Monday, May 4, 2015

Dying for Good Time? Stay away from: The Last Slumber Party (1988)

The Last Slumber Party (1988)
Rating: *
Starring: Jan Jenson, Nancy Mayer, Joann Whitley 

You know you’re in for a bad time when the premise of a movie involves a mental patient successfully sneaking out undetected, by using pillows covered in bedsheets to trick doctors into thinking he is still inside his cell.  Yes, we are aware slasher movies are in it for the bad logic, but even a sub-genre that features seemingly mortal men surviving six gunshots has their standards; The Last Slumber Party overlooked this and went ahead  to feature a plot so over-used that it’s execution seems all over the place.

A gang of gals decided to throw their last slumber party together, unaware that a mental patient from a nearby asylum where one of the girls’ father works at had escaped, fearing that the docs there are gonna drill holes on his head. Apparently out to show the docs he can’t be toyed with, he decided to crash the girls’ party and kills everyone in sight.

Tediously paced, lazily directed, and woodenly acted, one might question how serious the producers where in making this movie. The story is as bare bone as any staple slasher movies out there that not even the “shocking” twist in the end can help it from being so uninteresting, plus the production value is evident with its horrid editing and unimaginative camera work.

Sure, you can laugh at how bad it is in every way, like how our supposed lead gal simply walks off a dying friend who just appeared right in front of her as if it was nothing, or the appearance of a one-time second killer that gets killed himself no sooner as he appears, but let’s all get the facts straight here: you’re laughing at a movie that has no passion and clear idea what it wanted to do, which is just sad.

I try to be a fair guy for the many films I watch, but some, like The Last Slumber Party,  just doesn’t cut it. Period. 

1 Female slashed to death with a scalpel
1 Male had his throat cut with a scalpel
1 Male had his throat cut with a scalpel
1 Male slashed to death with a scalpel
1 Female knifed on the back (dream)
1 Male had his throat cut with a scalpel
1 Female gets a throat offcamera
1 Female found stabbed on the back
1 Female found with a throat cut
1 Male knifed on the gut
1 Male had his throat cut with a scalpel
1 Female had his throat cut with a scalpel
Total: 12


  1. Never forgot the movie I offered . I just dont have cash right now (sucks being jobless). Maybe I could treat you on 15th. Email me your spare time so that we can work something out, pal. :)

  2. I heard so many bad things about it, one day I just have to check it out :)

    1. for the love of all things good and holy, Harry!

      At least prepare a better movie after seeing this headache!