Saturday, June 16, 2018

Here we go again, Mikey!

So it looks like Blumhouse will be releasing Halloween (2018) later this year and, by far, it looks...passable.

So much like the case of Halloween H20 (1998), Halloween (2018) will be ignoring the continuities set up by prior sequels and will be a direct sequel to the original, with Michael not only surviving being shot six times but also apprehended by the cops at the very night he came home. The film will then take place 40 years later, with Laurie Strode (played again by Jamie Lee Curtis) being a badass grandma who's been training herself for the night Michael returns which, of course, we all know has to happen.

On one hand, I am pretty excited to see one of my childhood monsters back in the big screen hacking up teenagers and other unfortunates but I can't help but feel worried. One of the franchises I know that does this kind of "continuity hopping" is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series and, seeing the line up of films they've made throughout the years, the results are more or less... varying. Then again, it's not like the Halloween franchise didn't have its own personal collection of duds (Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989), Rob Zombie's Halloween II (2010) and that overrated Halloween H20. I'm serious'about the latter) so I guess I should keep my hype low. Real low.

Here's hoping for a triumphant return, Son of Samhain! Just wished this movie got a little more creative with its title. I mean, seriously? Halloween (2018)? That'll be confusing conversation-wise...

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