Monday, May 26, 2014

101 Maniacs: Admin's Top Slashers 30-21

*As of 2014*

Inspired and tempted by this delicious countdown,  Here be my personal Top 101 Slasher movies that really stood out the most!

Note: These are in no particular order (save the last ten) and they're all personal picks, so, nope. Your faves or your orders does not matter here! Muahahaha!...ha!

30. Terror (1978)
Another criminally underrated and under-discussed slasher involving the cast and crew working on a horror movie about a witch's curse being killed off by a knife wielding assailant and plenty of gruesome accidents. Pretty much one of the earlier stepping stone for supernatural bodycount films!

Bloody Best Bits: The climax's poltergeist attack that must be seen to be believed!

29. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
One of the true worthwhile entries after Freddy Krueger got his lime light as one of mainstream's hottest and most recognized monster, wherein we watch a group of insomniacs in a clinic get picked off by the man of their nightmares.

Bloody Best Bits: Freddy goes sky god on us as he puppeteers a poor chap into falling.

28. Superstition
The melting pot of horror sub-genres that deserves a lot more credit for doing things right and entertainingly cheesy. When a lake's drained and an antique cross was taken out of its place, the spirit of a demonic witch unleashes a fury of bloodshed and mayhem to an unsuspecting family and everybody else that got in the way.

Bloody Best Bits: Too many to pick just one; we got a cool microwaved head, a cheesy witch drowning flashback, a man gets eviscerated by a flying buzzsaw, and perhaps my personal fave, a "staked head"

27. Hatchet
Gooey gore and old school slaughtering never looked so, well, gory! Adam Green's infamous splatter slasher showcases an unlikely group of tourists getting stranded in a haunted swamp that also happens to be the hunting ground of a deranged, misshapen killer hick.

Bloody Best Bits: a well done jaw ripping with practical and editing effects to beat.

26. Wrong Turn
A bare bone plot about some teens being hunted down by a trio of really deformed cannibalistic mountain men. Nothing complex or hard to swallow, just your typical backwoods slasher. One good reason to love it, honestly.

Bloody Best Bits: Somehow escaping into the thick branches atop of a tree, what was left of the group find themselves stalked by one of the freaks

25. Alice Sweet Alice
Perhaps the one slasher movie that turned me into a lapsed church goer with a religious skeptic view, a Catholic community is shaken when a young girl was murdered inside a church on what could have been her first communion. What soon follows is an investigation that leads to twists, turns and a whole lot of guilt.

Bloody Best Bits: The stairway attack is pretty nasty considering what was being stabbed then. Also calling in the best scene shot would be the murder of a horribly obese man.

24. Final Destination 5
Surviving a collapsing bridge, a group of co-workers find themselves hunted by Death itself, playing along with a new set of rules of who lives and who dies. Simply the best of all the sequels made for the franchise, featuring gloriously intense deaths, some characters worth rooting for, and one of the best surprise twist ending in slasher history.

Bloody Best Bits: The bridge premonition is simply tight, and too the first post-premonition death. Also, I don't know if this counts, but the opening credit is also the best I've seen.

23. Happy Birthday To Me
Fairly two hours long but worth it, the film had a group of wealthy students being picked off one by one by an assailant with seemingly no motive. Caught here is one survivor of an accident that nearly killed her some years ago if not for a risky operation on her brain. Perhaps this is linked to the murders?

Bloody Best Bits: The most of the kills are memorable for their novelty; one gets his face shredded on a running motorbike, another got killed with barbells, but the best would be the kish-kabob kill. Cringe Medal worthy!

22. The Prowler
Pacing issues aside, The Prowler's a fan favorite for a plenty of good reasons including realistic effects, hardcore brutality and a really cool looking killer. Celebrating their first dance after a bloody incident in the 1950s, a killer in a veteran's suit suddenly arrives to murder away some of these nubile teens.

Bloody Best Bits: Pictured above: a boy gets a nasty bayonet impalement which is brutally kept there until the killer's sure he's dead.

21. My Bloody Valentine (1981)
Thinking it's about time to lay the "town curse" to rest, a small community decided to celebrate Valentines the proper way again ever since some people were murdered years ago by a vengeful miner. Unfortunately, someone is making sure the legend of a Valentine-hating killer lives on and a high death toll soon follows. Similarly plotted to The Prowler but otherwise superior. 

Bloody Best Bits: When an old geezer-slash-doomsayer decided to prank some partygoers with a fake Killer Miner suit, he didn't expect the real one to show up and put his pickaxe to through a good view.


  1. I saw Superstition when I was quite young and when it finally turned up on DVD I expected nerve-shredding terror... Sadly I should've left it to my memories. Still a fun flick, but not the scarefest I hoped to re-live.

    1. It's more of a slaughterfest than a scarefest, to be frank. I'm a huge fan of practical effects and easy-to-digest plotting (but not too easy. they be staler than a hundred year old popcorn) hence why I love it so much.