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Freddy's "SLASHER" : A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985)

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985)
rating: ***
starring: Robert Englund, Mark Patton and Kim Myers
Following up a box-office like A Nightmare on Elm Street is every mega-hit's problem. While production value and "how to follow it up" is often the starting point, "What will happen" is really the big question here and an important one.

Five years after the events of the first, a new family settles in the now infamous Krueger house. Now, Jesse, the new kid in town, comes face to face with some seriously scarring (literally) nightmares involving a burned guy with a fendora hat, Christmas sweater and knives for fingers. Dismissed as stress, Jesse faces real life nightmares such as bullies, abusive coaches, and impressing a girl he likes, but when the nightmares begin to force him to do acts of unspeakable horrors in real life, Jesse realizes that the man in his dreams is real, and he's taking over his body.

Now, Freddy's Revenge's not the best sequel out there but it's a fair game that just drove off the main path and tries to do something different to flesh out the franchise, such as, in here, Freddy trying to break free into the real world. The idea was bound to be a real problem for those who are loyal to the franchise as it's doesn't fit in with the rest of the series' theme. However, I do find very little to complain about this fact since it did gave this movie it's own stand-alone flavor as a haunted house/possession movie with a very awesome transformation scene that's painful to watch if you're squeamish about fingernails.

Another aspect here that I find interesting was the fact that most fans, or rather, most horror fanatics out there seems to see a lot of homoerotic subtext coming from this movie. I had no problem with gay people unless they're those "in-your-face" gay people who acts all snobbish and like as if they're divas. Thankfully this movie doesn't have one but instead, it had a S&M premise where Jesse met his first victim, a gay coach that terrorizes him during one gym class. Incidentally, that guy's death was even a little kinky; being stripped naked and gets his hot buns slapped with wet towels before our kid, possessed by Freddy, slices his back open. All the more to hint this subtext includes the fact that our hero is so "feminine" and wussy, the movie's lack of proper tits, and its unusual number of scenes concerning school showers. Dude's School showers.

It's a little weird for me but it's not all unnerving. In fact, you're only going to notice these once you start looking in between the lines. If there is one thing that I would complain about is this film's rushed "Love conquers all" villain defeat. I can forgive a slasher for being hammy, corny, cheesy, whatever will you call it, but never, and I mean never, put that kind of shit in a film that spends most of its time being grim and gritty for the last 80 minutes or so.

If you're not gonna make a big deal out of all of this, ANOES2 is still entertaining. Poorly executed and a little twisty, ANOES2 at least marks an attempt to give Krueger a more nightmarish appeal and, apparently, the last time in the 80s for us to see him in his "nightmare man" persona before he starts to kid around and gets cheesier in each sequel. Here, Freddy had more line compared to the last film and is more taunting and playful, even managing to stage a killer parrot scene where the family's pet bird broke free and attacks Return of The Living dead's Clu Gulager. Funny parrot scene aside, at least the killings in this entry was satisfying enough to favor a fair slasher fan, which boasts a minor classic scene where Freddy attacks a barbecue party at night in complete pandemonium.

So while A Nightmare on Elms Street 2 was more like watching a coming of age drama of a guy who's confused about a lot of things, only with Freddy tossed in, it did a fair job as a sequel. It's still your classic Freddy Kruger and it's still your nightmare realm slasher snuff. Nuff' said!

2 female killed offscreen
1 male had his back slashed repeatedly with knifed glove
1 male impaled and gutted with knifed glove
1 male slashed on the face with knifed glove
2 guests boiled alive in pool
1 male set ablaze
1 male trampled in stampede
1 male knifed glove to the gut
1 female knifed glove through her chest (dream?)
total: 11


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