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They always remember their mama: Mother's Day (1980)

Mother's Day (1980)
rating: ***1/2
starring: Tiana Pierce, Nancy Hendrickson and Deborah Luce

Mother's Day's may not be the best Troma title around, but it is one that deserves its cult following.

Mixing the sensibilities of a slasher film and the outcome of a Rape-Revenge flick, it starts with a hug-a-thon meeting that helps people get along with each other. One said person was ole' Mother, who later accompanied two hippies to her home until her car "broke down". While fixing it, a masked maniac sneaks up behind the car and decapitates one of the hippies while another maniac assaults the other. As it turns out, said killers, Ike and Addley, were Mother's sons and as the brothers have their fun, their mum smiles with glee, knowing they've made her proud...

We then switch our attention to three women, Abbey, Jackie, and Trina, who embarks on an annual camping in celebration of their long-time friendship. But this year, it took turn for the worse when Ike and Adley spots them and decided to take them back to their home for some deranged hick-billy fun. Subjecting them to a series of rapes, violence and murder, one of the women dies from the abuse and the remaining two escapes to the woods. Feeling the urge to wreck vengeance upon their tormentors, the survivors patch up and gives the crazy bunch a taste of their own medicine!

Silly punks~ Trix are for snotty kids~!
Now, I like my "Rape and Revenge" with some good payback and I like my backwood slashers with some cool villains; Mother's Day is like the unholy baby of the two, mashed with cheddar.

It's refreshingly weird as keeps a lively and cheesy tone despite all that dread and murder, something that would have made this movie a pile of shit for me but somehow got into my good side and appreciate the little silliness it reeks out.

Adding to the oddness was this: even if we're supposed to root for the girls to commit justifiably deranged vengeance on their tormentors, out of the two sides I came to like the villains more than the girls. They're crazier and funnier than your average hillbilly maniacs, living a charming life of comfort under the loving eyes of their mum, eating junkfood as if they're vegetables and protecting her from an unseen figure. (Think of them as the Sawyer clan of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, only with bad teeth! ) The girls, sadly, wasn't fleshed out enough and their desire to get back on the killers was plainly straight forwarded, leaving these girls as basic of an avenger as any other slasher victims. Still, when it comes to chaotic killing sprees, the two sides have their bloody moments though it's obvious that the girls did more damage than the brothers.
"mama loves you~"
It's garbled nonsense at its best; this is probably one of the best Troma has to offer in terms of horror flicks. I see a lot of heart went in this one, I can tell by the cabin set they've littered, the cleverly funny script and some good splashy kills, restrained or not. While the special effects mirrors it's budget restrains and its acting is pure B-movie trash, it's nothing compared to the chaotic mess Troma mostly makes. No offense Troma fans

1 male beheaded with machete
1 female strangled with rope
1 female dies from wounds sustained from rape
1 male axed on the groin, choked on hand towel
1 male TV bashed unto his head, stabbed to death with electric knife
1 elderly female smothered with inflatable boobs
2 females presumably killed
total: 8

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