Saturday, November 15, 2014

To Kill God: Kristy (2014)

Kristy (2014) (AKA Satanic, Random)
Rating: ***
Starring: Haley Bennett, Ashley Greene

Adding into the considerably small number of Thanksgiving-themed slashers, and seemingly running on a very simplistic formula, Kristy follows Justine, a studious college girl who decided to stay on campus while her friends and her boyfriend goes home for Thanksgiving. For the first fifteen minutes we see how alone she is and, save for a couple of guards, the whole place is pretty much her own oyster, so wasn't too long before she ran out of chores and other personal stuff to do and decided to go out and buy herself a snack or two.

Driving to a nearby convenience store, Justine encounters Violet, a hooded punkette with a knack for piercings who definitely gave her the chills, even more so when it became apparent she followed her all the way into campus. The thing is, Violet isn't alone; with her is a trio of masked and hooded men who are a part of an online Satanic cult dedicated on murdering random girls who they all nicknamed "Kristy", recording the kills and sharing it on a site as a sign of dedication on their war against God. Chased through empty hallways and libraries, and bearing witness as they murder anybody that got in the way, it soon became apparent for Justine that the only way to live through their game of Cat-and-Mouse is to fight back.

For truth's worth, Kristy isn't really all that; as mentioned above, it's a simple movie about a girl being stalked by a pack of merciless killers so it relies a lot on building tension, meaning we get a lot of scenes in the dark where a killer or two are just feet away from our lead, people calling out people in a thick fog, and all of those classic slasher cliches. It works, I'll give the movie that, but comparing this with its ilk, Kristy hadn't done much to improve, especially if the kills, though plentiful, wasn't all that inventive, and not to mention some little plot holes and inconsistencies. (How the heck can the Kristy killers text if they use cellphone jammers?)

Still, all's not lost; performances are pretty solid seeing the movie has one main character to focus on. Haley Bennett took her role as Justine with much quirk and gentleness around the first few minutes right before the attacks. Her character is relatively normal so she's not hard to relate and root for, especially once she decided to gut up and turn the tables on her attackers. And speaking of which, the murderous group did had their moments of being imposing; though they are human behind their masks and hoods, and their motives are a tad cheesy, they're organized and well-experienced enough to read their prey's move with so much animalistic instinct that it's threatening. And with the brooding direction of these attacks and the workable giallo-inspired tint-lighting, I can honestly say that Kristy is redeemed fairly with these fair production quality and talent.

The movie ends with an indication that there might be more coming from this murder-cult. Should this be a hint of a future sequel at hand or not, Kristy's simplistic campus slasher is watchable on its own, either rented for a viewing or bought for your growing collection. It may not had brought out anything out of the ordinary for our bodycounting kicks but at least it played the game right.

1 female found with throat cut
1 female gets a throat cut with a meat hook (video)
1 female murdered, method unknown (video)
1 male bludgeoned with a baseball bat
1 male found murdered
1 dog killed offcamera
1 male hanged with a garden hose
1 male stabbed on the gut with a meat hook
1 male crushed against the wall with a car
1 male drowned in a pool
1 male hit on the head with a nailed baseball bat
1 female set on fire with sodium nitrate
Total: 12
Behind Every Tree...

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Under your bed: Don't Go To Sleep (1982)

Don't Go To Sleep (1982)
Rating: ****
Starring: Dennis Weaver, Valerie Harper, Robin Ignico

A family of four moved in to a sleepy little town in California in hopes of moving on from the tragic death of their eldest daughter, Jennifer. Parents Phillip and Laura try their best to maintain a picture perfect scenario but it soon crumbles down when Laura's mum decided to join in, much to the children's disapproval. Days pass by, Phillip begins drinking (again) and the kids bicker with each other more constantly, much stranger is that their little girl, Mary, starts to hear voices from under her bed and begins catching glimpses of their late eldest.
Who the heck wears a pink ribbon in their 80s?
After a blazing incident that almost burnt Mary to death one night, the family begins to suspect that their girl might be in need of professional help, believing that these incidents, as well as her visions, might indicate trauma. Of course, Mary is having none but does find someone who's willing to take her side- the ghost of Jennifer. Explaining to her young sister that the rest of the family doesn't miss her as she does, Jennifer begins hanging out with Mary, along the way plotting deadly vengeance against everybody related in blood.

