Thursday, October 6, 2011

Here be Monsters! Neon Maniacs (1986)

Neon Maniacs (1986) (AKA "Evil Dead Warriors")
starring:  Clyde Hayes, Leilani Sarelle and Donna Locke

"When the world is ruled by violence and the soul of mankind fades, the children's paths shall be darkened by the shadows of the Neon Maniacs."

Nice way to start a movie about twelve to thirteen monsters, each with their own theme that matches their method of killing, coming out of nowhere to raid one unsuspecting town with murder in mind. With an idea like that, how can I refuse to watch?

Under the Golden Gate Bridge, one lonesome fisherman was strolling home when he saw a cow's skull obscured in a corner of his path. He picks it up and sees it's attached to a parcel of (get this) trading cards(!) featuring none other than the maniacs themselves! As he browses through the deck, an axe was then buried into his noggin, and he was never heard of from again...

Cut then to one Natalie (Leilani Sarelle), who's celebrating her birthday by tagging along some friends and partying in the woods. (Well, I think they're partying) Not too long, a band of ugly yet cool looking, leather clad monsters, resembling the cenobites from Hellraiser, or the freaks from Nightbreed, gatecrashes and starts murdering everyone save Natalie, who managed to stay lock herself inside a van until the police comes and took her off.

When questioned for the disappearance of her friends, Natalie tries to tell the truth as much as she can, but of course, nobody believes her tales of monsters in get-ups, much to the distress of the families of those missing teens and their friends. Still, Natalie is certain that some legion of ugliness killed them and now they're after her for escaping their grasps.

Biker Punk
All the while, a horror junkie of a fan girl, Paula (Donna Locke), after hearing of the fate of Natalie and the missing teens, goes clue hunting, looking for the truth. It wasn't long either before she herself was spotted by the freaks, and is now on the high spot on their to-kill list like Natalie. Although, her efforts wasn't in vain, as she found out the creature's obscure weakness: water!

With Steven (Clyde Hayes), Natalie's love-lorn buddy on her side, and Paula, sharing her experience, joining in against the freaks, Natalie must face the threat that not only looms over her life, but also everybody else's in town!

Sadly, as much as how epic the idea of twelve immortal and homicidal monsters from God knows where attacking the town's population sounded, the film lacked proper direction and instead ended up as a jumbled mess. It's full of plot holes, barely explaining to us who or what exactly these "Neon Maniacs" are; they did established the fact that they're hiding underneath the Golden gate Bridge, but how long have they've been lurking in there? And if they're from the same otherworldly plane where water is equivalent to acid for them, why are these monsters are so different from one another?

Originally, the idea was to have at least 80 variations of the freaks, but due to rewrites and budget restrains, it was reduced to just 12, a collection consisting of an archer, an axe wielding maniac, a hangman with a noose, an ape-man, a cyborg, a zombie native American, a deformed knifer, an undead soldier, a Samurai warrior, a motor biker, a surgeon, a decapitating madman and a duo of one-eyed lizard men; if the band Lordi would get their idea of dressing up as different monsters as a gig from somewhere, it would be probably from these guys.

But, logic isn't this film's strong point, but rather, it's the obscurity, the bizarre nature and the cheesy special effects that makes this film a one-of-a-kind time capsule to the greatest era of teen horror and a cartoonish entry at that.

While these monster are strange, they're still pretty cool as each had their own murder weapon or theme of choice (or just they are). Axe and Archer gets a modest screentime killing off people with an axe and a crossbow, respectively. Another is Hangman, whose luck with the noose is shockingly effective as people are dumb enough to get close to it and gets strangled or hanged. Samurai, as namesake, slices people with a samurai sword while donning an era-old armor. Mohawk's a native American with a nasty spear and tomahawk, Juice is a cyborg that electrocutes people and shoot bolts, Doc performs surgeries on his victims, Slasher is a savage deformed brute who knifes victims with a dagger, and so forth. They're silly as they are threatening, apparently existing only with the sole purpose of murdering millions.

Whatever this movie lacked for a brain-man's pleasure, it makes it up with its creative ideas and juicy killings, which is massive here! We get decapitations, hooks to the neck, lots of strangling and, my favorite one of all, a heart surgery! The monsters themselves gets a nasty way to go with water, one of them gets his head washed off as his bloody stump squirts neon blood, while another gets mercilessly bathe and melts in bathtub!

If the gory and gooey madness might enlighten fans of the blood brood, I also find this film's trio of heroes likable enough to root. Paula is one of those rare female horror junkie that's also a main character. Donna Locke is just plain adorable with her spunky role, and her going toe to toe with not only against a knife wielding monster, but a duo of bumbling cops, too! Clyde Hayes as Steven plays a rather gentler yet very stable boy-next-door type of fella who not  only managed to keep his cool when the situation gets mofugly, but even got the guts to make love when the monsters are looming all over the school's hallways.

As silliness goes, this one's very forgivable if you're into cool monsters, nicely done special effects or just plain 80s trash. It got "cult-classic" written all over it's scaly, twisted, oozy faces and it truly deserves every bit of fun you would experience in watching this great flick. It was made intentionally to be fun and it should be appreciated at that. Guilty Pleasure? Maybe. Fun? Heck yeah!

A Scavenger
If the ending leave you hanging in a cliff, however, just think of it this way: do you really wanted to see these awesome villains die? I don't. How about you?

1 male hacked on the head with axe
1 male axe to the face
1 female decapitated with samurai sword
1 male sliced in half with samurai sword
1 male leg broken, killed
1 male arm lopped off with samurai sword, killed
1 female crossbow shot to her back
1 female hacked in half with axe (mostly offscreen)
1 male strangled and hanged with noose, hacked with hook
2 males and 1 females missing (presumably killed)
1 male killed (method not seen)
1 male hanged with noose
1 male electrocuted by the temples
1 monster melted in a bathtub filled with water
1 male heart surgically removed
1 male neck caught with chain and dragged across the hallway, killed
1 female strangled with noose
a number of party goers presumably shot by an open fired machine gun as well as other additional killings
1 female crossbow shot through her head, exits to mouth
1 male trampled
1 male neck slashed with scalpel
1 monster beheaded with water
1 female seen killed, sickle on the chest
1 monster hosed with water, melted
1 monster hosed with water, melted
1 monster electrocuted with running water
1 male hook to the neck
total: 28+
I said fun so much, it started to sound weird...FUN...Funnnn-nah.


  1. haha, seen this a few years ago. Silly, harmless 80s fun - would love to see this remade!

  2. neon maniacs is the BOMB! gonna post my review eventually at www.moviesleftfordead.com wooo !

    1. glad to see moar love for this weird flick!