Tuesday, January 24, 2012

truckers' gonna sing: Trucks (2000)

Trucks (2000)
starring:  Timothy Busfield, Brenda Bakke and Aidan Devine

Based on Stephen King's short story of the same name, wherein a group of people got trapped inside a gas stop while, for no reason, trucks (and only trucks) are coming to life with murder in mind. The plot is no different from the story so what makes this film any more credible as entertainment will all fall verdict to you.

Trucks, taking a few steps away from the first incarnation of the short, Maximum Overdrive, had taken a more serious and downbeaten tone that delivered some fair changes on the story, using the barren isolation of a dessert, hailing a decent acting casts and a well written script, making it more suspenseful, violent and realistic.

But, among these, Trucks has its own set of flaws, depending on how you see this film; while it tries to paint a serious picture out of the ridiculous plot, it is still a ridiculous plot in the end and you can't expect something like that to flow without some dumb moments such as, whether its due to cabin fever or just plain shortsightedness, having some people fighting over control of their own trucks or driven to suicide. 

Also, being more horror-drama than a pure sci-fi horror/slasher of sorts, Trucks focuses a lot on how these people try to survive this otherwise bizarre ordeal thus a horrid pacing that, while treating us to snippets of random murders committed by trucks of all shape and sizes, loses momentum now and then to drag us around with people either trying to comfort one another or trying to rationalize what is happening.

I guess you can say its attempt to be more rational did more damage to itself than improve the adaptation but seeing we get Area 51 conspiracies and axe-wielding inflated biosuits, there might be some hope of this film catering to a less serious audience.

Half good, half bad, Trucks is a decent attempt to do King's short right even if it can't seem to make up its own tone. Recommended for cheese addicts and bad movie fans.

1 male ran over by truck
1 male freezes to death inside an ice truck
1 male immolated after running into electrical transformer
1 male bludgeoned repeatedly on the head by a toy truck
1 male axed on the shoulder
1 male axed on the chest
1 male crushed to death against the garage door by a truck
1 female ran over by a truck
1 male decimated in an ignited truck
1 male immolated by an exploding truck
1 male ran over by truck
1 male ran over by truck
1 male swung into power lines, electrocuted
total: 13


  1. Now this one wasn't filmed near me, but I do have a connection to it - female lead Brenda Bakke and I worked on the TV series American Gothic together - she is a gorgeous, sweet, and funny lady!

    1. I do like her in Hot Shots Part Deux! Too bad she doesn't want that cookie!