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Final Destination, Thailand!: 999-99-99 (2002)

999-99-99 (Thailand, 2002)
rating: ***
starring: Chulachak Chakrabongse, Sririta Jensen and Paula Taylor

Told you sticking your head out
in a car was a bad idea.
You got to hand it to Asian slashers. They do know how to make it weird!

While not scaring us with long haired ghosts and haunted objects, they make good by borrowing every little element that makes a slasher film entertaining when it comes to their own stalk and hack films, all the while adding a few flavors of their own. So when Final Destination became a major hit, Thailand tries to do their own killer-less killer movie, which resulted to this ankle-biter.

Rainbow (which is a girl's name) is a newcomer to an international highschool in Southern Thailand and the new recruit of a local gang of pranksters and "daredevils", after finding out that she's somehow connected to the controversial and very mysterious death of a school girl found impaled on a flagpole. During an initiation, she tells them of an old urban legend about a certain number - 999-9999 - that grants one wish to whoever managed to call it at the stroke of midnight. She, however, warned them of its drawbacks, mainly about being killed off by the time their wishes are granted, but her new classmates decide to try it out anyway.

If only Syfy gore could be this fun to look at...
As you guessed it, Rainbow was right and her friends' wishes starts to get granted one by one before Death, or something equally supernatural, comes for them and kills them off through a series of bizarre accidents. It's only a matter of time before they're all killed unless they figure out a way to stop "999"...

I see this film to be more of a twisted and obviously more supernatural take on the Final Destination movies, poking fun at the mishaps of fun-loving teenagers who just wanted to try out something "daring", dying through Goldberg-influenced murder-set-pieces. It's half the fun of watching a really bad rip-off, especially something as cheesy, outlandish and laughably corny as the script of 999. It's generically funny for that matter but that didn't stop the film on restraining some gory deaths as well as adding in some touch of Asian horror at some extent. (It's more of your standard American Slasher film than one of the many  RING clones as some may say)

It's a fun film, I have to say, even if it's hardly passes as a "good" horror film; the plot's generic and you can see a lot of things coming from afar, Even so, if cheap thrills pleases you and cheesy delight harbors the very joy of your world, then you got my word on this small-time pro. Recommended for all cheesy slasher fans!

1 female found impaled to a flagpole
1 male throat slashed by metal shard inside a car wash
1 female repeatedly cut by floating razors, drowned
1 male immolated by freak gas leak accident
1 male eviscerated against shards from a broken window ledge, disemboweled as he falls to his death
1 female gets a flying buzzsaw slicing her head in half
1 male lands on a pipe, impaled
total: 7

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