When I first decided to watch Don't Go To Sleep, I never expected much from it bar a tame ghost movie with some deaths. True, it is precisely that seeing this was made for television but, much like the case of Dark Night of The Scarecrow (1980), this little screen nightmare put up the ante for creepiness and molded a pretty neat surprise in the end. A lot of this owes to the fact some of its scenes really tapped into childhood fears and anxieties; death in a family, devolution into dysfunction, and the ole-time classic "thing under the bed" are some of the dramas that may had frightened us as children, tackled here with a subtle yet brooding intensity thanks to the superb direction.
I rather have monsters under my bed, thank you!
I can definitely say Don't Go To Sleep really had it going for vintage scares, methodically and creepily switching from a supernatural family drama to a slightly disturbing semi-slasher. The kills aren't all bloody but remains shocking even for TV flick standards, some of it even memorable just for its execution, stylish camera work and the fact that it lead to an unhappy territory. Acting is quite believable for a TV movie, despite some occasional cheese and I really dig the last haunting shot before the credit rolls to an end, understanding what really went on.

The only flaw I see here is how well these scares hold on to a typical horror fan: some may find it goosebumps-inducing, others will find it outdated and barely scary. Perhaps someone with a patience for slow-burning haunting/slasher hybrid might enjoy this, but those who prefers splattery, gore-tainted bodycounters will not find a keeper here. But as far as my opinion go, I absolutely love this creep-fest, not much from the scares but more on how well executed it is. Yes, there are some slow parts and since the killings are limited to simply the family members, not a lot tends to happen in said parts save probably some bickering or casual conversations that may or may not be red herrings, but these are something that are easily overlook by the right audience.
Pizza Cutters as Slasher Weapons?
What-a next-a, America?!
I couldn't stress my respect for this movie enough so for my readers, do me a favor? If you have the time to pick a TV movie to watch in your late night viewing, I suggest giving Don't Go To Sleep a try. A little 80s chill never hurt a true horror fanatic and this title is right off the bat.

1 Female suffers a heart attack
1 Boy fell off a roof
1 Male electrocuted in a bath tub with a dropped radio
1 Girl immolated in car explosion
Total: 4

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Assly's True American Horror Presents: Sledge (2014)

 Hello Boys and Girls! Welcome to another episode of:
Today we will be covering one of Brain Damage's current slasher release, which is about a madman murdering teens in the woods with a sledgehammer, spatting out non-funny scripting with an acting resembling a wooden board. Obviously, this is gonna be hell.

Sledge (2014)
Rating: *
Starring: Dustin Bowman, Rachel Cornell, Tino Faygo

The movie is a film-within-a-film, an approach that absolutely does nothing for itself since the running is only an hour and fifteen minutes, and Sledge runs for 64. Moving pass the crappy "wraparound about a girl yakking over her phone while watching Sledge, horror shows hosted by a "werewolf" handpuppet, and a trailer for a Texas Chainsaw Massacre-esque exploitation known as The Amish Paradise, we follow a group of teenagers going to the woods for some badly acted quality time and drama involving relationship issues, unknown to these thespians that a masked psycho is out skulking the woods to kill off some people in his make-believe video game world.

And that's sums everything up, actually. Nothing completely special but the fact that Sledge was intentionally bad, explaining the horrendous acting and characterization. Sadly, as much as I had seen plenty of titles taking this approach, Sledge lacked the charm and wit that makes the likes of, let's say, Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness or The Nailgun Massacre so bad that it's good; a simple plot is no problem, but for it to laze around on uninteresting character's shenanigans for a good bulk takes a lot of toll for it to be an entertaining mess.

Then there's the the lackluster kills; A note to the producers, just because the killer uses a sledgehammer as his murder weapon doesn't make any of his kills any more unique. To be honest, Sledgehammer (1984) and Methodic already got this with actual, workable results. Sledge's kills sadly lacked the red stuff and are too quickly executed to spark a proper amount of thrills, two things that would have saved an otherwise terrible slasher movie.

Add in an audio muffled as heck, and camera work that's just as lazy (watching teens talk from one single angle was never exciting. Never.), Sledge's flaws were overwhelming enough to ruin the whole movie, a fact that the producers may had seen coming given to the dull ending they came up. The end result is a frustrating, unfocused and misdirected dirt clod that's best forgotten to had existed. Yes, I am aware that the film only used up $800 in budget but a lot of film-makers out there did a lot better job with such an amount creativity-wise.

Seriously, Sledge shouldn't exist. It offered nothing new for the sub-genre and may had even knocked it back a few years.

