Sunday, November 13, 2011

He who knows no identity: The Demon (1979)

The Demon (AKA "Midnight Caller") (South Africa, 1979)
starring:  Jennifer Holmes, Cameron Mitchell and Craig Gardner

You got to know how bad some movie are made to compare. People will see Pieces as a serious collection of laughable crap as others will see it as a pure gem on it's own rights. The same could be said to this weird, plot-confused South African slasher The Demon, with enough twists and turns to officially call it a slasher, and enough pointless backdrops and total randomness to call it a "bad movie".

He'll be sniffing underwears if it wasn't for the parents
coming in to check on him...
The story starts out with a kidnapping of a teen girl, a home invasion that left her parents asking the aid of a "psychic" to look for their girl and her kidnapper. Why they prioritized a can-be crack pot of a "psychic" over the cops and allow this feller to go to their daughter's room is beyond me.

Peeping tom? or THE DEMON?!
The "psychic" then goes around the room, sweating and grunting as if he's having a nasty case of constipation. Just as we're this close on questioning this guy's legitimacy as a "psychic", he gets a vision showing a blurry glimpse of the killer's face. He claims he cannot do anything about it, but he did warned the worried that what they're dealing with is more than a man and it had no face. Lord knows I would have kicked this moron out if he ever showed up on my house.

Well this settles for my public nudity fetish...
But just when you think it wouldn't get worse, it did; the movie then pummels into an entirely different set of protagonists, a pre-school teacher and her cousin, getting stalked by the same loon from the kidnappings. Turned out the killer, when not stalking girls, loves to go on terrorizing the dirtier undergrowth of the city, like chasing random women who walks alone, getting rough-housed by a gang of bikers, running into pimps, the usual.

We also have a pair of 18 year-olds falling in love, done in an incredible amount of cheesy one-liners. ( "Can you love a man with roots growing out of his feet?"-...seriously, dude, what the fuck?)

The last third's when it all go ape-shit crazy, like an unexpected shooting (done by an unexpected killer), a skeleton in a blonde wig passed as a corpse (in a tree! In all the places!), and five to six minutes of streaking near-nudity where a victims is chased around her house by the killer.
Aha! human after all!

The Demon is the very definition of a dumb movie but thankfully not that dull. There's no dragging moment in this stink hole if you're more than willing to leave yer brain in her doorstep since it's all flunked out with cliches as crazy as it is stupid. Not to mention enough plot holes to keep you from thinking this is gonna be a "straight-faced" horror flick. Just a heads up for those who are expecting more from this.

Overall, and somewhat in the same running stupidity as Pieces, The Demon is one number whose dumbfoundery is nothing but entertaining, an unintentional funny bone that gives us a good thrill and laughs while trying to be something "oh so serious" and trips off the fail tree and hits every branch along the way~

1 Female killed offscreen, later found dead on top of a tree(!)
1 Male suffocated with plastic bag while being strangled
1 Male face slashed with clawed glove
1 Male face slashed with clawed glove
1 Male thrown off a balcony
1 Male elevated strangling, neck broken
1 Male shot between the eyes
1 Male neck slashed with clawed glove, suffocated with plastic bag
1 Female swiped with clawed glove, later found suffocated with plastic bag
1 Male stabbed in the neck with scissors
total: 10

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