Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Looks like we got ourselves a Grockle problem: Small Town Folk (2007)

Small Town Folk (Britain, 2007)
rating: **1/2
starring:Chris R. Wright, Warwick Davis and Dan Palmer

Welcome to Grockleton, a small patch of land owned by an evil "Landlord" who murders anyone who dares enter his land. Aiding him are his three cohorts, the cross-eyed Pooch, the grunting Pike and the giggling Dobbin. Together, these men also spares any captured ladies for breeding, which is an unfortunate fact for a small group of lost travelers and bird watchers who had gotten too close to this little town. At that, The Landlord sets everything in motion, calling forth not only his cohorts, but the rest of the equally deranged inhabitants of Grockleton.

Backgrounds that looked like drawn by seven year olds, CGs that looked lumpy, atrocious acting, and sets that looked like recycled after-school play pieces. Is it a good movie? Far from it.

But do I hate it?

Well, honestly, my love for colorful villains, some interesting concept, that artsy feeling this movie had and, yes, my open appreciation for some effort.

Underrated with some very fair reasons, Small Town Folk failed to do any big impact to make a name for itself. What had me going was the fact that this movie featured a town full of crazies and a not bad set it was. Each villain had his own defect or talent that also served as their own strength. Whether it's sharpening horseshoe or their savage means to keep the crows off their crops, I always had a soft spot for colorful villains (Neon Maniacs, The Hills have Eyes, House of 1000 Corpses, need I say more?), but I do still have to admit the bunch here does have their shortcomings as much as how interesting they are since they're hardly terrifying or all that memorable.

Some of the kills are done offscreen, which may have pain some viewers, but the rest of the murders are by far acceptable if you wont expect so much from it.

Done in obvious shoestring budget, I actually admire the movie's attempt to make it all entertaining as it is weird. There isn't much plot going on with it (since it was intended to be a short film originally), instead we got ourselves a survival horror with some fantasy fairy-tale elements thrown into it. It's obviously poor and confused with its execution, but still, it's not that bad for me.

1 male stabbed with sword, later hacked apart with axe
1 male gets a sickle to groin, hacked to death
1 female seen dead
3 males seen dead
1 female sickled to the gut
1 male sickled to the face, impaled to scythe
1 male had his face bashed in with mallet
1 female killed offscreen
1 male trips head first to a rock
1 male decapitated with scythe
1 male immolated by lit diesel
1 male had a sword thrown through him
1 male had a blown off chimney land on top of him
1 male gets a sharpened horseshoe shot to his face, ran over with car
total: 16


  1. Argh! I hated this. So, so bad.

  2. Curse my soft spots for wide arrays of villains, then! haha!