1 female gets a sledgehammer to the face
1 female had her head smashed with a sledgehammer
1 male and 1 female had their heads knocked in together with a sledgehammer
1 male knifed on the gut, head smashed with sledgehammer
1 female impaled through an upright tree branch
1 male knifed on the throat, smashed with a sledgehammer
1 female knifed on the gut, mashed with a sledgehammer
1 male knifed on the back, sledgehammer to the chest
1 female killed offcamera
Total: 10

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Phantom of Texarkana Strikes Again: The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)
Rating: ***1/2
Starring: Addison Timlin, Veronica Cartwright, Anthony Anderson

Though I'm not a very big fan of the original Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976), I do pride myself of seeing that piece of camp history well loved, if not respected, by true slasher fans. It was an odd experience, seeing it during my years when I'm (re)discovering the world of slashers for the first time, that weird mix of psycho-drama, comedic cheesiness and slasher film dread being my entertainment for that one weekend afternoon.

Almost four decades later, this name sake came along, a surprisingly well-made film that not only acts as a reboot but also a meta-sequel of its own style.

Set in 2013 in the God-fearing town of Texarkana, it appears that the Phantom has returned 65 years since his disappearance at Halloween night, once again targeting young teenagers in an elusive killing spree. With the entire town rattled, law enforcers from both sides of the state and too some religious groups try their best to prevent any more murders but with the killer as cunning as he was before, the death toll continues.

One survivor of the very first night the murders began, a young high schooler named Jami, decided to look into the murders herself seeing that the killer had chosen her over her boyfriend to survive for a purpose, terrorizing her with creepy phone calls, emails and letters. With the help of her new lover, Jami will soon find out the truth about the murders, both in the past and in the present, all the while trying to survive the Phantom's increasingly violent attacks.

First of all, this isn't a remake of the strictest sense, more of an original story that took a lot of elements from the original Town as well as using that very film as a red herring of sorts. Quite a nice craft if I say so myself even if the plot of using a movie prior to its sequel or remake as an in-world element had been done a few times before, most notable (and notorious) being the story for The Human Centipede 2 Full Sequence. What made this film's take more unique was that it perfectly balanced out the fictional setting of said in-world movie with what's best described as looser story based on the real-life historical killing spree, resulting to a film that's both respectful of the movie it was based on and an original slasher of its own. This said, much of the horror element of the new Town was closer to that of a true slasher, with the sex=death cliche taken to a literal sense with a bit of zealous and, on one kill, homophobic take, each murder cruel, bloody and incredibly intense. I also took notice of the film's tone, which is gritty in an exploitation kind of sense, all the way down to the watered-looking yellow tint picture, the town's oddly 70s inspired backdrop (from the clothes to the vehicles, despite taking place in the 2010s) and stylized retro camera shots, elements that worked quite well for a remake tributing the original.

Of course, this kinda became an issue for those who're an avid fan of the 1976 film; what made the original Town frightening was that it had a sense of realism despite some of its cheesier parts thanks to its documentary-like take as well as being made and released years closer since the original killing spree. The 2014 Town is clearly a movie made from one's imagination, made to thrill the public and entertain horror fans, relying on suspenseful stalkings and gored-up killings. Not really a bad thing since it did cater enough to stand on its own too feet without relying too much on people recognizing the movie it was remaking; in fact, since the original Town is a red herring frequently shown through out the film playing in a theater or two, it kinda advertises it and plays around with the notion of what was fictionalized and what was not. The acting delivers a lot better compared to the the original as well, which helped the film drive through parts where it needed to slow down to focus more on the investigations, both amateur and not, dwelling down to a cliched twist ending that could have been a lot longer and engaging but nonetheless satisfying.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014) is a slasher that deserved to be warmly welcomed by fans of the original and those who're looking for a worthwhile remake/sequel these days. While it isn't scary, it is stylized and engaging, a combination that makes any cliched horror movie a fun ride.

1 male stabbed to death with a knife, face mutilated
1 male beheaded with a knife
1 female knifed to death
1 male shot dead (?)
1 male seen covered in stab wounds, shot on the head
1 male repeatedly stabbed with a knife-attached trombone
1 male and 1 female killed in car crash (flashback)
1 male shot on the eye
1 female knifed to death
1 male knifed into pieces
1 male shot on the head
1 female shot on the neck
1 male shot
1 male found in pieces
1 male shot on the head
1 male shot to death
Total: 17

Friday, October 24, 2014

And The Blood and Bloodline Continues: Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014)

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014)
Rating: ***
Starring:  Anthony Ilott, Chris Jarvis, Aqueela Zoll

It's been ten years now since the Wrong Turn franchise started, no one expected it to last this long but here we are in its sixth movie. So far most of the entries tried to keep it simple: teens in the woods hunted by mongoloid cannibals, kills in bloody red. After the first film, each entries added their own flair to keep the series alive, from gory reality TV parody to simply just having one cannibal killer, from Prequels taking place in the snow to ones taking place in a cardboard town trying to be passed on as an authentic one by the producers.

