Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back to the cold roots: Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011)

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011)
rating: ***
starring:  Sean Skene, Blane Cypurda and Dan Skene

After Wrong Turn 3, that drag of a sequel which nearly ruined the whole franchise for me, I was surprised and glad that Part 4 was made as I didn't want this series to end on a very low note. This time, however, we go back all the way to the beginning.

We start the film a few years ago, with the trio of cannibals from the first Wrong Turn movie as little boys, locked up but soon escaping captivity from a sanitarium and releasing the rest of the inbred and insane for a murderous frenzy. No sane person survived and our three boys simply walked away.

Cut to 2003, a group of ten college students decided to break some ice by snowmobiling through a frozen forest. Just as luck had it though, they're lost after making a few wrong turns and now they're at the mercy of an upcoming snow storm. Originally heading to a friend's cabin in the mountains, they instead seek refuge inside a nearby abandoned sanitorium, the very same sanitorium from where the opening massacre took place. After making themselves comfortable, they crash into a party and do all sorts of random dumb teens stuff until the "owners" come back.

The three inbreds, now adults, returnsfrom a hunt and they're not happy with the trespassers. So they're gonna do what they do best: kill and eat!

Despite its flaws, Wrong Turn 4 is a lot more decent than the last entry; gone was the crude humor that the first two sequels have, Bloody Beginnings tries its best to keep it as serious as possible and it worked at some point, with the cold and dark backdrop of an isolated building, as well as it's lack of soundtrack, helping give off some eerie tone.

It's still a basic hillbilly horror, however, with nothing really new added to the whole thing except it takes place inside an abandoned medical building during a snow storm. The few things that outshine here are the sleaze factor and much better gore compared to the last. How sleazy? We get a character intro with four teens having sex, two of which are lesbians. How gory? We have a cannibalizing of a still conscious victim, a giant drill kill and a decent looking decapitation. It's not anywhere as ante as the deaths in Wrong Turn 2, but it's more believable than the wide arrays of deaths and traps in part 3.

Perhaps this movie's only drawback is the amount of stupidity the majority of the cast are put into. They make the poorest decisions, have the dumbest sense of judgement, they're the very portrayal of the typical slasher film victims: Dumb, horny teenagers. On the other hand, that what makes the kills more enjoyable for me; you know what they say, cut up these dumb teens and make them breath!

Hopefully this is the last entry to the Wrong Turn Saga, unless, of course, they go Ray Kroc on us and make "prequel-sequels" that took place in between movies. Not the best entre' but watchable.

1 male had his neck bitten open and gets a pen to his eye
1 male dragged away, killed
1 male seen being strangled
1 male seen being strangled
1 female electrocuted with electroshock machine
1 female seen dead
1 male torn limbless by barbwires attached to pulleys
1 male found killed
1 male skewered through the head with a barbecue skewer
1 female hanged and garroted with razor wire noose, beheaded
1 male pieces of his flesh carved off and cannibalized, lung torn out
1 male accidentally knifed to death
1 female drilled through her back
1 female gored by snowmobile tires
1 female seen froze to death
2 females gets a double decapitation after running through thin wire
total: 17


  1. See, the trailer for this looks worse than WT3 but I know I'll end up giving it a spin regardless. MORE lesbianism though? *yawn*

  2. "They make the poorest decisions, have the dumbest sense of judgement, they're the very portrayal of the typical slasher film victims: Dumb, horny teenagers" - Exactly! And I'm sick and tired of stupid one-dimension characters.
    Definitely better than part 3, but still a bit meh.

  3. @ Hud

    Yep, got to hand it to Fox when it comes to making crappy trailers.

  4. @ Nebular

    Least they're dead...right? haha! kidding! Thanks, mate!

  5. I think this is the only installment where One Eye manages to successfully kill someone (the Asian chick) all on his own.

    Look at him jump for joy on that snowmobile, probably grunting "I did it! I got one!"

    1. Poor little One Eye, he has the mentality of a five year old so he can't even get that right! haha!