Saturday, January 16, 2016

And just like that...

I turned 24 years old back at January 15.

And found out that Angus Scrimm, who played the infamous Tall Man in all Phantasm movies, died back at January 9th.

I guess that's one drawback of being a 90s baby-slash-horror fan: you get to see and experience all of these wonderful horror flicks back at the good old days, love them and, for some, admire their monsters, only to realize that the wonderful actors who played these monsters have aged significantly around these days. I guess this is why entertainers from actors to musicians put a lot of effort whenever they're on screen or air. So we can remember them for their talent and become immortal.

And with the kind of character Mr. Scrimm was known for, I guess he already had that made: I'll be frank, The Tall Man is one of the two movie monster that actually scares me, the other being The Devil's Rejects version of Otis B. Driftwood. The fact that this monster seemingly have full control over his life and the life of others, as well as being armed to the teeth with impossible weapons and an army of various lackeys, both living and undead, is enough of a reason why I am thankful that he is pure fiction.

Still, I have Mr. Scrimm to thank for the gloomiest horror franchise I've ever laid eyes on (Yeah, no. No matter how comical Phantasm III was, in the end you can't help but feel gloomy over that fact that there seems to be no end to The Tall Man's reign) and I do pray him a good afterlife and/or loving memories from his family, friends and fans.

So, I'm 24 years old. What does that mean?

Absolutely nothing. I will continue being a geek but perhaps learn to mature a bit. Rome wasn't build in a day, as they say, so here's to more birthdays to come and hopefully, some good slashers this year!

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