Now, Last Resort tries something new for this seemingly never-ending franchise; they attempted a story!

Enroute to the West Virginia hills, Danny was about to inherit Hobb Springs, a mysterious and very cryptic hotel/spa resort secluded deep in the woods. Despite not knowing who inherit him the hotel, an issue for him seeing he knows nothing of his past, he tagged along his friends and girlfriend to see what he is getting into and, in a way, he was impressed on what he saw and plotted with his buds to share the inheritance.

That was until the hotel's hired helps Sally and Jackson convinced him to respect his inheritance by showing him a bit of history as he is believed to be a descendant of one the founders of the land, thus entitling to a responsibility, a sense of pride like no other, and a deadly secret involving a trio of mutated hillbillies brothers with a taste for flesh.

One thing I like about this entry is how they tried to focus more on building a workable story, in a tone completely different from the others before. If it wasn't for the presence of the mutants Three-Finger, Saw-Tooth and One-Eye, one might not even knew this was a Wrong Turn movie as these villains are pushed aside for most of the run in favor of a plot concerning our main character coming in terms with a past he never knew. While this story is not without its plot holes and continuity-based head-scratchers (whatever happened to Maynard, the mutant brothers' guardian from Part 5: Bloodlines? When exactly does this film fit into the timeline?), it is a nice stray away from the norms of watching dumb, sexually hyped teens and it was quite interesting to watch before the ball got rolling with the kills.

Speaking of which, it is also noticeable that Last Resort wasn't aiming for a building bodycount; rest assured that the gore is ever present (with some of the killings quite imaginative as they are gruesome) but due to the fact the film as story-driven, random murders wasn't a high priority. Nonetheless, there's enough twists, shocks and some unintentional laughs caused by some weird new angles and elements thrown into the mutant brothers' mythology to make up for the lack of count, some of which ties well with the continuity, others raising more questions.

Of course there are some who will be offed a bit by the film's sudden change of tone but I personally enjoyed Last Resort for its efforts. Part of coming from the fact they tried and made it worked, and some coming from me being a fan of this franchise as a whole. (Part 3 is coming around to me but I'm still giving it a low rating under quality) The acting was a lot better this time around despite some odd characterization, production quality a bit more satisfying and less obvious with its budget, and the mutants are as fun as ever even though their make-up looks a bit rubbery.

At this rate, I'm sure Wrong Turn is far from finished from entertaining our darkly and gory needs though I'm not quite sure how will they follow up from this. Well, guess its better not knowing and just enjoy what we have now. Who knows? Maybe they'll surprise us with something grander and hopefully should get us back to the franchise's original roots as a backwoods survivalist slasher.

1 male shot through the head with an arrow
1 female beheaded with a hatchet
1 female pinned to the wall with a thrown hatchet
1 male shot through the head with an arrow
1 deer shot with an arrow, throat cut with a hunting knife
1 female had her throat cut against a machete
1 male bludgeoned with a statue, smothered with a pillow
1 male had his throat cut with a machete, disemboweled
1 male bursts open with a fire hose shoved into his arse
1 male hacked on the head with a machete
1 male bludgeoned to death with a ring of keys
1 female hacked on the head with a hatchet
Total: 12
...How did it come to this?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Post. Publish. Infected: V/H/S Viral (2014)

V/H/S Viral (2014)
Rating: **1/2
Starring:  Emmy Argo, Amanda Baker, Rim Basma

Remember how V/H/S/2 gave us a promising look into the franchise by beating the first film as an entertaining found-footage anthology in almost everyway? Well my friends, Viral just knocked it back, not only to where it started, but perhaps a few more back.

Viral ditched the House full of presumably evil VHS tapes element and went on to something more "out there"; the wraparound, titled Vicious Circles, had us watching a video crazed teen boy trying to capture an unusual police chase involving that of a demented ice cream truck after finding out that the event was happening just around the neighborhood, much to his girlfriend's displeasure. As he ventures outside his house to catch the chase, his girlfriend was suddenly "infected" by a strange viral video that puts her in a trance and walking to near middle of the road. When the chased ice cream truck drove by, he finds her missing and assumes whoever was driving the truck kidnapped her.

