for one of my so-called "Golden Titles", Friday the 13th (1980).

Five years and 859 reviews (so far) later, I'm still writing reviews for slasher movies, although my writing style, number of posts and scheduling have drastically changed over the time. (and I cringe whenever I re-read and fix them) I blame it on my work, my other hobbies, and the fact that I have aged along the films I cover, somewhat learning and understanding enough of the tricks and trades that happen before, during and after a bodycount film, though I am not upset. I am ecstatic, actually.

Ecstatic that I am able to go this far and can learn to juggle my time for other things, both important and for light-hearted fun. Ecstatic that I am able to find others who shares my passion for good genre flicks. And above all, I am ecstatic that I am one, if not the only one Filipino horrorphile to put this much dedication, knowledge and respect for a subgenre no other Filipinos would understand or appreciate. (The pain of living in a Catholic-raised rock)

So, for the fifth birthday of this blog, I say thank you for dropping by and giving this personal dark blot in the internet a chance as I again ready myself for another round of blood, guts and dumb teenagers being dumb. Of masked maniacs, supernatural wise-crackers, and wannabe bad-guys who just aren't good enough! Thank you again and have a good one!

Bonus Content!!!
I have been mentioning that I share my spare time writing and drawing comics. Welp, that wasn't a lie! So in celebration of this blog's 5th birthday, here are some selected (horror-related) comics from my slice-of-life gag webcomic, "Life in New Kirk", which I've been posting on my deviantart page since 2014.

What's it about? Well...

Welcome to New Kirk, Ohio. A typical American city in a not so typical reality, where Anthropomorphic mammals called Furs co-exists side-by-side with humans. Follow the lives of Louie, a Filipino immigrant, his fox Fur roommate October, and the rest of their friends and family as they go through the normal and the not-so-normal, one gag strip at a time!

It's not weird, it's just Life in New Kirk!

If you wanna see more, Feel free to visit my deviantart page at anadminnamedpaul.deviantart.com, or follow this link for more Life In New Kirk goodies!

Smell you guys, later!