Much of this wraparound revolves around him trying to catch up with the truck in hopes of saving his girlfriend, all the while we see people either dying trying to record the same chase or getting killed by accidents caused by it, as well as those who, somehow, gets infected with the same viral video that puts them in a homicidal rage.

Comparing this among the rest, Vicious is the lesser of the two awfuls in this anthology since, for a chaotic death porn, it's pretty intense if not altogether depressing as random acts of depravity and violence was simply bombarded at us in a near unforgiving manner. It's bleak but my true and only complain about this wraparound was it it makes no sense how it all connects with the segments, with each just popping out of nowhere (or in Viral's case, out of the static) and just happens. As if the crazy editing made it hard enough to follow this film but in the end, it raised more questions with its non-linear narrative and grimly mysterious nature, giving us something to ponder which I'm sure most of us wouldn't even bother with. For all we know was that whatever evil that forces people who watched those VHS tapes from the last two films to do or turn into nightmarish beings had finally made its way out of these houses and into the unexpecting public. Dark, grim and insane, but plot-wise? Not so much.

Now, the segments; it seems like the further this franchise goes, each entry is one segment shorter than the last. Now with only three segments, the first was undoubtedly the best of the bunch, titled Dante The Great, which is about a pathetic wannabe magician's sudden success in the world of illusions, thanks to a cape that was believed to have been owned by Harry Houdini himself. It somehow allowed him to do real magic but for a price: it must be fed!

Uniquely shown as a Found-Footage hybrid, utilizing everything from news interviews and clips, shots from security cameras, SWAT cams and Skype cameras, the segment was an entertaining piece despite it's more than obvious and ridiculous looking use of CG. It had energy, a quick pacing, cheesily acted yet interesting characters, and one of the nastiest magic-based massacres I'd seen in a while. It was corny in nature but nonetheless fun, this segment that had me excited for the rest and with good hope, the next segment didn't fail to disappoint so far.

The second short was Parallel Worlds, concerning a Spanish man, a husband and a scientist, experimenting with a proto-type Dimensional Door that opens other realities. The footage shows what happened that one night it worked, meeting another version of himself in a world similar yet different. Out of scientific curiosity and excitement, he agreed with his other-self to switch places for a couple of minutes, to see what each other's worlds look like. Unfortunately for our scientist, the other world wasn't as safe as he hoped for and soon he is struggling to get back and save his wife from something frightening and dangerous.

It's weird for the sake of weird but, just like the first segment, Worlds had this cheesy feel that made it bearable in its short run and enough tension mixed in to keep us at the edge of our screen until the shocking if not unexpected ending.

Unfortunately, this is as far as Viral goes to keep itself entertaining, as the last segment blew it all. Titled Bonestorm, a trio of skateboarders with Go-pro cams on their helmets and skateboards, and their video recording fourth guy, travels to Tijuana to record all of their heaviest tricks for an awesome video but ends up fighting for their lives against a group of voodoo worshippers trying to awakened something, well, big and hungry. This should have been insanely fun if it wasn't for the annoying shaky quality of the videos. Not to mention all of those close-up shots of gored up heads and impaled bodies; now, I don't mind gory close-ups, really I don't, but to repeatedly bombard us with it just for the sake of gore with no other redeeming factor whatsoever, this is just desperate.

With no likable characters and virtually no story behind whatsoever, Viral's last segment just trailed itself with blood and ran into mediocrity just like that. Nothing frightening, nothing shocking, just loads and loads of gore shots that made this segment the perfect example of meaningless death porn.  So what exactly does this do for the entire movie?

Like the first V/H/S movie, Viral is a mixed bag, a literal half-and-half that balanced out the two bad entries with two worthwhile ones. Could have been forgiven if wasn't for the last effin entry, which makes me now wonder if that missing short, titled Gorgeous Vortex, would have improved this film. This being said, I might keep a lookout for Viral's future releases in hopes it'll include all of the segments and possibly redo this review but for now, all I can say is that this franchise now had its close call once, let's all hope it'll do better again!

1 male ran over by a truck
1 rabbit flayed
1 female beaten to death
1 female disappears inside a cloak
1 male had his neck broken
1 male had his arms broken, crushed
1 male had his neck broken
1 male flayed open
3 males shot dead
1 male set on fire
1 male impaled on a bed of nails
1 male dropped dead
1 male shot dead
1 male shot dead
1 male disappears inside a cloak
1 female killed offscreen
1 male fell off a bridge
1 male dragged behind a truck, dropped head first unto the road
1 male had his face devoured
1 male knifed to death
1 dog stabbed on the head with a barbecue fork
5 males and 2 females stabbed to death
1 male and 1 female immolated by explosion
1 male shot on the head
2 males shot
1 male beheaded with a machete
1 male caught on fire
1 male impaled through with a sword
1 male stabbed to death with a rib bone
1 male bludgeoned with a skateboard
1 male bludgeoned with a skateboard
1 male beheaded with a machete
1 male shot on the head
1 male bludgeoned with a gun
1 male bludgeoned with a skateboard
1 male bludgeoned with a leg bone
2 males and 1 female killed in freak car crash
1 female bludgeoned to death
Total: 50

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mr. Goodnight's Return: See No Evil 2 (2014)

See No Evil 2 (2014)
Rating: **
Starring: Glenn Jacobs, Danielle Harris, Katharine Isabelle

In 2006, WWE Production's first feature release was a simple yet entertaining trashy slasher called See No Evil, starring Kane as Jacob Goodnight, a hulking, hook-and-chain wielding maniac raised with a zealous look in life, murdering anyone he counts as a sinner. It was a quick run through all the basics of a teen-kill slasher movie, including a gory kill count and stereotyped casts, but at least it was a fun one at that with its cheesiness. Now, eight years later, Kane returns as Jacob Goodnight once again in this rather unneeded follow-up, somehow his character surviving getting an effin glass shard through the heart.

Starring Danielle Harris as Amy, a young perky coroner who's supposed to be celebrating her birthday the night the police discovers the massacre Jacob left for them. Finding out that they'll be receiving the bodies for an entire evening worth of work, including that of a thought-to-be dead killer responsible for the others, Amy's work colleagues surprises her by inviting most of her friends for a night of partying inside the morgue as contemplation for missing her shift off.

However for them, Jacob was far from dead; now awakened, masked and armed with an array of conveniently sharp and pointy medical tools, he stalks and kill his new prey one by one, resuming his tirade against "sinners".

While I try to overlook the fact that there was no way for our killer to be up in his feet, walking and killing from an injuries he received from the last movie (I mean, he DID survived years with a hole at the back of his head from a gunshot), this movie can't help but feel watered down and virtually inferior in every way from the moderately entertaining first, starting with a killcount that is noticeably lower. This is never a deal for me unless the way these targets were snuffed out was rather uninspired, which apparently was the case for this movie as not only they were killed off in the simplest manner (necks broken, offscreen stabbings and eye gouging. Simply disappointing seeing he's in a building full of medical equipment. Nurse 3D certainly shows how it's done!) but it all happened way too soon that we're left with only two surviving casts playing hide and not die with the killer for the thirty-minute remainder of the run.

What's worse was that none of these doomed characters were even worth rooting for; not that they were awful, but they're just so dull that I barely cared if they'll or not. The least they could do (or rather, what the Soska Sisters (American Mary) could had done in their direction) was to die extravagantly at the hands of our killer but, as mentioned before, they were lacking on that department, too. Harris is still hardened as ever, though, quite likable too so her character's fate does come quite a shock.

The positives was that they brought Kane back to don the abused yet still dangerous persona again, though now he wears a clear mask that, honestly, wasn't necessary, as his overly-religious presence is terrifying enough, fueling his rage especially on that one scene where he berates a dying victim as a whore. Then again, the almost-undead angle for the character can be an odd experience; it was like watching Three Finger from the first three Wrong Turn movies come back again and again after accepting punishments that easily killed his brothers. The believability of Jacob's revival wore off quite fast as the final shock twist was shown in what one might believe is an indication of a further franchising.

I can't say it's a total waste since it was getting good for the first half, but with the flaws peaking almost unto an unacceptable level, See No Evil 2 stumbles into mediocrity for me and I honestly don't feel like rooting for any more sequels from this franchise unless, that is, they change directors and boost up the gore again. You know what they say: best not to fix what wasn't broken!

1 male strangled, neck snapped
1 paraplegic male found with stab wounds, bled to death
1 female had her neck snapped, choked to death
1 female nearly beheaded with a saw-toothed machete
1 male ran through with an electric knife
1 female stabbed on the gut with a saw-toothed machete
1 male had his eyes gouged out
Total: 7
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